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A Hmar lady in traditional attire. Rengkai, April 24: New office bearers for the Hmar Art and Culture Society 2011-13 were elected during the general body meeting held at Sielmat Community Hall on April 23.
Pu F. Doliensang presided as Election officer with the help of  Hmar Women Association member Pi Chawngtuozing, Secretary, and Pi Elizabeth , Member, HWA.
1. Upa Dr. Rosiem Pudaite
2. Miss May Rose
3. Mr. Zosanghlei Joute
4. Mr. R. Tawna Khawbung
5. Mr. S.N. Ngurte
6.Mr. K. Lienzathang
7. Mr. Timothy Z. Zote
8. Dr. L. Fimate
9. Mr. Thangsawihmang
10.Mr. Darneilal
11.Mr. Laltuoklien Hrangate.
Pu R. Tawna Khawbung will be the convenor of the body.

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