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By Pu Ramthienghlim Varte*

“I thatlaini le vanglainihai chun nangma siemtu che chuh hre zing la..”

Thalai Day hi ni dang ei inser angin a hun bi inangin khawvelin a hmangve naw a hawi a, eini khawmin ei hmang ni hih an ang vawng naw nisien a hawi. Chubakah, Kohran pawl a hmangnaw khawm ei um nuolin an lang a, Thalai Day chanchin a tawi thei ang takin ka hung ziek.

kum 1976, June 16 khan South Africa khawpui Johannesburg simtieng pang Orlando West SOWETO (South Western Township) an ti hmun a hin hnam inthlierhrangna (Apartheid) le kum 1956 laia South Aferica sawrkar laipuiin an ram School Curriculum ah Afrikaans hmang dinga Bantu Education Act alothalai day_youth_day passed an ditnaw leiin students mi 15,000 neka tamin an ditnawzie entirna dingin lam hrawna (Protest) an nei a. Sawrkar venghimtu pawl (Police) hai leh an inbei ta chiem el a, dodaltu student an hrat a, an huoisen si leiin Policehai chun lamhraw pawlhai tieng an silai chawi an hmet puok el ta a. Hi tum hin students mi 600-700 bawr velin an hringna an chan a, mi sangkhat bawr vel an hliem bawk. Student singtel chuh ramdangah an tlanhmang bawk a nih. Chuleiin, hi ni hih South Africa rama chuh ursun takin THALAI DAY tiin an inser.

African National Congress (ANC) a hung hrat a, Pu Nelson Mandela President a hung ni khan hi ni hih ni pawimaw a nih ti’n THALAIHAI NI tiin National Holiday dingin kum 1994 khan ANC sawrkar chun a puong a, a namdet nghal ta a nih.

Roman Catholic Kohran hai chun a hun bik um chuong loin a tul angin an hmang ve a. Kum 1985 khan Pope John Paul II chun WYD (World Youth Day) tiin Diocesan (D/S annawleh PO biel sung tina ang ning a tih) kumtinin a hmang pui a, khawvel pumhuop R.C. a ding ruok chun kum 2/3 hnungah a hmangna hmun ding ruotin a hmangpui pei hlak. Kum 1985 khan Vatican City, Rome ah a hmang a, Thalai nuoi thum neka tam an fe khawm a, thupui tha tak tak siemin an hung thaw pei a, Holy Mass a um hlak bawk. Kum 2008, July 20 khan Australia khawpui Sydney WYD08 an hmang tum lem chun Pope John Paul II thlaktu, Pope Benedick XVI khawm thangin fekhawmhai po po Holy Mass a nei pui nghe nghe a, a ropui hle. Maktaduoi li (4) neka tam an fekhawm a, Australia rama Thalai fekhawm tam tak a record a nih. Hi tuma an thupui (Theme) chuh – Receive The Power – ti a nih. Australia puotieng Vatican City-ah kum 2000 a WYD00 a chun Thalai Maktaduoi hni (2) neka tam an fe khawm nawk a. Tukum hin Madrid, Spain-ah August thla khin WYD11 a ve thung ding a nih.

Swami Vivekananda piengchampha 12 June, 1984 hi India rama chuh Thalai Day-in a hmang ve thung. Kum 1985 khan India sawrkar-in National Youth Day tiin alo puong ve tah nghe nghe a nih. Hi ni hin Thalaihai insukhlimin hieng – recitation, musics, convention, essay writing, sports, social work le inruolsiekna hrang hranghai an nei ve hlak. Chubaka, Hospital-a mirethei thangpui ngaihai an thangpui a, thisen pek tulhai chen an pek hlak.

Leh, eini khawm May 29, 2011 hi THALAI DAY-a ei hmang ve hun ding a ni a, ei umna le Kohran rorelna le inmila ei hmang ding chuh ni ve el a tih. Pathienin thalaihai hi a rawngbawltu dingin a dit a, setan khawmin a hmang nuom ngawi ngawihai an nih. Chuleiin, hi ni hi hmang tangkai seng inla nuom a um. Thalai Day hmangtuhai po po Lalpa malsawmna chang dingin ditsakna kan hlan.

