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Time seems to pass like the wind blows past the ears. It was just like yesterday that INPUI.COM went online. The website started at a time when most Hmar websites were going down has become an important source of information for many. Besides organizing the first "Hmar Chatters Advance Christmas" last December, Inpui.com continues to be a platform for diverse opinions. 
In the last 365 days, Inpui.com team members tried several techniques to make readers participate on burning issues by opening up their feelings. As a result we now have people talking up openly outside Hmar Yahoo Group. It is a small beginning yet an important landmark.

As we celebrate the 2nd Anniversary of Inpui.com, sincere thanks go out again to all the writers, commentators, patrons and to the web experts who helped shaped this website. 

Please feel free to take a more pro-active approach by discussing the issues and views expressed by the writers.This would be one of the most valuable gifts you can present to Inpui.com.

Ram le hnam tadingin,
Inpui.com Team

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