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IMG_0287BANGALORE: The much-awaited Hmar annual sports day was held here at  the Sudupadesha Bible College ground in Hennur on October 20.

The sporting event began at 9.15 AM after an inaugural prayer by Bangalore Hmar Christian Fellowship’s (BHCF) local pastor Rev. Robert Vanlallien.

According to organizers, the Hmar Students’ Association, Bangalore Branch, over 150 people turned up for the event. And among them were HSA, Bangalore Branch ex-president Tv Rama Khawbung who came all the way from Delhi and martial arts expert Samuel Lalzozama Hmar. One of the celebrated Hmar singers Nk Rose Sakum was also present.

The main attractions of the day were football, volleyball, shot-put, discuss throw, women’s tug-of-war, needle race, sack race, spoon race, 3 legged race and arm wrestling.

The day was closed with a prayer by BHCF assistant secretary Pu Jonathan Kungate at around 6.00 PM. HSA officials said some of the indoor games like carom will be completed in the coming days.

(For more reports, visit HSA, Bangalore Branch website Hmararasi.com)

THE DAY IN PICTURES:- (click to zoom)

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NEW DELHI, Oct 26: Clearing the confusion, Union Power Minister, Sushil Kumar Shinde said the Inter Ministerial Group (IMG) on hydro power development has submitted its report and Action Taken Note to the Ministry of Water Resources (MoWR).

The IMG was constituted to evolve a suitable framework to guide and accelerate the development of hydro power in North East. The Group has Secretary MoWR as the chairman and Secretaries in the Ministry of Power, Environment and Forest and Development of North Eastern Region (DoNER), as members, besides Principal Secretary in the PMO.

Replying to a question, the Minister said Tipaimukh Project is on and various clearances including the Forest Land acquisition, Environment clearances have been obtained. “I don’t think there would be any problem in construction of Tipaimukh Project,” he assured.

About capacity addition to the Loktak Project, the Minister said Loktak Project – II is under active consideration of the Government.

Shinde, who was addressing the Economic Editors Conference here on Tuesday, said that the IMG submitted its report in Februaruy. The Action Taken Note on the recommendations of the IMG Report was sent to MoWR.

The report was discussed in Prime Minister’s Office on August 12 and the Action Taken Note was also discussed, the Minister added.

The Ministerial-level meeting on the hydro power projects of North East, however, ran into trouble and the PMO deferred it indefinitely. The meeting after being postponedtwice was finally put on hold on October 18.

Shinde, meanwhile, strongly advocated harnessing hydro power potential of the Himalayan rivers. The Himalayan Range that includes, the North- eastern region, Himachal Pradesh and Uttrakhand has the capacity to generate 1.50 lakh MW of hydro power. But till now only 35,000-36,000 MW have been tapped, he said.

The Minister, who described hydro power as cleaner and cheaper source of power, however, acknowledged the dangers posed by construction of tunnels in high seismic zones. Shinde’s reply was in connection with dangers of construction of hydro power projects on Alakananda river.

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Kut is an important festival of the Chin-Kuki-Mizo group of people.

By L.Keivom*

Pu Chaltonlien Amaw unexpectedly rang up from Imphal. I was then lying on my couch half-awake nursing bouts of chronic rhinitic allergy plus pneumonic chest infection I caught during a recent visit to Shillong in September.  As chief organizer of the 2010 Kût celebrations he inquired if I could join them as Kût Pa, a rare honour difficult to decline which unfortunately I had to because of personal preoccupations and an important family engagement.  I however promised to write a few lines for the Kût Souvenir. Hence this haphazard and disjointed Kût Ramblings.

Kût is not only an important cultural event and a merry-making occasion. It means much more as the uniting force of our mongoloid kindred tribes and communities at home and abroad. It is one of the elements of our collective national identity, a symbol that represents an ethnic community with a distinct myth of common ancestry and homeland, a shared historical memories and a collective destiny.  The cultural pageantry on such occasions depicted the ethnic panorama from the ancient roots to the present day and provided a picture of how far this ethnic community had evolved and how much absorbed and assimilated it had become through centuries of contact and association with the more sophisticated cultural communities in and around them.

The first time I attended Kût celebrations was in 2000 at the soccer field in Churachandpur. A large pandal was erected with a raised platform where I was also seated along with the VIPs. Within an eyesight around was a sea of human heads, jostling and tossing like waves and speaking more than a dozen dialect but miraculously understood each other like the day of the Pentecost. Cultural presentation by various groups was thought-provoking. It gave you a picture of how far we had travelled and how assimilated we had become by the more culturally advanced communities with whom we were in contact with.  The slow and monotonous dances conveyed an impression that they were the ones with no further infusion of new ethos and ideas, a cultural moron awaiting for burial into oblivion. To survive, culture has to evolve and grow continually with sinews of nerve drawn internally and externally. Otherwise, sooner or later, it becomes a museum piece.

I came away from the Kût celebrations in Churachandpur with a mixed feeling. While accepting Kût as a day of revelry that one had to celebrate it with wild abandon, I felt that its solemnity had to be maintained and preserved by all means.  Wrongly or rightly, I had the impression that the spirit of Kût was hijacked and negated by two things (1) beauty contest and (2) drunkenness. It is not that I am against beauty contest or drinking. No, I am not. Beauty contest event provides an opportunity for all the communities to participate and show to the world our women are also blessed with assets no less inferior to any best on earth and that given an opportunity we can challenge any best- the bold and the beautiful.

What I am concerned about is the excessive importance attached to the beauty contest and the manner sponsorship is raised which to me virtually amounts to prostituting apart from taking away much of the solemnity of the Kût. I believe this item should focus on fashion designing, creativity and the richness of our culture. We should select a theme for each Kût and our talented but unsung designers (of which we have many) should come up with new designs based on our traditional craft but laced with modernity. Our main emphasis should be originality and creativity in fashion designing and not on statistical figures, legs and faces alone.  We need to maintain equilibrium.

I know and I am proud that we have a huge reservoir of untapped potentials. We are capable of producing many more Mary Koms if given chance and opportunity. If my daughter could make a mark in fashion designing in London, why not others who are more capable and talented than her, if given a chance. It’s our community that produced majority of the upper echelons of the civil service in Manipur. We put our stamps even in the national capital of India where you will find the face of our people especially from Churachandpur District in almost every ministry and no community from the north-east can match us. I know this as I have been chairman of UNAU FORUM we have established in Delhi.

As for the second point about drunkenness, I don’t need to elaborate. We all know that drinking is a worldwide phenomena and no amount of legal or religious restrictions can stop this social practice.  But drunkenness is a malady afflicting the weak and those with no self-control. It brings out the animal in man, its beastly character and uncivilized behaviour, ending in fighting and rowdyism.  It was unfortunate that our Kût on many occasions had not been free from this ugly scene which invariably took a communal colour  and created communal tension.  I hope this year’s celebration is different. Strict policing may help.

Kût dedication

I fondly remember the Kût we celebrated at Delhi in 2002, the first we had at the national Capital since the turn of the third millennium. As Chairman of the Kût, I thought it appropriate that all the Kûtters solemnly recite together an invocation at the start of the celebration as we used to do at Sikpui Kût. Therefore, I hurriedly composed four-stanza lyrics (November 5, 2002) under the title KÛT DEDICATION which runs as follows:

We give our thanks to Thee,

Thou Creator and Sustainer of our nation,

From generation to generation.

From our misty homeland,

Through our uncharted journey to this day,

Thou art our Unseen Guide and Protector.

As we Kût together,

And march together in joyful union,

Be Thou our host and fill our cups of joy.

We dedicate to Thee:

Our Kût, ourselves, our nation and future;

Bless us, protect us and lead us onwards.

The year 2010 is celebrated as Gospel Centenary Year by all the churches and their affliliates under the mission founded by Watkin Roberts after his first visit to Senvon village in South-west Manipur on February 5, 1910. This Mission was first known as Thado-Kuki Pioneer Mission (TKPM) and its name was changed in 1923 into North-East India General Mission (NEIGM) as it’s mission now encompassed Manipur, Tripura, Assam, Chittagong Hill Tracts (CHT), Sagaing Division and Chin Hills in Burma. This Mission concentrated mainly on Chin-Kuki-Mizo (CHIKUMI) ethnic groups living in peripheral areas not covered by the calculations of the mission works of the established churches operating in these outlying areas. The main beneficiaries were the people from Churachandpur District predominantly inhabited by Chikumi ethnic group and they have become a major force in Zoram khawvel.

Therefore, as we celebrate Kût in this eventful year of the Gospel Centenary, it is all the more appropriate for us to dedicate afresh ourselves, our nation, our country and our future to the Almighty.

May Kût’s spirit of peace, joy, goodwill and unity be to all the Kutters.  (October 25, 2010, Delhi)

* The writer is a retired Indian diplomat, the first Indian Foreign Service (IFS) officer from Manipur State. He is a poet, writer and translator with more than 20 published books to his credit. He now settles in Mayur Vihar, East Delhi with his wife.

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(L)Rev. Pawlsiemlien Paulsiemlien was one of the evergreen singers who soothe the hearts of love-stricken Hmar youths.

Born on September 23, 1963, he went on to become the WMCEI’s Regional Superintendent and served his Savior till October 20, 2010, when he breathed his last.

Pu Pawlsiemlien is survived by wife Pi Lalremkim and two children -- Mr Zairemthang and Miss Lalthazuol.

Pu Pawlsiemlien perhaps will be best remembered more for the love songs he had recorded before entering the mission field.

Here we bring you some of the popular songs to pay tribute to the singing legend.

*Thanks to Oliver Intoate for making this possible.

(Khuonu tuorem lo hmangaina)

Dialogue by Lal Dena on the basis of Hmar Folk Tales, Scholar Publishing House, New Delhi, 1995.