*Pu Varte, Shillong, is a regular contributor to Inpui.com.

Kum tina May 16 hi Hmar mi hnam ta dinga hringna lo chan tahai popo, tulai hnai ela mihai khelah, tiena inthawka hnam ta dinga hringna lo chanhai hrietzingna dingin Hmar Martyr’s Day tia inbuk, tuta May 16, 2011 (thawtanni) hin HYA Shillong Jt. Hqrs. huoihawtna hnuoiah hunser hmang dingin buotsai a ni a.

A hmun ding chu Evangelical Center ning a ta, zing dar 7:00-8:00 a.m. sung hunser hi hmang a ni ding a nih.

Hi le inzawm hin Hmar In tinah Hmar Puon tar dawk seng dingin ei inhriettir a. Hi hunser hmangna a hin Silent Prayer neiin, thuhril tawi H.S.A. Jt. Hqrs., Val Upa le HYA Branch haia inthawk khawmin a nuomhai ta dingin thuhrilna hun ei pek bawk ding a nih. Hi hun le hmuna hin ngaipawi taka thang ngei dingin ei infiel seng a nih. Light Refreshment um a tih.

Issued by,

Secretary, Information & Publicity

Hmar Youth Association, Shillong Jt. Hqrs.

Courtesy:- virthli.com


By Samuel L Songate

The word SIN in Greek is Hamartia which literally means ‘to miss the mark’ as in an archer missing his target. Therefore Sin in simple words means failing to meet God’s standard. Sin is the essence of the Devil or Satan whose original name was Lucifer which means ‘son of the dawn’ or ‘bringer of light’.

Now Lucifer was a very self-centered person. He wanted to raise himself above his creator - God. Interestingly enough, the letter ‘I’ which denotes ‘self’ is at the center of LUC-I-FER and his fundamental nature S-I-N and PR-I-DE.

The first man and woman Adam and Eve were created in the image and likeness of God. The Bible says God saw all that he had made and it was very good. This means that there was something in man that met God’s standard, that which pleased God.

However when the first man and woman yielded to Satan’s deception they contracted the deadly disease – SIN. As a result, Sin infected man could no longer please God thereby missing the mark all the time. The Bible describes this catastrophe like this, “for all have sinned and fall short of the glory of God” (Romans 3:23). What a tragedy!

Now the bad news is that the three letter word ‘all’ in the above verse includes each and every individual including you and me. And sinful deeds like murder, hate, jealousy, drunkenness, theft, corruption, rape, lust, fornication and all sorts of immoralities are only the symptoms of the deadly disease – Sin. It’s just that these symptoms are obvious in some while they are hardly visible in others.

And the worst thing is that the wages or result of Sin is DEATH. The very fact that not a single person out of more than 7 billion people on this earth is found to be immortal proves that there is none who did not sin. And what matters more is the spiritual death rather than the physical death caused by Sin as the spirit is eternal while the physical is temporal.

However, God whose essence is Love decided to pay the penalty of man’s sin by sending his one and only son Jesus Christ to bore our sins and die at the Cross. John the Baptist had rightly said when he saw Jesus, “Look, the lamb of God, who takes away the sin of the world!” (John 1:29). The Cross was meant for you and me but Christ took our place and died on our behalf. Now that someone had died for your sins, you don’t have to die anymore.

Now how do you respond when somebody offer you a gift? You either accept or reject the gift. The fact is that Christ had purchased eternal life for you with his own blood (remember blood is life) and offer you his resurrected life that is capable of pleasing God, that never miss the mark.

It’s up to you to accept or reject that offer. Your decision is going to decide your destiny in eternity. Accepting means to die to Sin and all the sinful pleasures and start living for God who have planned you long before you exist and formed you in your mother’s womb. Remember this new life that Jesus offered you will never miss the mark!

