Halloween party ideas 2015

Fimate's Campaign The political heat in Ruonglevaisuo (Tipaimukh) constituency has become hotter each passing day with “voluntary workers” of the prospective candidates for the 2012 Manipur Assembly polls trying to lure the masses to their respective camps.

The possible candidates for Ruonglevaisuo constituency, so far, are:-

1. Pu Ngursanglur Sanate  

2. Pu Dr Chaltonlien Amaw

3. Pu Dr L Fimate

4. Pu Selkai Hrangchal

Here’s one of the leaflets circulated by Pu Dr L Fimate’s “volunteers” in Ruonglevaisuo (Tipaimukh). Some villagers in Ruonglevaisuo(Tipaimukh) and Hmarkhawpui (Sipuikawn) said they were “very happy” and “proud” to keep/paste these leaflets on their doors and thatched walls.

Meanwhile, Pu Chaltonlien and Pu Ngursanglur are making their presence felt by engaging their contractors to widen the roads to Tuolbung and Maulien villages respectively.

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  1. Chalton Amo lampui nawr a lien lem a. A tha lem. Sanglur rawi hai ve chun lampui chitek an nawr loi loi

  2. Tukhawma Hmarram an hmangai tak tak nawh. Hmangai hai sienla chu sin an nei lai khan vak vai pui leh vak vai pui tawp el hai sien la ni ding. Tu phinga hienga ram e, hnam e ka hmangai an ti tawl a. ui ek liek el raw hai seh!!!!!


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