Halloween party ideas 2015

MHWA Thuoitu dinga thlangthar hai Pi Dr. Laldaikim in a trongtrai pek. Chairman: Darzakhum Songate

Vice Chairman: Joseph Joute

Secretary: Marc Lalrohlan Thiek

Asst. Secretary: Jacob Shakum

Finance Secretary: Simeon Zote

Treasurer: Zarzokim Songate

Information Secretary: James Daihmingthang Pudaite

Games and Sports Secretary: Reuben Khawbung

Asst. Games & Sports Secretary: Sienglienkhawl Joute

Social and Cultural Secretary: Elizabeth Khawbung

Asst. Social and Cultural Secretary: Jenny Hrangneimawi

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  1. Can i have the exact number of Hmar people in Mumbai and Pune. I would be very very happy.

  2. Mumbai chu nikum chena khan chu mi 200 vel kan nih.


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