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Manmasi National Christian Army Flag

The year 2009 witnessed the rise of a “fundamentalist” Hmar-based Christian organization called the Manmasi National Christian Army. The controversial group was started by Mr. Lalhmathuoi of Lungthulien village in Churachandpur district of Manipur.

The group was even branded a “militant organization” by some media houses after its members, along with Mr. Lalhmathuoi, were arrested by the Assam Police in connection with allegedly intimidating a Hindu priest at Bhuvan Pahar (Khawbawn Tlang).

AssamTimes said:

The Bhuvan Pahar, one of the most holy places in Barak valley of Assam has come under the threat of miscreants for last two months... Gun totting members of a newly formed militant organization, namely, Manmasi  National Christian Army (MNCA), comprising about fifteen rebels, has been forcing the Hindu residents of Bhuvan Pahar, under the threat of gun to convert to Christianity.

This came to the notice of Sonai police station, which along with the 5th Assam Rifles, conducted a search operation, which led to the arrest of 13 miscreants, including their commander-in-chief. Two SBBL guns and a country made pistol along with sufficient quantity of ammunition were seized from their possession. All the miscreants were handed over to Sonai police for further investigation.

These groups of miscreants dressed in black with a red cross on their back along with arms enter from Tipaimukh area through Barak River by boat and mount over Bhuvan Pahar. They threaten and ask the Hindu people of Tezpur village, including the priest of the Hindu temple to convert into Christianity.

This report, however, proved to be half-truth after the police found out that Mr. Lalhmathuoi and his followers were in fact “some missionaries” with a militant zeal trying to “forcefully” convert people to Christianity.

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