Sawrtuirakam Neilal- A pa la dam sienkhawm Neilal hi mi fel le pasaltha hmingthang a ni leiin Sawrtui khuoa lal a nih.Sawrkung hi Neilal ruoltha tak khawnbawl upa nau a nih .Tuozo Sawrtui khuo nunghak fel le hmetha a nih. Tuonpui Khawkhum lal naunu hmeltha em em, raltlanin a nu le pahai leh

Sawrtui khuoah hnu iemani chen an um Chu sung chun Neilal le Tuoni an inngaizawng.

Truonpui Hmelthra


Tiena mi hril Truonpui hmelthra,

Khawkhum puolngote mi’n lo ti;

A sakhmel parmawi zun zama,

Sawrtui lal val sawl ang lo thlep.

Hmar hrai sakhmeltra, Truonpui,

Basam hermawi ngaino bei;

Ainawn par vul lai a ieng,

Truoni aw, Truonpui hmelthra.

Hrai thar leng tin sieli mawina’n,

Cho zo reng a mawi nawh, Truoni;

A sakhmela zankal mawite,

Sawrthlapui ieng a zam vel ie.

Nghak zing che maw dipui par lo,

Rauthla’n zuongtho di’n kan ko che;

Sienkhawm dar ang kan tawng hma che’n,

Riel ang i lo ral ta si maw!


(Sawrtui lal inah)

Neilal (A khawnbawlhai kuomah) Tu kum chu fak le dawna ei

hnienginhnar baka, khawtlanga lusunna iengkhawm ei tuok bawk

nawh; Sikpuiruoi ursun deuvin hmang inla ka ti a nih.

Khawnbawl upa E, lalin a rawt chu an dik khawp el. Bu hlak ei inthar nasa.

Sawrkungpa lem chun silai zawn a hlu kha tie!

Khawnbawl upa In tinin zu suong tan dingin tlangsamin hril nghal sien a ni el an


Neilal Tha ei ti tlang leh, mimtukthla lirlai zan taka Sikpui lam tran ei ta


Khawnbawl upahai A tha ie.(Zupui dawn zovin an trin tah a).


(Lal tuolzawlah).

Sawrkung E, Tuozo, I zu chu a va thlum awm de! Dawn kar ei nghakhla ta


Tuozo U Kung, nangni khawnbawl nauhai angin ei hausa ve nawh a. Eini hai zu te chu thlum tak tak a tim. Hei intem ve hrim tam.

Sawrkung Hm…A thlum kher el ie. Zu suong khawm i lo thiem bak zel a.

Neilal A tar a zur le naupangte chenin lam seng ding!

Khuongpu Dung… Dung.. dungdu…dung, dung.

Khuongpuzailak Sikpui inthang kan ur laia e (ti ro leh) : Mipui...

Changtuipui aw sen mahrili kang intan (ti ro leh): Mipui…

Khuongpuzailak Ke ralawna ka leido aw, Mipui…Suna sum ang zana meilawn invak e. Mipui…

Khuongpuzailak Antur asa thua ruol aw, Mipui… In phawsiel le in ralfeite zuong thaw ro. Mipui…

Khuongpuzailak Sun razula ka leido aw, Mipui…Ke ralawna mei sum ang lawn invak e. Mipui…

Khuongpuzailak Sun razula ka leido aw, Mipui…Laimi sa ang changtuipuiin lem zova. Mipui…

Khuongpuzailak Ava ruol aw la ta che, Mipui…Suonglung chunga tui zuong put kha la ta che. Mipui…


(Neilal inah)

Neilal Sawrkung, hung lut rawh. Mi sie hril le changziksuok an ti po i

thaw tah chu. I pi’n Sawrkung bekin tuta kum thar hi chu nuhmei

nei ta sien a ti che a. Sikpui lam lai khan Tuozo le in inchel deu

zinga; va be pek el ka ti che.

Sawrkung Va leng ta la.

Tuozo hai inah

Neilal In um de maw? E he! Tuozo, Sawrkung-in i damnaw thu a mi hril

a. Ana, thiempu khawm in ko naw maw?

Tuozo U Lal, inthung rawh. Sikpui lam tawp zan khan ka mang a tha

naw hrim a nih. Ka dam deu ta ie. Inthawi khawm ngai ta naw


Neilal Ei chengkawl rut nia ka hril ang khan, Sawrkung leh hin innei el

inla a tha naw maw?

Tuozo Ka rei ie, U Lal! Inzak a um taluo. Pasaltha Sawrkung-hai chu ei

phu lem ie. Khawnbawl nau a ni nawk nghal a…

Neilal Chulei tak chun ka ti an nawm. Nakie a pa thi hnung khawmin

Sawrkung hi ka lan thlawppui tak ding a nih.

Tuozo Nu le pa khawm lan dawn ei ta. An remti phawt chun….

Neilal Lawm a um a ni chu. Sawrkung nu le pa khawm ka hril sa vawng

an ni tah. Anleh, hei tin ka ti leh. Mangtha.

Tuozo U Lal, nang khawm mangtha.


(Neilal le Sawrkung Tuiphal vadungah len dengin an fe).

Neilal Rengpui Chawnhmang hin sie a la hung khawn rawp a hawi a.

Zanita chanchin ka hriet dan lem chun Tusing biel khawm a

rawiha’n an hung run an ti kha!

Sawrkung A thi dam an um am?

Neilal Um e. Faihriempa Hrangngul khawm an that an ti kha!

Sawrkung Ruolpa, sawlai suor hnuoi tak saw hei deng tam.

(Chulai tak chun vahnar tienga inthawkin papui pakhat, nupui naupuo le nunghak feem phur tui malpui chena palin an hung thla a).

Sawrkung Ruolpa, vahnar tieng khi hang en ta! Khi nunghak hmelthat zie

khi! Sawrthla tuksuok an ti vet chu ama khi a ni ta hiel naw maw!

Neilal E! A ni ngei awm khi! (Mikhuolhai chu an umna hmun an hung

tlung tah a). La chawl ro khai, in sawl awm vei leh. Sawrkung, ei

zu kha hei thil tawl rawh khai. ( Mikhuolpa tieng nghain), Pu, kha

khaw tieng pan di’m in na?

Mikhuol Chawnhmangin vairuol sie dawl dingin a hung tir rek a, a then an

vuok, a then an that. Khawkhum khuo an hung tlung hman hman

kan tia, kan hung zam a nih. Sawrtui lal Neilal hi pasaltha le mi

tha tak a nih an tia, Sawrtui khuo hang pan chawt kan tum el a


Sawrkung Anleh, in hminghai hlak ei hriet nawh a, iengtin am kan ko ding


Mikhuol Kei hi Khawkhum khuo lal ka ni a; ama hi ka nuhmei a na, hi va

hi Tuonpui a nih. Chau ta zak a tih.

Neilal Sawrtui khuo chu hnaite chau a ni tah. Keini khawm inlawi kan

tum ta a, intlawn ei tiu aw!

Tuonpuipa A, keini chu nunau leh kan ni a, mi lo maksan el ro.

Neilal Anleh, lo fe hmasang kan tih.

Sawrkung Tuonpui kha a hmel a tha ngei maw!

Neilal Lawipa biel le Fiengpuilal biel khawm ka fangsuok vawng tah a,

ama anga hmeltha kha ka la hmu ngai nawh. In tinin an kawtkhar

chunga sawlhna lo bang hai sien, ka inah an tlunga ding.

Sawrkung Ni raw se, tlangsam lo inhriltir ka tih.


(Sawrtui Khuoah)

Tuonpuipa Anleh, in tinin sawlhna an lo bang vawng el a, ieng hri lawm

lawm am an leng a ni maw! (Naupang kuomah). Khiva sawlhna

inbang nawna in khi te?

Naupang Pu, Rengte Neilal in a nih khi.

Tuonpuipa Tuonpui nu, Rengte inah hlak chu innghat ngam naw mei ni a, an

pumbuk hi a lien tawk bawka, hei inghat phawt el ei tiu.

Zana Neilal le Sawrkung pumbukah an va lenga.

Neilal (Inphalam deuvin) Anleh, Pa kha! Pumbukah in innghat el a ni

maw! Ka inah in tlunga ding ka tia, sawlhna ka lo inbangtir tawl a

ni kha tie! Ava pawi lawm lawm de!

Sawrkung Ama ku hi Rengte Neilal a nih.

Tuonpuipa A hi maw Sawrtuirakam Neilal an ti huoi huoi chu! Phaltui

vadunga ei inhmu khan iengkhawm in mi hril naw a. (Tuonpui

tieng nghain) Bawinu, zuhahning kha hung sem raw khai, hei

dawn kan tih.

Neilal Ka khuoah in hunga, pumbuka in tlung el hi chu inzak a um.

Thaw ro, tukhawm hin la hung insawn el ro.

Tuonpui U Lal, eini raltlan mei mei hi Reng inah iengtin am tlung ngam ei

ta! Hun sawt khawm kan um naw el thei a… (a hril zo hman)..

Tuonpuinu E khai! Inphalam der naw ro. In pumbuk khawm a lienin an hawi

khawp el.

Neilal Mi ngaidam ro uo. Hei tin tang kan tih. Mangtha ro.

Tuonpui Nangni khawm mangtha tak.


(Hun iemani ti hnunga Neilal le Sawrkung-in Tuonpui an va leng nawk).

Tuonpui E, U Lal, hung leng ro.

Neilal Anleh, i pahai hi te?

Tuonpui An zal tah. Pat inding laklaw ka nei a…Ka pa hlak chu

Khawkhum tienga kirnawk kar ngawt a nghakhla ta a…

Neilal Anleh, in umchau amani ei ti a, fe in va tum awl de.