By Mumung

 Mothers Day Cards 1 "When Jesus saw his mother there, and the disciple whom He loved standing nearby, He said to His mother, `Dear woman, here is your son,' and to the disciple, `Here is your mother'" (John 19: 26-27 NIV).

When Jesus Christ was crucified, many people came to witness the incident. The women that had been with Jesus Christ since the time He was in Galilee also were there. They stood by the cross. Among them was His mother. When He saw her and the disciple He had loved, He made this declaration, "Dear woman, here is your son …Here is your mother." The declaration is an expression of concern for the care of Jesus' parent, even on the cross. The fact that Jesus referred to his mother as "woman" and not "mother" has made some of His critics to accuse Him of disrespecting His mother. However, the expression was common in His time and it was never regarded as a sign of disrespect. His regard for His mother made Him to hand her over to one of His trusted disciples for proper caring. He wanted her to see the disciple as her son and the disciple to see her as his mother, and thereby take good care of her. The disciple understood Him and immediately took her to his own home.

The implication of this declaration is that children should take good care of their parents, even when it is difficult for them to do so. Jesus Christ had earlier condemned the act of neglecting one's parents in the course of serving God (see Matthew 15:4-6; Mark 7:10-13). The fifth commandment had enjoined commitment to parents as a religious duty (Exodus 20:12; Deuteronomy 5:16). For a child not to take good care of his/her parents especially when they are old is a sin.

Jesus Christ took care of His parent in His dying moment. Are you taking good care of your parents? Will they be able to pray for and bless you at the point of their death because of your care?

As some parts of the world celebrate the Mother’s Day this weekend, make it a point of duty to take care of, not only your mother, but your both parents. If they are no more, look for people that you can care for in honor of your departed parents. Happy Mother’s Day!


Believe it or not….it is true according to researchers at the Kajimoto Laboratory, University of Electro-Communications, Japan. They have created a device which consists of a hardware receptacle which is placed into the mouth, and software that remembers the movements of your tongue and sends them to the other connected device, which moves accordingly.

"This device is for communications within the mouth, in other words, the goal is to obtain the feeling of kissing,” the researchers video demonstrator said.

The kissing feeling is achieved only by motor rotations, and you control the rotation positions via PC. It is called a bilateral control, and the turn angle information is sent reciprocally by both devices to maintain the same position. Right now the values are handled by one PC, but if a system is put together to handle the values over a network, then it would be easy for this operation to be conducted remotely.


memorial By Timothy Z. Zote

(An chanchintawi )

Pu J. Kailova leh Pi Lalzopuii te nupa hi hretu tam hle ma ila, a la hre lo pawh tam tak kan awm a rinawm. Hriat awlsam theihnan chuan Pu J.C. Ramthanga, IAS, tuna Commissioner, (MOBC,MI,DE) Govt. of Manipur hna chelh mektu tun hma lawka Mizoram Sawrkarin Deputation a kum 5 lai lo awm tawh nu leh a pa an ni a, chuh loh pawh Pu P. L. Thanga, IAS, Retd, tuna Member Secretary State Planning Board Govt. of Mizoram hna chelh lai mek puzawn te nupa an ni.

