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Hmar_Mizo_Union_movement The Hmar Mizo community in the present state of Manipur and Mizoram were one of the strongest supporters of the Mizo Union movement during 1946-1951. People in Hmar Hills (present Sinlung Hills Area in Mizoram and Tipaimukh Sub Division of Manipur) even rejected a Hmar Regional Council offered by Manipur premier PB Singh so that they can be a part of the greater Mizo dream for a separate homeland.

However, despite their active participation, the Hmars were divided and separated by Tuiruong and Tuivai rivers from their Hmar and other Mizo brethrens after the peace accord. This movie looks at the historical background of the Hmars struggle for identity. It is Produced by Parbung val upa Pu Lalhmunsang Khobung. Here's a promo video:-

Video courtesy: Virthli

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  1. A ropui nasa! Mi hai siem anga sawiselna ding bo le mawi ni naw sienkhawm, ei hnam tading chun a hlu in a ropui a nih. Inchawka en ve ngei chi a nih. A story hin thu tamtak a hril a nih.

  2. Parbung hai ma ma lawm a um khawpel...ei tienami ei in san ta hnung hih hung kei tho nawk ngei sien hnam ah har tharna hung intlun sien nuom a va um de! tha tharin kawng dang dang ah hma la nasa nawk zuolin ei hnam hih in ngirthar nawk ei tiu...

  3. lwm aum Hmar ta ding thag la nwk zuol ei tiu.


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