Tuonpui Rengpui ral khawm an kieng tah an ti an nawm.

Neilal Tuonpui, I pahai fe hai sien khawm, nang bek chu um sawng el

rawh. Phaltui vadunga i hmel ka hmu nia inthawk khan lungril

dang hrim hrim ka nei thei ta nawh…(Sawrkungin a lo bawtana)..

Sawrkung Tuonpui, Neilal hin Lawipa biel le Fiengpuilal biel fangsuok ta

sien khawm, nanga anga hmeltha hi a la hmu nawh a, iem nanga

tieng ngirhmun, beiseina a um thei dim ti hre nuoma hung kan


Tuonpui Tuiphal vadunga ei inhmu nia inthawk khan kei khawma lungril

dang hrim hrim ka put thei ta nawh a… Anleh, nu le pahai

kuomah dam lan tlun ei ta…

Neilal Aw, ni raw se. Mangtha tak.

Tuonpui Nangni khawm mangtha tak.


Zingkar Neilal hai inah

Neilalpa Bawianu, bu i suk ding leh, thlai lo suong ka ti ie.

Neilalnu Ei suk nak nawn, Bawia hlak hi a dit ang a la hmu naw mani!

Sawrkung hlak chun a nei khal ta…! ( Neilal a hung thova..)

Neilal Pa, ei mikhuolnu Tuonpui saw tha ka ti ngei. (Chulai tak chun

Tuonpui tui chawi dinga Neilal hai pansak a hraw lai tak, a hming

an sam leiin chawm khat a la ngir a).

Neilalnu (Sumphuka inthawkin rawl inring deuvin)- Tum ie, Bawia?

Tuonpui saw maw? A hmel chu a tha ngei saw tie. Ana chu a ring

le a kutringhai saw a rang ang tek tuk a! An phar rawm a ne’l


Tuonpui (A kuna, a hmai a hup a, ama hriet ding chauvin) Heiha! Inphar

an mi ti maw, inzak a va um lawm lawm de! Tawk ang phar ni lo

te hin, Keima Tuonpui, pumhril ka hlina a nih ( tiin tap pumin an

hnik fat fat a…)

Neilalpa Bawia, upahai lem chun chuongang inphar chu samthi khawm

intawmpui der lo ding an ti hlak.

Neilal Inphar ni naw ni ie, an chawt mei mei ning a tih. In remti naw

leh, ka nu a lan rim sawt ting ding a ni el.

Background hlaa ding:

Ka chun le zuohai chun aw,

Mi dawnpui zai an rel nawh;

Siktui ka ni lai khan aw,

Riel ang lo luongral lang aw.

Nang le run hmunkhat leng,

Khuo’n a rel naw maw, nunnem?

An rieng fam ka chan ding!


Neilal hai inah.

Sawrkung Pi, Neilal hi te?

Neilalnu A phelpui a chawi a, sapelah a fe kha tie. A suok khan ar khawm

an la khuong nawh.

Sawrkung Hung hlawtling raw se. Anleh, Pi, Tuonpui hi an phar in ti maw, a

nu kha a nuor bak el a?

Neilalnu Kan ti ngei kha tie! A ring le a kutringhai pui sawh, an phar an

naw leh iem ning a ti leh?

Sawrkung A khai! Inphar hlak a tim! An hausak luot leia thina, thival le

rangkachak banbun a bunna a ni sawh. Mi tui mi khuoah a hli

nuom naw lei sekin…in ti suol der an ta chu!

Neilalnu A va pawi lawm lawm de! Ei ti suol der an ta chu!

(Chulai tak chun Tuonpui chu thihna thivalhai hliin, rangkachak banbun bunin, Hmaram a khup inlanga bilin hmui le suthlam chawiin Neilal hai inah a hung a).

Neilalnu Tuonpui chu incheina i lo va hau lawm lawm de e. Ei lo hriet naw

a, inphar dam ei lo ti che a. Tuon, mi ngaidam raw uo!

Sawrkung Tuonpui, En ta, ka lo hal zing a nih. An inphalam khawp el a,

ngaidam hram rawh uo.

Tuonpui E! hriet naw leia tina na na chu, ngaidam e. Hre le hre lo leh ei

hmel inhawi hawia an mi ti chu theida thei ei tim.

Neilalnu Tuon, Mi ngaidam hram rawh. Anleh, hmui le suthlam dam kha i

hung chawi a!

Tuonpui Nu, Ka hmang zo an tah. Ral khawm a muong tah a, fe dingin kan

insiem mek a nih.

Tuonpuinu (Ralkanga inthawkin a hung khek a…) Anleh Tuon, i va um

sawng ta rek a, i pa an hmaw ta vei leh!

Tuonpui Nu, U kung, mangtha ro uo.(Mitthli tla pumin) Mangtha kan


Sawrkung Mangtha ro ie.

Neilalnu (A thlir vawng vawng): Dam takin uo!

(Nisa inding tepin Tuonpui hai an veng tieng panin an suok dawk).

Neilalnu Kunga, Tuonpui kha a hmelthat el baka, a hawiher ka enin ka mit

a tlung ngei! I pu khawmin dit ngawt a tih. Neilal um sien chu

infetir da zel ding!

Sawrkung Pi Tuonpui khawma a dit an naw, zan khat khan kan va lenga,

innei ding chen khawm kan hril hmana, ‘ei nu le pahai khawm la

rawn ve veng ei ta aw’ kan tia, hienghin thil a um lem ta a! E He!

Hlak sawh, Neilal khawm a hung ta sawh.

Neilal ( A sakhi kap tuol sawngka chungah an nghat a) Hui Ha! Nisa

khawm a lo inding tep an ta maw. Ka sakhi kap inhmat vei leh, ka

lo kap chieng rak naw a ni awm, ka man intak a…

Sawrkung Tuonpui um sien chu, zu a hung dawm awm vei leh..!

Neilal Kunga, Tuonpui maw a um ta nawh! Khawlam an fe tah leh?

Neilalnu I vapuolte a vuong ta kha, a dit in leh hnawt rawh!

Neilal An fena a sawt tam! Sawrkung, ka hnawt ding a nih. ( A tlansuok


Neilal-Nu (Khek lawm lawmin) Bawia, Zingbu bek la fa ta la…

(Hnungtieng nghakir ta lovin Tuonpui hnawtin Neilal chu a tlan liem tah).

Kawp zai rela hlim ni reng,

A um naw maw di Thapui;

Anrieng sawl ang tlep chau,

Kumkhuo’n ka chang el ding maw?

Hringmi zaleng tinhai chu,

An pawm lai Di leh an hlim;

Sul ang ka nghak che Di,

A rang vaina ding chauh maw!


(Khumzawl chawlhmunah)

|uoni –Nu A na hle mani, Bawinu?

|uoni An hawi deuh ta a chu, ka la thung ngam naw a nih. (Naw tieng a nghaa, a pe sat a)

|uoni-Pa Vawit<k khan iem I fak le ka ti?

|uoni Ieng dang ka f^k naw ie. A na de aw!

|uoni-Pa A hung tl^n khi Neilal an naw mani? (|uoni har em em in a tho. Neilal

inthuok hlawp hlawpin a hung tlan tlung. Khawmuol hrelovin a tlu). E

khai! Tui indawntir vat ro.

|uoni U Lal, U Lal, haw tui dawn rawh.

|uoni-Pa Anleh… Neilal., suksuol kan nei amanih, I mi hung hnawt el a, ngai

khawm a \hanaw bak el a…

Neilal Huou! Huou! Nei…Neilove a… Ka nu’n ‘I vapuolte a vuong ta ie, a dit in leh hnawt

rawh’ an mi ti a, ka hung hnawt el cheu a nih. Ka um naw kar kher kher in

lo fe a…

|uoni-Pa A hming hmingin khuo ei nei ve tat a. A lal tak um naw chu, khaw mihai

khawmin mi ngaithiem nawng an tih, ti inlauna leiin kan lo fe thut el a nih.

Kan hril lawk naw lei chein, pawi kan ti khawp el.

Neilal A ni maw! An leh, |uoni bek hi thuoikir nawk el ka ti uo?

|uoni-Nu I nu le pa khawma an dit naw an naw maw?

Neilal An dit naw nisien “hnawt rawh” mi ting an ti. Sakhi ka hung kap a, in

Mi ilawmpui kar ei nghakhla tliet leh, in lo fe daih a. Zingbu tak ngiel

khawm fa hman lovin ei hung hnawt cheu a ni hi!

|uoni Aw! U Lal, tuta zingbu khawm la fa lo che chu aw, I sawl ding leh I va

tam ta awm lawm lawm de! U Lal, U Lal (Neilal chu tamsawl leiin a tlu)…Nu,Nu, Tete khan bukha a fak zo amanih?

|uoni-Nu Tlawmte chu a la um kha tie. Kan hme lem chu an hnik naw ie. Sielsa tawl

chartangin ka suong leh Tuoni’n ka phing a na a ti kha!

Neilal (Tuoni’n damte’n a kei thova) Huiha! Ei dit tak in mi hril hma chun iengtinam bu fang ka ta?

|uoni-Nu Fa la’nel. I dit tak tak an leh, ama thu thu ni naw nim.

Neilal Anleh, |uonpui, nanga thu thu a ni chu; hang hril ta leh. (|uoni chu an nui a).

|uoni-Pa Tu phing khan an nui tet tut ta kha, a phingna khawm a dam an ta kha, a

nuom hriet sa’l chuh.

|uoni Bu kha fa phawt raw ie U Lal. (A fak ta a, a fak khawp chun).

