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hmar_langauge_seminar Aizawl: A ‘Seminar on Hmar Language’ will be held in Aizawl on August 5, 2010, Hmar Students’ Association’s  Aizawl Jt Hqrs which is organising the programme said in a statement, reports Mizoramexpress.

“For this we have booked the I&PR Conference Hall at Treasury Square,” HSA officials said.

The seminar papers will highlight several styles of writing in Hmar which may eventually be to be taught at the primary level in schools coming under Sinlung Hills Development Council.

It may be noted that Mizoram government in a peace settlement with the Hmar People’s Convention in 1994 had permitted the teaching of  Hmar vernacular language at the primary level.

The seminar will also deliberate on the setting up of Mizoram chapter of Hmar Literature Society.

Programme Details is given below:-

“Seminar on Hmar Language”

A HMUN         : I & PR Conference Hall
Treasury Square, Aizawl
A NI               : 5th August 2010
A HUN            : 10:00 am to 04:00 pm

Pathien le Hnam hmingin ditsakna chibai kan buk che. Mizoram Sawrkar le HPC Inremna (MoS) 1994, 5.1 a Primary Level a Hmar Medium of Instruction sukpuitling dinga SHDC in hma a lak mek naah mithiem hai rawn a tum mek a. Chulaizing chun Hmarawng ziek dan ah ngaidan/pawmdan inangnaw leia harsatna tamtak um mek hi HSA Jt Hqrs Aizawl chun mithiem hai fiel a an ngaidan lakkhawm nisien a  ti bawk a. Hi chungchang hi bawzuiin midang dang rawnin SHDC hotuhai le khawm hriltlangna nei a ni a. An ngaipawimaw thu le Seminar chen huoihawt ha an ti thu dawng a ni a.

Chulaizing chun, Sinlung Hills Development Council a inthawkin “Seminar on Hmar Language” huoihawt dinga ngenna Dt 15th July 2010 Letter No. B 11011/5/200- 2010/SHDC kan hmu angin Seminar hi HSA Aizawl Jt Hqrs chun hlawtling tak a nei a ni ngei theina dingin hma a lak nghal a.
Seminar hi SHDC in bultumin (Sponsor), Dt 5th August, 2010 (Ningani) hin I & PR Conference Hall, Treasury Square, Aizawl ah  nei nisien tiin ruohmanna a siem a. Seminar thupui ding chu a hnuoia hai hi a nih.

1. Primary Level a Hmar Medium of Instruction chungchang.
Mizoram Sawrkar le SHDC inremna (MoS) 1994,  5.1 a ziek a ni angin Hmar Medium of Instruction hi Primary Level chena hmang ding in pek ei nih a. Hihi chungchang a hin a hnuoia hung tarlang ang hin a ieng lem hi’m hmang inla a hnamin hlawkpui lem eita ti chu hril tlangna nei nisien.
(i) Hmar Medium of instruction hi lo hmang ta ang inla; Primary Level ah Hmar, Middle Level ah Mizo, High School Level ah English. Harsatna thuo thum fe thleng ngai hi naupang tadingin inchukna tienga tlakhnuoi pha na a ni lem el di’m?
(ii)English Medium a anin, Hmar le Mizo Vernacular lain inchukna tieng hmasawnna an tlun lem el di’m?

2. Hmar awng ziekdan chungchang
Tulai Hmar awng ziek dan chungchangah ngaidan/pawmdan inangnaw tak tak a um a. Hi lei hin Hmar awng ziek dan ah harsatna tamtak an tlun el bakah awng hmasawnna ding daltu lientak niin an lang a. Entirna’n: aiah Tr, AW aiah O hmangin tamtak chun an ziek mek a. Chulaizing chun Hmar awng hi School le College Level a chen inchuk mek a ni ta bawk a. Hihi chungchang a hin thuthlukna feltak siem dingin hi Seminar hi huoihawt ani bawk a nih.

3. Mizoram Hmar Literature Society indin chungchang
Mizoramah Hmar awngin hma a sawn pei theina dingin Hmar Literature Society, Mizoram indin hi a ha di’m ti hriltlangna nei ni bawk sienla.

Ei Hnam awng chungchanga harsatna suk kieng a um a, hmasawnna a um thei dan ding ngaituo a hi Seminar hi buotsai a ni leiin ngai pawimaw a hung hang ngei dingin kan ngen takzet che a nih.

Sd/-                                                                       Sd/-
Japhet Rochanglien                                       Lalhratlien
Secretary, HSA, Jt Hqrs. Aizawl              President, HSA, Jt Hqrs. Aizawl


A HMUN    : I & PR Conference Hall, Treasury Sq. Aizawl
A HUN       : 10:00 am to 04:00 pm (05.08.2010)

Hunser : Pastor David R Mihriemate

1st Session
Thupui:     Primary Level a Hmar Medium of Instruction chungchang.
Conductor : Pu Lalmalsawm Darngawn, Chairman, SHDC
Thupui Hawngna : Conductor
Paper Presentation: Upa (Dr) Lalsiemhnun, Principal, Saitual College
Thupui Hriltlangna: Invitees
Refreshment  Refreshment

2nd Session
Thupui :    1. Hmar awng ziekdan chungchang
2. Mizoram Hmar Literature Society indin chungchang

Conductor: Pu Lalthankunga Hmar, Adviser, HSA Aizawl Jt Hqrs
Thupui Hawngna/Presentation: Conductor
Thupui Hriltlangna: Invitees
Vote of Thanks: Pu Lalhratlien, President, HSA Jt Hqrs, Aizawl

Recording Secys 1. Pu Lalvarlien Puruolte
2. Pu Lalbieksang Varte
3. Mr Japhet Rochanglien
4. Ms H.Lalsiemmawi

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  1. ALl the BEST. Bei tak tak ro leh. Mizoram Hmar hai kan entawn ding khopin hung che ro.


  2. HPC Party hai hlak hi ring ding an um si nawh a HSA Aizawl bek khan tanbik nei lo in hung thaw ro.Tawng hi Hnam, Hnam hi Tawng


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