Pu J. Kailova hi a pu chu Neihlura a ni a, chi leh kuang ah Hmar Zote(Joute) Chawnghau a ni a. Amah J. Kailova chauh lo, a pi a pu te atangin mi vantlang chung deua awm niin an chanchin chhuitu te chuan an ziak a, Sailo Lal leh pawih lo intihthiam loh lai pawh khan a pute leh a thlatu te chu mi tangkai leh chanvo pawimawh tak tak lo chelh pha tawh leh rawn kai an lo ni bawk. Remna dawhkan lo kil pha an lo ni nghe nghe. Famlam thlenga remna hna thawk pha an lo ni tawh bawk a.Tin, Neilura hi Vuta thlah Zataia leh Kairuma te khua leh tui , pa anga vengkhat hotu leh roreltu an lo ni bawk. Fa pathum a nei a, a fa te chu 1. Sutliana, 2. Rochawngpuii leh Ngulchawngmanga te an ni. Hman lai atangin inchhung khawsaknaah pawh mi intodelh tak chu an ni ngei ang, Neilura hian silai pahnih a nei a. kum 1871 vailen laiin an silai pakhat chu surrender ( pelut) a , pakhat erawhchu khanchhukah dapin a tel a, Lal phalnain an thukru a. A fa naupang ber Ngulchawngmanga chu Kum1888 khan Sialhawkah a piang a, Neihlura te chhung hi buh leh bal leh ran vulh lamah hmuingil tak an ni. An thei ang angin tanpui ngai te tanpui hi an chhungkaw hna leh rilrua an put reng te zinga pakhat chu a ni awm e. Hengang rilru an neih vang hi a ni ngei ang fahrah leh tanpui ngai zual bik mi pahnih pathum hi chu an awm deuh reng thin bawk a ni. Khawvel khawsakna leh inrelbawl dan a zirin hmun danga pem an rilruk ta deuh niin a lang a. Tichuan kum 1901 khan Hrangchhuana’n Neihlura hnenah a khua a pem a. Vuta thlahte hnena a chanvo ang chiah a pek a tiam a. Chungchuan Hmawngzawlah Lal Hrangchhuana an bel ta a. Kum 1907 khan Kanghmunah a kai a, kum 7 hnuah Ngopa bul Chawra hnunah an kai leh a. Kum 77 mi niin Neihlura chuan he khawvel hi a lo chhuahsan ta a ni.

Ngulchawngmanga leh a chhungteh chu kum 1921 ah Khawdungsei kai turin Khuanglung, Kawnpuiah an inbawk a. Kum 1922 ah tuna Khawdungsei (NE Khawdungsei) hmunah an kai ta a ni. Lal Hrangchhuana’n Ngulchawngmanga hnenah in 70 hova Chiahpuiah khawthar va sa turin leh rorelna leh sa chhiah va chang turin an ti a. Kum 1924 ah Chiahpui an zuan a. Kum 1926 khan lal fapa Lalzidinga’n a va thut a. Kum 1933 ah Lalzedinga’n Ngopa a zuan leh a. Ngulchawngmanga pawh chu vengkhat hotu bawkin khawdungseiah a lut leh ta a. Ngulchawngmanga hian nupuiah Vanlalnghaki a nei a. Fa pali a nei a. 1. Tlangkhama, 2. lalnghinglova, 3 J. Kailova leh 4. Thanghleia te an ni.

Pu J. Kailova Nupui Lalzopuii hi March 25th, 1932 khan Ngopa, Mizoramah a lo piang a. A nu a hrisel loh avangin a u Kailiani’n a buchip lai chuan nu chan changin a awm a, a u mipa te pawhin an duat em em a. A nu duat taka lo enkawltu chuan hun lo takin April 5, 1936 ah kum 38 mi niin a fanau te chu he khawvel danin a lo kal san ta a, nuberin in thihsan hma hle mahse a unau mipa pathum te c huan an tuammawi hle thin.

Thlahtu chanchintawi : Pi Lalzopuii pu chu Dengphunga a ni a, a nupui chu Thangtinchhuahi a ni. Liannghawr Pachuau an ni a. Fa panga an nei a.1. Saihuma 2. Lalchhama 3. Kawngsena, Rochhungi, leh Rothangi te an ni. An fapa Lalchhama hi Chemsini ( Sinnawii) , Tlau vantawl hnam nen an innei a. Mi zaidam tak a nih avangin,” Mi zaidam Lalchhama” tia sawi a ni thin a, fa panga an nei a. 1. Kailiani 2. Halruama 3. Lalthanga 4. Thansanga leh Lalzopuii te an ni. Tlai khawhnuin Liansailovi a rawn piang leh a, amah nen hian unau paruk an ni ta a ni.