Neilal Anleh, |uonpui, iengtin am le?

|uoni To rie, ka sangin rem a ti vem khawm la hrelo me a. ‘Bawite, nang rem I

ti, Sawrtuiah kirsan ka che uo? (Naupang chun a lu a lei a). I phal naw tak tak a ni, bawi?. U Lal, ka sangin a phal der dala, la hung dal ka ti ie. (|uoni nu chu a lo innui a). Ieng chen khawm fe hman ta lo ding, Lai kun riek el ei tiu, Ka U Lal khawm a sawl veile, riek veng a ta ane’l.

|uoni-Pa A ni ie riek el ei tiu.

Neilal Anleh, ei riek ding an leh ken tui zu chawi ka tih.

|uoni Kei khawm insil ka nuom thova hung veng ka ti ie. (Vadungahi chun an insai vela, an pang hai dam an innawt pek a…)

Zana chun zal an rema … zingkhuo a var).

Neilal Anleh, |uonpui, ei f e el ding an naw?

|uoni U Lal, nang chu Reng I na, I ta ding chun insit ka um em a ni ie.

Neilal Ei hung hnawt tawk tawk che a, chuongchun I mi zuk ti’la, a va mak awm


|uoni-Nu Nanga ina um tlak khawm an naw kha tie, an vet tliet leh; mi biek dan

hlak hre lo, kirsan phawt el ta la uo?

Neilal Kirsan lo ding, ka thuoikir thei hmakhat ka zui ding cheu a nih.

|uoni-Pa Thawro anleh, inhmawng ei tiu, ei khuo ban tum ei tiu.


(Vaibe kawnah)

|uoni-Pa Vairik khawm an ta a, in phing khawm a tam ta naw manih, lai hin bu fata

ding me chu ie.

|uoni-Nu Ei bu khawm arkhuona ei suong an ta a, dei khawm dei zo tang a tih.

Tuon, hung thur raw bawi.

|uoni Hung awt ro leh, a dei zo an ta hi (A zuk fak char chun Neilal chu a

tho nghal). U Lal, I va du awm naw de, I khawp awl baka?

Neilal Du e, in suong thiem khawp el.

(Bufak khawp chun |uoni chun Neilal a mal an khamtira, a sam zutin a lu a tuoi vela, Neilal chu inhnik takin a in tah a. Tuoni chun damte’n puondum am khamtira, an maksan tah a)

(Chawmkhat hnunga Neilal chu a hang thanga, tukhawm hmu ding an um tah nawh) |uonpui, |uonpui, khawtiem in fe ta a? (Tap rawlin a kheka, a tlan tah a, chawmkhat hnunga) E! hi tieng

hin an fe a, kawitan tieng tlankhal ka ti. (Neilal chu a fe peia, vadung

pakhat a hei tlung a). |uoni ka hnawt phak ding leh hi puon dum hin

|uoni ngal zu tuom rawh (A puon chu tui an lentira, kawitan lamthuomah

|uoni a lo nghaka).


(Changpui vadungah)

|uoni Nu, ei hmaa khu ieng vadung am a na?

|uoni-Nu Changpui vadung a ni khu, an thieng hmel khawp el.

|uoni-Pa Tui in hmu phawt leh dawn vawng in tum a, vahnar tieng kui khi kawitan

lam a ni khi. Ieng am an ta leh? Ke rei ka puon dum an nawm ie. Ralin an

that an ta awm de aw (tap rawlin). U Lal, I mi hung hnawt tawk tawk a

maw, I in kar kan zamsan che a maw? A pawi taluo ie, a pawi taluo ie, ka

nuhai thu ka awi lei vawng a nih. (Puonin a hmai a hupa, a tapa, a pa’n a va \huoi).


(Kawitan lamthuomah)

|uoni-Pa Hlak kui saw, a thi naw hlak leh.

|uoni-Nu Tet tutin.

|uoni U Lal, a va mak de aw! I ni tak tak maw? (A nu le pa a tlankhal, a phur a

thethlak a, Neilal a va baw a, sawtfe a tappumin an inpawm), U Lal, I thinaw ka ring met le!

I puon khat bak ka lo hmu si a, ralin an that ngei che ka ringa, a va mak de aw, ka mang ka sawn el a.

Neilal Ka thanghar phut a, ka thla an vai zie chu e, ka kokhek nasa che an naw.

Hnawt phak naw kan lau cheu va, kawitan lam tieng ka lo tlankhal rak

cheu a nih.

|uoni U Lal, kan insung le in insung ei enkhi a, inphatlam a um beka, ka

hmangai naw lei che ni der lovin kan lo fe’l an nawm ie, kan ngaituo

ngawt che an naw.

|uoni-Pa Thawro fe tang ei tiu, inthim rawi ei tih.


(Khawkhum khuo, |uoni hai in)

Neilal Pa anleh bufak khawp a chu kan fe el ding an naw?

|uoni-Pa Ama thu thu ni naw ni’m

|uoni-Nu Kei chu chuong lawm lawma inhmaw ding ni’n ka hriet naw ngei. |uoni

hlak hi a la naupanga, puon khawm rel khat bak a la nei si.

|uoni Ka pa rel mi ta pek khawm a sip nawk vawng ta kha tie, tukhawm rel hni

lawm lawm nei an um bik nawh.

|uoniNu Intlaw tlaw naw raw ie. a tu le tehai hei sem i ta, i muolpho ding hmel

hre lo che a. Thla khat thla hni bek la hei khawng la, dipui par phaleh

khawm ning a ta. Neilal dipui par pha nghak el tan la uo?

|uoni A ni tho ei maw U Lal, puon dam la hei khawng ka ta, Dipui chu par vak

tho a ta…

Neilal Chuonga in ti tlat leh a ni ding ma nel naw nim; ka hung nawk pha chu

iengkhawm hril chier ta lo ding aw.

|uoni U Lal hi I bufun ding. En ta ka tawmbawsisaw ka sut thlak nghal a ni hi. I

hmel ka hmu nawk hma khat khui ta naw ningah.

Neilal Ni raw she, Dipui bul chu a bel dig a ni hi, mang\ha ro.

(|uoni chu a khuo a sawt thei em ema, hla sakin an hlim lai ni hai a hung thar uor uor hlak a)


(|uoni le Singpui phulah an leng)

(Thal ruomei zing riei kara)

Khawkhum khuoa tlangval Hrilchungin |uoni a lo ngaizang ve leiin Neilal le an innei naw dan ding thu a lo phier.

|uoni Hei hah, (a \ap) Hlak hi dipui khawm a lo \uoi rak an ta a…

Singpui |hien, \ap \ap naw, ka nu mihril dan chun hihi dipui tak tak an nawh.

|uoni U Hrilchungin a ti an nawm. (inhniek pumin). Aw, hmangaina, hmangaina

khawm ka ti ding che mani. A thuthiem… thutiem hi a awlsam nek

hmanin a bawsiet hi a lo awl lem a ni maw? U Lal, kumtluonga dingin ka

hmangaina ka lo inhlan che… Aw, hmangaina vangduoi, innghatna ding I

nei naw maw?

Singpui |hien, kei chu beiseina inthuk tak ka la nei chu tie. Sumpui khelah nisa

var an lang hlak angin, hlimna ni la hung inher suok ngei a tih. U Lal hi

tlangval fel a ni leiin a thutiema hin ringum lovin um ngai naw nih.

|uoni (A ruolnu liengkova inbat pumin a tap nawka) Hei ha, ka neisun

hmangaina chu U Lal ka lo inhlan tah. Ka hmangai ta hnung chu

iengtinam la kir nawk thei ka ta; ka hmangai naw chu iengtinam hmangai

ka ta?

Singpui Annaw ie, |hien, vawizan khan U Lal ka mangin ka lo hmu tlat, a la hung

ngei chu ka ring tlat a nih. Thaw rawh in tieng fe tang ei tih.

|halbawm ruomei zing riei karah.

Hla: Duthurieng ai ang sam chau maw,

Ka chantawka khuonuleng ruot;

Nghil zai relin ka mawi si nawh,

Pawm lai di lalnunnem!

Lalnunnem ka ngai em che,

Khieng mi awi san naw la;

Tiena ei hlim lai dawn ve la,

Ka tap khuo sei ding leh

(|uoni hai in

ah Hrilchung a lo leng).

|uoni-Nu |uoni hmel hlim hrim hrim hlak hmu ding um ta lo, lungsen ruok a thaw

ta sawh. Tu khan I hriet tak I hriet ta kha, thawfu rawh. Mi \awngbau \ha I hnawt lui luia, mi hlakin an hrietfuk ta naw zie che ku kha.

|uoni Nangni in ne’l kha the, dipui par pha in ti kher kher a.

|uoni-Nu A damnaw a ni khawma mi hung incha tang a tih; a hrietfuk ta naw a ni hi

ten am, a lu a hei hla tul vela, hmingsiet sak sakin aw.

Hrilchung Indit khawm hi an dittawk deu ning a ti ie.

|uoni-Nu Indittawk ngei hlak naw nim ie, a nu le pa lem chun an hmusit luota

iemani ang el; |uoni pa hlakin a uo hlur a.

|uoni-Pa To inphing la ni chu, inzapui um sak che chun. Ah, dipui khawm la par naw ni ie.

|uoni-Nu A par ta ngei saw tie, a \uoi rak an ta sawh. (|uoni’n a lu a khui a,

Tawmbasisaw a thaw nawk tah).


(Phairuong bilah)

Neilal Sawrkung, en ta dipui a par \an tah. Khawkhum khuoah va fe tang ka ti ie.

Sawrkung A par ta ngei hi tie, va hlawtling raw khai!

(Khawkhum khuoah |uoni in ah)

Hrilchung E! I hung an ta maw?

Neilal Ka hung an ta ie, in lo dam maw?

|uoni-Nu Nangni te in dam tlang dem?

Nailal Dam tlang e, lo khawm kan zo chau a nih. Anleh |uoni te?

|uoni-Nu Tui chawia fe a ni kha tie.

