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In neitu By Lalmalsawm Sungte

Four houses in Tuisuolien village under Tipaimukh sub-division of Churachandpur district in Manipur were completely gutted by fire at around 10.30 AM on Tuesday (March 1), reports reaching here said.

In addition to these, six houses were partially burnt in this remote village of Manipur.

There was, fortunately, no casualty or injury to anyone.

“The exact cause of the fire is not known, but it is believed to be the carelessness of some children who were playing with fire,” villagers said.

On Wednesday, the entire village and people from other villages came together to lend a helping hand to the affected people.

“Temporary shelters have been built for the four families. But with the monsoon season closing in, they are worried about their safety and other things as everything has been destroyed in the fire,” NEICICDS chairman Zarzosang Varte said.

The four families whose houses were reduced to ashes are:

1. Mr. Lalnghaklien family (seven members)
2. Upa Vanlalruoi family (seven member)
3. Mr. Laldawmlien family (six members)
4. Mr. Lalrolien family (12 members)

The partially affected families are: Mr. Darrolut (seven members), Mr. Lalmankung seven members), Pro-Pastor Laldinglien, Mr. Lalhminglien( five members), Mr. Lalthlanglien (six members), Mr. Zawlsum (eight members).

No official assistance

“So, far there has been no official word from the district and state authorities on relief for the affected people who are in need of all possible help,” Mr. Varte said.

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