J. Kailova hi Chiahpui, Mizoram ah 23 April, 1925 khan he khawvel eng rawn hmu turin a rawn piang chhuak a. Kum 1933 khan Chiahpui khua chu tindarsanin a awm a. Chu ve leh a pa te lo awm tawhna mel 3 chauha hla Khawdungsei khuaah awmhmun khuarin an awm ta a. Kum 1935 a rawn nih chuan Zawlbuk thingnawi a fawm ve tan thei ta a, kum 1937 thleng thingnawi a fawm ve a ni. Kum 1937 ah Lower Primary class 3 a zir zova. Kum 1938 atangin scout ah tangin a thiante nen necktie sen an suih ve tan a, hlim takin an lam thin a, tlawmngaihna rawngbawl hna tinreng an thawk thin.

Ni 23 may 1942 khan Asame (Asom) Regiment ah atang a. kum 1944 November thlaah Batmanela, Mysore state ah te tangin chhuti (Chawlh) ni 46 a la a, Mizoramah a haw chho va A nu leh a pain an lo lawm entirna’n vawk sum 6 leh kel chal an lo talh nghe nghe a ni. Ni 27 March 1945 ah a nu Vanlalnghaki’n a thihsan ta hlauh mai. August 1946 in L/Nk ah a kaisang. October 1946 khan Shillong atangin chhuti (Chawlh) ni 46 chhung a la leh a, Khawdungseiah ni 28 a zuk cham a. A pain vawk sum 7 leh kelpa a talh sak leh. December 1947 ah Sipai atangin ban a dil a, an hotuten “ exemplary” pein an “ release” ta a ni. October 1948 atangin march 1949 thlengin Tipaimukh ah dawr a siam.

Pu J. Kailova hian unau a nei te zinga upa ber chu Thangkhama a ni a, a ni hi Rengkaiah a khawsa a. A nupui chu Aibawihi a ni a. Fa 3 an nei a. An hming te chu Sangluaii, Biakthangi , leh Rualneikhuma te an ni . Thangkhama Kum 1957 khan Jorhat Hospital ah a boral. Rengkaiah inpui a nei a, tun thlengin a nupui Aibawihi’n a la awmchilh. An fate chu Aizawl lamah an khawsa thung.

A unau dang, Pu Lalnghinglova hi Rengkai M.E School ah Headmaster hna a thawk thin a. Fanu pakhat Zozamliani a nei a. Kum 1947 November thlaah Rengkai khuah a boral.

A unau dang leh, Thanghleia hi a unau zingah naupang ber a ni a, Kum 1949 khan vanduaithlak takin nupui neih hmain a Tlawngluihah accident-in a boral..

Inneih hnu:

Pu J. Kailova chu Tlangval fel tak leh invawng tha tak a ni a, khawvel nunphung angin Date 23 April, 1949 chuan ( Nilaini chuan) Ngopa Presbyterian Biak Inah Pastor Siamhnuna kuta nupa tuak ni turin an lo intiam ta a ni. Ti chuan khawsakna ngaihtuah vangin Aizawl leh Tipaimukh lam ah dawr siamin hun eng emaw chen chu an ti kual a. Pathian zar leh taimakna, tumruhna leh dikna a vang te a ni ang chu, a thiltihna apiangah a rawn tluang chho ta zel a, Zoram khawpui ber Aizawl dawttu leh Zofa te zirchhuahna hmunpui pakhat Tuithaphai, Churachandpur Phairuamah Dawr siamin, dawrthawmhnaw te, Culcutta, Rangoon leh hmun dang dangah la thinin sumdawnna lamah pawh a lo bei nasa hle thin.