Neilal A hung pha tukhawma lo insuo der naw ro.

|uoni-Nu Ei tuichawinu a hung ta sawh.

|uoni Mi hung insuo ro (V.3) (an to \awk \awk). Iengam in insak thei lawm

lawm lie! Sawrtuirakam Neilal bek khom ni lo cheu va!

Neilal Takchapa, keima Sawrtuirakam Neilal. (a paikawng pumin a dawmthlak).

(|uoni an zak taluo loutin a tawmbasisaw a keisut phura, chawrkil tieng a tlanlut, tlangval an \in tak tak, |uoni-Pa mansapui paiin a hung lut)

|uoni-Pa E! Lala I hung an ta, lo in zo ta’m a ni?

Neilal Zo ta e, lawmpui khawm an zo an tal.

|uoni-Pa Bawinu, bu va thur raw leh. (Bu a thur).

|uoni U Lal, hung awt raw leh, ei fak hmankhat tawpna khawm a ne’l thei a.

Neilal (A hei awt a) Iem a ti hlak lie?

|uoni (|uoni’n bengkhat vel chauh a hei beng a). Dipui par pha ei ti zet zet a, a

par phing hlak chun hung nuom ta lo che. Tu phing hin I hung nawka,

dipui hlak hi a \uoi vawng an ta a.

Neilal Dipui hlak ku saw a la par tha naw a na. Va en hman ta, Changpui phaia

hai khawm sawh a la par \ha naw saw tie. Kui sawh a ni sawh dipui tak

tak chuh. Nitin a bulah ka fe a, a par vang tam ka ta, ka khe hlak an naw.

Tuta a par phinga I lung a sen el chuh…

|uoni-Nu Suonlam siem chu in thiem maw! Pakhat a nei tuma, a remnaw phinga

suonlam siema phairuong chu dipui a hung ti ni naw nim. (Neilal tieng a

ngha a). A Khai!Pathien sam sui in ni naw ning a tih. Lala, lungawi takin fe nawk phawt el ta rawh.

Neilal Chuong hlawl el chu, ka kir nawk el ding ni naw nim. Khawkhum Lal in

zeta chu Rengte ka tlawm ie. (Neilal chu a thova, fe dingin an siem ta a,

|uoni chun kawtsuoah thlir leim tumin…

|uoni (A \ap). Aw Nu, ka tuorza lul nawh, ka zui el ding a nih. U Lal, U Lal, mi

lo nghak rawh. ( A zuk tlan, Neilal leh an inkuo) U Lal, ieng dinga dipui

par kher kherin ei lo intiem am ana? Kum sangkhat dana khawm insawn

ngai lo, Hmar Arsi khin iengtiziea ei lo intiem lem naw ma na? Kei di’n

dam hi thina!! Ka hringna meiser. Ka hratna popo khawm a tawp zo tah.

Neilal Aw! Hmangai |uonpui, ( an thuok huoi, huoi) ka hringna le ka thlarau, aw, ka hei \he ding nek che chun nisa khin van kang ral sien, hnuoi hi thimpuiin bawm el sien. Aw, Hmangai |uonipui, hi khawvela damzung hun tawte bek chen hmunkhat dingin khuonu’n a mi lo tuorem naw a ni maw? Sienkhawm aw, |uonpui, thlarau khawvel a bek aw. (An in \he a, Neilal damten a fe liem. Tuoni’n \ap puma hla sakin a thlir liem)

By L.Keivom, Inpui Columnist.

Part 1

Iengkim mani hun senga mawiin a siem a.

Mihriem lungrilah chatuon a sie a; chuong sa khom

chun a tira inthoka a tawp chena Pathien thilthaw

chu an hmu suok thei chuong nawh.

-Thuhriltu 3:11

chatuon April 10, 1974 khan ‘Beiseina Khamhrui’ ti thusep ka ziek a. Hi thusep hi Thuhriltu Bu (Ecclesiastes) le Puna (Phunthanga 1880-1942) hla phuoka “Khawvelah lawmna a kim thei si nawh” ti bèsana hmanga hringnun khawvel thlirna a nih. Ka thusep ziek lai po poa chu tiem le hril hlaw tak a la ni ka ring. Hi lekha ka ziek hun kha ka zuk ngaituo a, kum 36 chuong zet a lo fe ta a, a sunzomna ziek ka nuomna khom kum iemani zat a ni taa chuh buoina hrang hrang leiin tu chen hin ziek loin ka la um zing. Hla ruok chu kum 1964 April khan Parbunga Headmaster sin ka thaw laiin a hmathruoi ‘Sakhming khawvel’ ka phuok a, a sunzomna khom Delhi tlangah 1973-74 khan ‘Kum hlun tling zo reng an um si nawh” ti le ‘Cham song reng an um nawh’ tihai hi ka phuok nawk a. Hieng hla pathum besana ka hmang tak chu Thuhriltu 3:1-8 a hringnuna thil tlung inkawkalh 14 ve ve a hrilhai chu a nih.

Chuong hringnuna thil inkawkalh, inpawthuo le inzui tlat sihai chu: pieng hun le thi hun; phun hun le phawi hun; sukhlum hun le sukdam hun; thriek hun le bawl hun; trap hun le innui hun; lusun hun le làm hun; lung pei hun le lak khawm hun; inkuo hun le inhnàm hun; zong hun le sukhmang hun; kol hun le dehawn hun; sukthlêr hun le phawk hun; to hun le trong hun; inhmangai hun le intheida hun; indo hun le muong hun. Pakhatin a hong kha pakhatin a khâr pei a nih. Kong danga hril chun, nisa hnuoia thil hrim hrim tawpna chu lam mong ping vong a ni thu a hril a nih. Chu hrilna dinga Hebrai trongkam a hmang chu ‘Hebel’ ti a ni a, chu chu ‘thuok, tuihù (vapour), sûm, romei’ tina a ni a, thil poimaw tak ni si, sienkhom sawt dai lo, bo nawk nghal el tina a nih. Hlun lo thil hrilna a nih. Threnkhatin, ‘teplohai teplo’ tiin an inlet a, sienkhom a kawk fûk chie naw el thei. A san chu Pathienin thil teplo a siem ngai nawh. A thilsiem po po hi a en a, thra a ti vong thu Genesis bung khata ringot khom voi sari zet ei hmu a nih.

Thuhriltu hi tu am ning a ta? Bung 1:1-a chun Jerusalem lal, Davida naupa a ni thu le a bung tawpna 12:9 a chun Thuhriltu chu mi var tak, hrietna tam tak dap suoka inchiktu a ni bakah 12:11-a chun mi var dang thu khom a thrang sazie le an thuvar chu berampuin ran khalnaa a hmang hawlthir zum anga nun khalna dinga poimaw le thirkila nghet taka thil ei kil anga an thu vuokthlakhai chu thu nghet a ni thu ei hmu a. Davida naupa Solomon, var le hausaa hmingthang chu Thuhriltu (Kohelet) inti hih ni dinga mi tam tak ring a ni laiin, mi thiem threnkhat sui dan chun, Thuvar 25:1-a ei hmu danin, Hezekia le a rawihaiin BC 720 (circa) vela Isai, Hlahai Hla (Song of Songs) le Thuvar (Proverbs) an ziek thlak le rem khawm laia thrang sa ve a ni naw leh, a hnung daih, BC 500 laihawl vela an ziek thlak ni dingin an ring. An ringna san khom Thuhriltu-a an trong hmang hi Solomon hun laia Hebrai trong zierang leh an inang naw bakah Persian trong an haw le Aramik trong inther a um lei a nih. Chu bakah Solomon ziek chu ni sien, Bung 1-na le bung 12-na hi ‘Third person’ angin ziek naw nih an ti bok. Chun, Thuhriltu Bu sunga hin Pathien thu anga a ngiel a ngana pom remchang chie loa Juda mi thiem threnkhatin an ngai iemani zat a um a, chuonghai chu pom tlaka siem rem an tum leia a ziek sawngtuhaiin thu iemani zat an bel sa umin an hriet bok lei a nih.

A ieng khom chu ni sien, Thuhriltua thu tam lem hi Solomon thusuokah pomin, a thu tontira ei chang tar lang (3:11) a thu pahnih (1) iengkim mani hun sengah mawiin a siem ti le (2) mihriem lungrilah chatuon a siea chu Pathien nina an hmu suok zo teuh nawzie a hrilhai hi hang bi vak ei tih.

Iengkim an hun sengah mawiin a siem:

Hi thu hi ieng kong zawng khoma suiin a va hang indik de aw! Entirna dingin bu hi hang hmang inla. Bu ei tu a, an hung mawng a, inno der derin an hung inthranglien a. Ngal a zèm velah lo ei fang a, thli fim a hung hrang dèl dél a, a mùtna tieng tieng bu kung tin chu an thle nghiel nghiel a. Thliin a mut leng ngaizawng sam inlêngin bieng a hung thawi a, ei trim sul ang el khan, bu hna inno nghielin ngal le kerai inza sal sala a hung zèm kha chuh, lung a va hang hlim thei de aw! Furpui a hung tlung a, bu kung tin chu an inthrang hlut hlut a, a lo phekin a hung zing dum dur a, lo inthirna le khokrokna hmun khom a hmel sietna hrim hmu ding um ta loin a tuom mawi a. Sim thli a hung hrang a, a mutna tieng tieng tuipui ang elin an fawn dul dul a. Favang a hung tlung a, Thlaram tawp tieng bu kung tin a hung inrai a, Changer thla a hung tlung a, sibudar penson tawm tah ang utin, hnuoi tieng mel ta loa van tieng chauh nghain, an tang fuk el a, hmu nuom a umin ngai an sukmuong.

Vaiphei trong chun hi thla hi ‘Thatang’ an ti a, chu chu Hmar trongin ‘Thlatang’ ti inla, a fûk hle el thei, van tieng nghaa bu rai an tang fuk hun a ni tlat a. Hi thla hi Hmar trong chun ‘Changer’ ti a ni a, bu hung vui, a la chang hmain an lak a, an zèu kìng a, sumah an suk a, chu bu pèr chu a zâng leiin sawt tak tak ramvaka an suok changin an pai a, an ring hlak. Hi hi a hmingah ‘bu er’ ti a ni a, bu (rice) hi a hming bîk tak chu ‘fang, chang’ ti a ni a, ‘Fangko’ ei tihai khom hi bu tienga malsawmna petu an kona, a kuoma dawvan an kaina thil a nih. ‘Chang’ ti rootword-a inthok hin Meitei tronga ‘châk, chà, chaba’ tihai le Lusei tronga ‘chaw’ tihai hi a hung suok a nih. Lusei tronga thla hming an phuokhai hi an phuok nomna khop el a, October khom hi ‘Sahmul phah thla’ an ti a, ‘Khuangchawi thla’ ti pawl khom an um.

Pêng hla loin ei thu zaiah bok kir nawk inla. Bu rai chu a hung tre a, a vui a hung suok a, kûr thlukin a hung eng tran a, sîk dingin a hung inpei a, ei sik a, hrizawlah vùm thûra ei hang bûm eng suou el chu, mi a sukhlimin ieng sawl sawl ei hriet fuk ta nawh.

Hmun threnkhata chu bupawl hi hnuoi sukhângtua hmon hmang el dingin an maksan hlak a. Hmun threnkhata ruok chu ran fak dingin lien tak takin an ziel khawm a, thrâl hun, hlo pet ding a um naw phaa ranhai sekibusuok a nih. Bupawl an faka inthoka a tuia insiem thei po chu bawngnene inhnik takin a pût suok huou huou a; dehawna um a êk hlak chu hnuoi ta dinga malsawmna, thlai sukthratu a ni el bakah a hmang thiemhai ta dingin thlai suongna ding gobar gas siemtu le hmang thiem naw takhai khoma thing le gas aia thlai suongnaa hmang thei a lo ni nawknghal. Bupawl chu leirawchang siemtuhai ta dinga thil trangkai, Faraw lal suol, Thutmose II ni dinga ringin leirawchang siema a sor Israelhaiin pilpok le an chokpol dinga a pek hlak bupawl pe ta loa, anni le anni intum dinga a hang ti zet khan chu, sun le zan bupawl zongin an invir buoi a, manga chen khom bupawl ngot bupawl ngot an mangphan hiel ring a um.

Bua a mal mala inchang po chu mihriem fâk dingin ei hlu lut a. A tuomtu kawr ei sukkhe a, chu kawr chu favai ei ti a, a bu tak suknawi, a kem le favai nawi inpol chu favai di (vaidi) ei ti a, chu chu bu-a a hàngna tam tak koltu a ni leiin zupui siemna dinga thil thra tawp a ni a, Sikpui Kut nikhuo le chong chên nikhuoa pi le puhai khawvel sukhlimtu a nih. Zu siemnaa an hmang zoin vokbu dingin an hmang nawk pei a, vokin an thratpui èm ém a, a voksa fatu hlei hlei an hlim.

Bu inno der der lai an at, a tuia dawn dinga an siem chu hrâtna damdawi thra tawpa an hril a nih. Ei hril nuom tak chu, bu-a a ieng khom hi thil trangkai le hmang tlak lo a um nawh. Vaimim khom chuong ang tho. Thlai dang khom hi chuong ang deuh vong chu a nih. Chengkha hmel chu ruom le tlang hriem inthlur phei angin a fe a, a mong le hmùr tieng a’n zum zawt a, ei chengna tlangram sengsie le khokrok hmel khom a hoi khop el. A fa ngai naw ta ding chun a kha êm êm a, khawvel mihriem tam lem chun fak tina khom an tin nawh. A fa thrang ta ding ruok chun a kha thlum veng veng a, chu sungrila chun hàngna mak tak a pai bok a. Chuong po po neka a hlutna chu mihriem ta dinga damdawi thraa sip a nina chu a nih. Thisen sang, zun thlum le thau pai rawnhai ta dinga thrangpuitu thra, pan zing tlak a nih.

Zawngtra dam hi ziet loa fak chun a phak kha èm ém a, thil thu du lohai ta ding chun a thu hmuk bok si leiin luok suksuoktu a nih. Amiruokchu, a fa thranghai ta ding chun thil inhnik tawpkhawk a tling a, a thùkna san khom hi hàngna (protein) a pai rawn lei a nih. A thù le inthak dan invuok tawk charin hmarcha leh ei hang deng a, maruoi inlêng ngieiin ei rawt pol a, bu lum hlat leh ei hei hme zet chuh…van thumnaa lêng ei ni ringot el. A par le ra dan khom hi a dangdai khop el. A zîk hmawr tinah sei zawtin a hung indawn suok a, a tawpah futbawl te angin a hung inhlùm a, chu chu a bilbawlok/bilbawk ei tih. A hung inhlùm tranna reia chun kap sarin a kuolin a hung par a, a’n hlùmna lai po poa khom chun sip hmarin a par a hung suok a. Chu chu a ‘par’ ei ti ngai naw a, a ‘tuvû’ ei tih. A tuvû tuomtu a hung tril zo pha leh a bilbawka inthokin zawngtraa insiem ding chu a hung suok a, chu chu a âr-kê ei ti thung. A bilbawka ârkê tam tak hung suok, inkhai thluk chu zawngtra bawr ei ti hi a nih. Zawngtra bawr, a tliem sei tak tak, a kauin a zo naw vang khopa ra kûr thluk hang hmu dam hin lungril a sukhlim a nih. Iengkim hi mani hun senga mawiin Pathienin a lo siem takzet a nih.

Mihriem khom thilsiem danghai ang thoin ei hung pieng a, damten ei hung seilien a, nunghak-tlangval hung niin ei vanglai hun ei hmang a, mani tawk sengah ei mawi a, mawi intituo bik, hmangaina hruiin a zem tuohai mita lem chuh ei mawi zuol a, ‘hnemtu sakhmel par’ ei inchang seng a nih. Sienkhom, ieng anga par mawi khom a vul hun a liem tah chun a truoi naw thei nawh. Truoinawpar (Chuoilopar) ei ti khomin truoi ni a nei a, kumtluongpar ei ti khomin kumtluong a dai nawh. Par chu a truoi charin a par funga inthokin ama hung thlaktu ding hringna thar chi a hung insuo ang bokin, mihriem khom nuhmei-pasal neiin ei vanglai hun bung le chang ei khar a, nau le te hung neiin, sungkuo indin suok dingin buoi rak rakin ei inlap a, upat tieng ei hung pan a, inring naw karin ei chawibang a, tar tieng hnotin, ei nuom ta’m, ei nuom naw ta’m, ei damlai nisa chun minit tinin kawlrawn a pan hnai a, kum 70-80 inkara muol liem naw chuh khaw tinah ei hung inkhât phier a, kut par thlieka tiem khop chauh ei hung ni tah hlak.

Sienkhom, Thuhriltuin a hril angin, ieng kim hi mani hun senga mawiin a siem a. Sielin a ki a mawipui ang boka nunghakin a mawipui, a trâng vûm mawi, a thup trawt trawt hlak kha pasal a neia inthoka sawt naw teah nau a hung nei a, puipungkhawmnaa khom a naute dang a char phot chun inzak loin a hringna tui-um kha a hung phor suok a, a naute an nektir khiet khiet el a nih. Chu hun chu a tlung tah leiin a mawi a, lungawi taka nauten nene a fawp dok dok ri chun lungril a sukhlim a nih. Inzaka lain pe nuom naw sien, a nau khêk lom lom sien, miin inthiem naw lem an tih. Nupui tebop an inpan khawm a, an naute seng poma nene an innektir laia an hmela lungawina le lawmna inlâr suok hi a nina phok suok khopa thiemin a lem ziek thei inla chu, khawvela lemziek, mi hlut tawpkhawk laia mi ni ngei a tih.

Khuol ei inzin a, hriet ngai lo khuoah ei lut a. In tin deuthawah lua kèl sam tro tah hmu ding an kat nok chun, chu khuoa chenghai chu mi hrisel le thok zo, khaw inngei le inthuruol an nih ti iemani chenah hriet nghal thei a nih. Thuvarin, “Tlangvalhai ropuina chu an hratna hi a na, Upahai mawina chu an lu intruok hi a nih” (Thuvar 20:29) a lo ti a. Lua kel sam tro tam tak hmu ding an umna sungkuo le khuo chu inza a um a nih. A na, tu lai iemani chena inthok tah khan, inhlèm hlèma thaw hi ei ching tah leiin, inkhawmah upa thrungna tieng hei ngha inla, Buonga le Buongi tamna hmun dinga khan Duma le Dumi ei inthrung khup el ta a, keima ngei khom hi chuong lemchanghai laia thrang ve chu ka lo ni tah zing el. Iengkim hi an hun senga mawi le inzaum dinga khuonu ruot a lo ni leiin, ei hun senga ei nina ding ang taka khawsak le chet hi mihriem um dan ding indik tak le ei mawipui tak chu a lo ni lem. Sienkhom….

(About the author: Pu L. Keivom is a retired Indian foreign diplomat and author of ‘Zoram Khawvel’ series. This article is dated October 15, 2010, Delhi)

pawlsiemlien Tuithaphai, 20 Oct, 2010: Weslyan Methodist Church of East India (WMCEI) Regional Superintent (R/S) le Hmar hlaa miril le hlasakthiem Pu Paul Lalsiemlien (Paul Siemlien) chu zani hmasa (1910-2010) zan dar 11:45 vel khan kum 47 mi niin Hepatitis natna leiin chatuon ram a lo pan tah. A ruong hi zani zantieng khan ropui takin Rengkai thlanmuolah vuiliem a nih. Rev. Paul Siemlien hin a nuhmei Pi Lalremkim le a nauhai Mr Zairemthang le Miss Lalthazuol hai a thisan.

Rev. Paul Siemlien hi natna leia March 2010 a inthawk Doctor enkawlna hnuoia Imphal, Manipur a enkawl ani a, thla 7 lai zet natna rinum tak tuora a um hnung, a sung le kuo le Kohran mipui han a dam kar nghakhlaa tlumte thlira an lo thlir lai zingin Pathien chun ama kuom tieng a lo thuoi ta a nih.

Rev. Paul Siemlien hi September 23, 1963 khan a pieng a, WMCEI chawmnain kum 1999 khan UBS, Pune-ah BD inchuk dingin a fe a. Kum 2003 khan BD a hung zo a, hi kum vek hin WMCEI Headquarters hnuoia "Field Evangelist" sin thawa a tul anga Headquarters Office thangpui dinga a sin ding remruot pek ani a. Amiruokchu, Field Assistant sin a zawm hmain Executive Committee 23-4-2003 a neia chun Ruonglevaisuo District D/S incharge dingin a ruot a.

February 10-15, 2004 17th Regional Conerence Hmarkhawlien, Cachar a nei-ah Rev & Dr Paul E. Turner, Asia Area Director Minister-na hnuoia Ordination pek a ni a. Ruonglevaisuo District D/S incharge sin a chel lai mek 18th Regional Conference February, 10-15, 2005 a Chandmari, Aizawla neia chun Asst. R/S dinga ruot ani baka R/S sin kum khat sung incharge a chel dinga mawphurna pek a nih.

Hi hnung 19th Regional Conference February 16, 2010 nia Hmarkhawlien a neia chun Regional Superintendent (R/S) kum 3 sung chel dinga thlang hung niin a hnung March 7, 2009 Rengkaia 22nd Regional Conference neia chun kum thum dang R/S sin chel dinga thlang a hung ni nawk ta pei a nih.

One of the most popular songs by Pu Pawlsiemlien. May his soul rest in peace!

Kohrana rawngbawla a lutchilna:
Pu/Rev Paul Siemlien hin Kohrana rawngbawlna a nei hmain ram le hman ta dinga thu le hla tienga hnam ta dinga ro hlu, khawvel um sunga a hming re ngai lo ding Hlaphuok le sak tienga rawngbawlna nasatak a lo nei ta a, a hun kum 1980s laia inthawk hlasak le phuokna sin tanin Kohran tienga rawngbawl dinga a lut hma khan Cassette/Album 6 a siem hman a. Chuong a Album hai laia 4 hai chu released anni a, pahni hai ruok chu a release tanaw a nih. Hla tienga inhnik ani leiin Kohran rawngbawlna tienga an hmang hnung khawmin a thi hma chen khan Pathien hla 4 a phuok nawk hman a nih. Pathien hla a phuok hai chu "Delilah", "Inhma chun Kros", "Tawngkam thiema hril el an nawh" ti le "Halleluiah Amen" ti hai an nih.

Kohran rawngbawlnaa an hmang hmaa Album a siem hmsatak turn hi kum 1987 lai kha nia hriet ani a, a album Vol-1 le II ti lova a album dang haia hla hai chu ama khata a phuok deu vawng anni a. Vol-I le II haia khawm hin ama hlaphuok pathum (3) ve ve a thang a. Mihriem hai kara hmangaina thu insamna hla (Love Song) a phuok popo hi 60 vel ni dinga hisap a nih.
Ei hnam ta dinga hieng zozai hla a lo phuok hai lei hin ei hnam ta dinga miril, mi ropui, ei literature suk hausatu a ni tinaw thei ani nawh. Hiengang talent tha hi mitin nei le chang thei ani nawa, ei hnam ta dingin ro hlu hla tamtak a mi maksan pek a nih. A hlaphuok le a hlasak hrim hrim hi ei hnam zie le inmil takel anni leiin tuchen khawma hlui thei lo, ngainuom um zing an nih. Mihriem ngaia kum la naupang tak thi hun la tlung lo ani leiin mipuiin an sun hle a nih. A album a release lo pahni hai khawm hi release la ni sien nuom a um hle. Hmasawnna Thar

Listen to Hril a Hai by Vanlalhriet Here

By Pu L.Keivom, Inpui Coulumnist.

Our sweetest songs are those that tell of saddest thought.

-P.B.Shelley ( To A Sylark)

September 9, 2007 a DHCF inkhawm trinin music video CD pahnih ka’n chawk a, pakhat chu hming dangdai tak el, KHETHLEI BAWKTE-II ti a ni a, a dang chu FUR KHAWTHIENG ti a nih. A hmasa hi Lalramsuok hla sakna CD, Mr & Mrs Lalrochan insuopek a ni a, a CD kawma khom “N. C. Hills-a Hmar Love song Video hmasatak” ti a chuong ngat a nih. A pahnina hi Laldawngkim hla sak Volume –II, Bula Hmar le Joseph Hmar insuopek a nih.

Hi CD pahnihai hi enin ka la ngaithlak hman nawa chu a pahnina hi lo en le ngaithla tah Lalchungsiem Thlawngate chun HYG-ah hieng ang hin a hung thluoi a: “Hla pakhat chu Pu L. Keivom a phuok 'Hril a hai dawn kir changin' ti kha a ni a, kha hla khan a hril tak chu upa ta deu hlek haiin an vanglai ni, an thratlai ni an hang ngaituo kir changin hung kir nawk thei ni sien ti an nuom a, sienkhawm hung kir nawk thei a ni ta si naw leiin an hril a hai kha a ni a. Hi Video-a ruok hin chu nunghakte pakhat kha insukkhawsawt mawi deu khan an inlangtir a, a chang leh a ngaizawngpa ni awm tak le an hlim lai ni dam kha an inlangtir a. A hla thu le chu an hme naw hle” tiin.

A thrat a thrat naw thu thlu loa mani tronga lekhabu, magazine le kaset an siem le zor ka tuok fuk hrim hrim inchawk hi ka pawlisi a ni a. Hieng thil buotsai hautakzie le zor hang harsat sizie hi mani nun ngeia voi tam pal tah ka ni leiin a buotsai pei an um phot chun inchawk ngei ngei hi ka tha bat ve niin ka hriet a. Chu chu tlawmngai le taima taka buotsaituhai ka thrangpui thei dan le an mi thrangpui thei dan chu a nih. Rangkachak le lunghlu nêk khoma hlu lem daih thu ziek thra hi sentence tin cheng khata inchawk ding ni sien khom thil inman tawpkhawk a nih ti hre chieng vetu laia mi niin ka’n hriet a. Chun, hla thiem taka rimawi le invuok tawka an sak hang ngaithlak hin sungrila thlarau dangcharna a chawm a, sum tam tak senga daktor thiem ruoi khoma an mi pek thei lo inhoina le damna ril a mi pek thei bok a nih. Chuleiin, lekhabu amanih kaset amanih ei inchawk hin a buotsaituhai ei inchawkpek el ni loin ei nun chawmna ding damdawi hlu le man tam, tlawmtea ei inchawk a nih. Chu el bakah ei thu le hla sukhmasawntu kut poimaw ei inchang nghal bok a nih.

Vangneithlak takin kum sari vel sung hi sun le zan thil thra le hlu buoipuia buoi ka ni leiin hla ngaithlakna le CD enna hman ka nei ta naw tluk a ni a, ka ngaithlak le en ve sun khom ka lengna ina an lo insuo ka tuok fùk chang a ni tak el. Kaset hi a milim um loa ngaithlak inhoi ka ti lem a, a san chu milim le an thaw hin dîng taka ngaithlak ding kha an changchavoiin ka mit le ngaituona a lak hmang lei a nih. Lungril nekin mit hi a hawdâk lem a, hmu pei um lo tak tak khom hi a en kawk kawk a, ngaituona suol amanih a thra amanih khom hi taksa le lungril mit tukvera inthoka hung lut a ni nuom khop el. Music video ei en hin lem an chang thiem fe khom hin a hla mawina le inrilna zaa sawmnga vel chu a sukda hrim hrimin ka hriet a, an chang thiem naw lem chun zaa za an phum bo thrak ni takin ka hriet bok. Rimawi laia mawi tak chu ri boa lungrila ri mawi le hlimum ngaithlak hi a ni el thei. Aldous Huxley khomin, “After silence, that which comes nearest to expressing the inexpressible is music” a lo ti hrim kha. John Keats khomin, “Heard melodies are sweet, but those unheard are sweeter” (Ode on a Grecian Urn) a lo ti bok a nih.

Chu dota mi chu a ri ang taka suok, natural sound ngaithlak hi ni mei a tih. Vate le thilhring inhrâm ri dam, vadunga tui luong ri hok hok dam, zo thlifimin thing hna a thawi ri sel sel dam hi natural sound umzie entirna thra tak a ni ka ring. Bethlehem dai rea van mihai hla pawl hung rem kha natural sound ngat a ni ka ring tlat chu tie! Ri hi ei sukring zuol po leh a ri pangngaia inthokin a fe hmang a nih. Piano khom hi German-English composer hmingthang George Friederic Handel-in natural sound le inhnai thei tawpa a her mil, tu chena standard tuning-a hmang a la nia chu a natural sound-a inthokin 14% a fe hmang hman tah a nih. Ei CD ngaithlak tam tak, ei rawl intriet le inthler thupna dinga ri sie chi hrang hrang ei hmangnahai hin lung phurna chok tho thei sien khom sungrila thlarau dangcharna hnem khop chu a tam naw khopin ka hriet tlat chu tie! A milim leh ei hang thaw sa nawk deu deu lem hin chuh, saphai le vaihai angin lemchang ei la thiem tawk ve si naw a, hmepok chok hruoi hnunga tui dei inli duma buok sa nawk a hoi thei khopin ka hriet.

Hienghai hi a khulang khangnaa ka zuk hril sa vak a na, ka hril tum tak ruok chu kum 1964-a ka hla phuok, LENRUOL HLA BU sut nuhnung taka ‘Sakhming khawvel’ ti thupui hmanga No. 82-a an sie kha a nih. Hi kum 1964 January-June chen kha Parbung High School-ah khailakin Headmaster sin ka chel a. May thla bulin ni khat chu Pu Damkung inah ka lêng a. Ama hi sipai bâng, 1960-a Kuki-Hmar buoi laia Hmarhai Commander-in-Chief kha a nih. Gramaphone a nei a, chu chu a herna bân nei, insaktir ding zata a li her ngai chi a nih. Vai hla rikawt iemani zat a nei a, chuong laia mi, a thlûk ka hriet le mawi ka ti èm ém hlak chu a hung thaw a. Romei paw chuka a bawm, thral khuo lung inleng hun a ni bok leh, lung hlui a’n leng vong vong a. Typewriter chikte, Baby Hermes a nei a, inchawk dingin ka dot a, a phal leiin ka’n chawk a. Ka tlungna Pastor Ruma in ka tlung chun ka typewriter inchawk thar chu hmangin, vai hla ka ngaithlak thlûk chun hringnun thlirna hla,

Hril a hai, dawn kir changin,

Tiena nun hlui tham hnunghai;

Vanglai ni, vul lai nun rêng,

Kìr rêlin an mawi si nawh

tiin ka zuk sut tran a. Hi hla intranna hi a thunon a ni tlat. A thunona tran hi vaihai thaw dan deuh a ni awm. A hma kum lia vai hla thluk boka ka hla phuok “Dawn ve la nunhlui thamral hnung’ (LHB 158) khom a thunona intran bok a nih.

Chuong lai chun la tlangval tak, pathlawi tebop, nau pakhat nei tah, kum 24 le thla 8 mi ka ni ve ta a. Mihriem nun hi ka sût neu neu hlak a. Kei khom thralai ka la’n ti zing laiin papui ka lo ni dêr el ta a. Keima ang bokin nunghak-tlangval hmel thra le inno tak tak hai khom an vanglai ni inher liemin, rong ei nal tler lap thing khom sawtnawteah a rong a hung chul angin an pangti innona hung chulin, an hmai hung zûrin, an vanglai nia ‘Parte’ ti hlaw hlak hai khom khan tu en an hlaw ta naw ding ziehai dam ka ngaituo a.

Kumpui sul lam ang herin,

Hringnun vanglai truoi, par ang;

Sakhmêl no-beina chulin,

Thradâng rong thing ang a chul;

Hnemtu sakhmel pâr, hnem lo pâr a’n chang

tiin chang khatna chu ka zuk sut thlak pei a.

‘Thradâng’ ti hi ngaizawnghai ko duotna, ‘duotlai, lungrunpui, enchimlo, thrapui’ tina a nih. Shan khuoa ei pi le puhai an um laiin tlangval hmel thra hmingthang le hla phuok thiem, a khaw nunghak po poin an ngaizawng le intuipui, a hming ‘Liendâng’ an ti hi a um a. Hieng hun lai le a hnung peia nunghak-tlangval insaina le inlêmna hla (love song) tam tak chu ‘Liendâng Hla’ ti a hung ni ta pei a nih. ‘Thradâng’ ti khom hi ama hming chawia koduotna trongkam hung suok a ni ring a um. A ieng po khom chu ni sien, ieng anga ei ko duot, ei thlir nghok naw, en zo khoma zer far dien diena en nawk nghal trûl hlakhai khom par ang an hung chul a, an hung vuoi a, tarzûr an ni pha chun hnemtu sakhmel par ni hlak khan tu en an hlaw ta naw a, hnem lo par an inchang tah hlak a nih. Chu chu khuorèl, pumpel thei lo, tu chena mihriem thiemna chun thlak danglam thei hri lo thil chu a nih.

Tukvera inthokin kan in kawl vel le Sazaw tlang phei chu ka hei thlir a. Thing chi hrang hrang, thla hmasaka hna kol lula saruoka ngir fuk el hai chun hna thar inno der der hung insuoin, ni tinin rong tharin an inthlak a. Zo thlifimin fawn dêl dêla a hang thawi ri sel sel hei thlir chun lung an suklawm hlie hlie a. Mihriem hringnun ka zuk ngaituo ruok chun tar hmai le taksa zûr ta hnung chu ieng ang thiemna le damdawi thra ruoi khoma tuoi thar thei a ni tak nawzie ka zuk hmu a. Joban (14 :7-10)

Thing chu phûr thlu inla khom,

A zung inder thar nawkin,

Dawn thar a’n suo thei leiin,

Beisei ding a la um a.

Hnuoia a zung chu zûrin,

A bul chen trawl tah sien khom,

Tui rim a hung hriet charin,

Dawn tuoi insuo nawk a tih.

Mihriem ruok chu a thi pha,

Tlawm takin an inzàl a,

A hnuk a hung char charin,

Khaw lai am a um ta a? (Delhi Version)

a ti chu ka naah a hung inri vang vang a.

A nih, mihriem chu ieng anga var le hmel thraa siem khom ni sien, a tar vuoi hnung chun intuoi thar thei a ni ta naw a, thing anga inder thar thei a ni bok nawh. Voisuna an hming khoma ko phal loa ‘Biengno’ tia ei ko, hmel inno chik chekhai khom hi an vul lai ni a liem a, tar kawngkawi an hung ni pha chun mi hnoksak hung inchang an ta, tu ngaisak hlaw loin kil khatah thing bong angin intung an ta, ui khomin liek tinah, ar khomin chuk tinah en ta naw ni hai. Chu huna chun tho le thokang chauh naw chu bawmtu ding nei ta naw ni hai. Mihriem hi ei hlu hlea chu iemani kong zawnga chu thing khom ei lo tluk zo teu teu naw a nih.

Zo bawmthu thing tin vul mawi,

Chuoiin lo tril sienla khom,

Kumpui sul lam ang herin,

Vul nawk rêl, lunghnem par di’n;

Sakhmel chul hnung thar rêl a mawi si nawh.

Hringnun khawvel hi ka ngaituo zui pei chun sir tinah a lo hang inkhawvelzie le Hmar tronga ‘khawvel’ tia an lo phuok hi a lo hang indikzie ka zuk hriet chieng zuol a. Chu thu chu a hla kharna chàngah hmangin, zawna pali le a donna pakhat thuin ka suktawp tah a nih:

A hi maw sakhming ‘khawvel’,

Par ang truoina rûn thim chu,

Leido chûn ang trapna rûn,

Luoithli tui ang tling khawmna?

Ar ang vai zaleng nau lawina a nih.

Hi hla hi thu mal tin poetic license hmanga indên taka beng muka siem a ni leiin thu threnkhat hi a umzie hril fie naw chun hang hriet fie el thei chi a ni nawh. Chu laia pakhat chu ‘Leido chûn ang trapna rûn” ti hi a nih. Raldo (leido) dinga a pasal a nauhaiin an fesan, inrieng taka makhat chaua in nghak nuin, damin am thiin an hung kir ding ti lungril inrim taka ngaituoa a trap tlok tlok ang leh hringnun khawvel hi ka tekhi a nih. Chuong ang deu hrilna chu ei hla hluia khom

Muvanlai trap rieng rieu a, thangvan zawlah,

Leido nu trap rieng rieu a, laikhum chungah;

I hrai ar ang a’n lawi ding lo ring naw rawh,

Siething lêrah huiva ang ka’n chuona tah

ti a um kha tie! Hi hla thu hi hre zingin ‘leido chûn ang trapna rûn’ ti hi ka hmang khom a ni el thei. Hi hla hin ei khawvel hlui ngirhmun a phok chieng khop el. A thu umzie chu: “Van zawlah inrieng taka mu a kiu angin, raldoa fe a naupa chu sûnin a nu chu inrieng takin khum chungah a trap a. Ar anga i nau a hung inlawi ring naw rawh, thing lera vahui a fûk angin i naupa lu chu kan târ dèr an tah” tina a nih. Chu khawvel rawng tak chu a nih ‘leido chûn ang trapna rûn” ka ti chu.

Hi ka hla phuok ei bi lai hi Mizorama hla sak thiem iemani zatin kaset-a khum an nuom leiin Mizo-Lusei tronga inlet ding le khum phalna pe dingin an mi hni ta a. Ka donna rop chu, ka phal ka phal naw thu nekin, “Hmar tronga a umzie ang takin inlet suok thei ni kher naw nih” ti a nih. Entirnan, a thupuia hmang ‘Sakhming khawvel’ ti hi a ni phot a. Lusei trongin inlet inla, hla trongkam hmangin, “Sakhming khuavel” ti ning a ta, sienkhom Hmar tronga hi hlaa khawvel ka’n kawktir umzie le Lusei tronga ‘khuavel’ chu a umzie sun le zan angin a danglam a nih. Hmar trongin, “Ei khawvel hi chu a’n khawvel a nih” ka ti chun a trong hmanghai chun a umzie an hriet vong ka ring. Amiruokchu Lusei trongin, “Kan khawvel hi a khuavel a ni” ti lang, mi makti le nuizat hlawng ka tih. Ei khawvel hi a lo inkhawvel hrim a nih.

(September 12, 2007 Delhi)

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