Khawtlang leh Civil society hmun hrang hrangah pawh nihna sang tak tak a lo chelh tawh bawk. A then a zar: Ex. Service, Hmar Trade Company, Lamka Thlanmual Committee Group YMA, Manipur, HYA Tuithaphai Block, Zote Welfare Society, New bazaar committee, Presbyterian Synod, Manipur ah te nihna pawimawh tak tak lo chelh tawh leh dik taka sum lam( treasurer) hna pawh lo thawk tawh thin a ni bawk. Heng bakah hian Kohhran a lawina ah pawh mi tangkai leh thawhlawm khawn nikhuah pawh pathian tana inphal tak a nihna hian mi hriat a hlawh phah em em. Mithi ral leh tanpui ngai a hriat chu theih tawka tanpui zel thin a ni a. Inchhung invawng felna te hi a tui a, zirna leh tumruhna a tul zia hi a tu a fa te a fuihna lian ber leh hlawhtlinna kalbi pawimawh tak a nih ziah a sawi thin. Inkhawm ni khuahah dar rik hun vela thleng hman thin a ni a. Kohhran inkhawm leh Kohhran programme reng reng a ngaipawimawh hle thin. Heng lai reng hian an nu Lalzopuii pawh hi nu fel tak leh a pasal theih ang anga thlawptlat thin a ni a, fate enkawl dan chungchangah leh midang deu an awmpui leh enkawl chungchangah pawh thiam tak leh duat taka hmangaihna thuk tak nei chung renga enkawl thin mi a ni a. Nupa inthurual tak leh inmil tak an ni a.Tawngtaina hi Pi Lalzopuii hian a taimaa, naupang school kal dawn ah te hian buaina a awm viau loh chuan tawngtainain a thlah thin.

Pu J. Kailova leh Pi Lalzopuii te nupa chu an hun tam zawk chu Tuithaphai, Churachandpur phairuamah an hmang ta a. An inneih Silver Jubilee pawh Synod Hall ah April 23, 1974 khan ropui takin an hmang tawh a ni. He mi ni hian Pathian ropui na’n 1.Synod Mission board , Mizoram Synod( India Ramthar rawngbawlna atan) Rs. 10,000/- an hlan a, 2. Executive Secretary , Tuithaphai Presbytery (Manipur rama ramthar rawngbawlna atan) Rs. 10,000/- an hlan bawk 3. Bible Society of India, Churachandpur Branch Rs. 5000/- an hlan bawk a ni. Heng thil pawh hi an nupa hian an nei reng vanga tih chu an ni kher lo ang, Pathian tan leh a ram tana an theih tawk an tih lan ve a nih a rinawm bawk.

Khawvel tung chhukchhoah lo khawsa chho zelin fa duh awm tak leh fel tak tak Pathian zarah an rawn neih chho ta zel a. he khawvel an chhuahsan hma atang khan fate chungah rilru hahdam takin an lo hmang tawh a ni. Mi tam chuan malsawmna an dawng nasa hle a ni, an ti thin fa eng emaw zat an nei a, tunlai khawvelah ruihthei thil in mi tam tak a tih buai lain an ni zawng buaipui ngai awm an awm hriat a ni lova fak an hlawh hle a ni.

Pu J. Kailova leh Lalzopuii te karah hian fa duh awm tak tak 8 an hring a, chung te chu:

1. Pi Laizovi Pu Hrangthanseia nen inneiin, vanduaithlak takin 1992 khan,Tuithaphai Kawnpuiah fa nei hman lovin a boral.

2. Zomzamliani hi Aikima nen inneiin fapa pakhat leh fanu pathum neiin tunahah Tuithaphai, Lamka, Appolo Vengah chhungkuain an khawsa mek.

3. J.C. Zomawia hi zirna lamah BA final thleng zirin, P.C. Lianhmingthanga (P.L.Thanga)IAS, Retd. ( Adviser, Planning, Govt. Mizoram till) nen 11 January 1972 khan an innei a. Fapa 3 leh fanu pahnih an nei a, Chaltlang Aizawlah an chhungkuain an in ngeiah an khawsa a ni.

4. J.C. Zothantluangi hi Zirna lamah Matriculate thleng a zir hman a, Jamse Lalcha Vaiphei nen 29 May, 1968 khan nupa tuak ni turin an lo inneih a, fapa pali leh fanu pahnih neiin tunah Aizawl Bawngkawnah an chhungkuain an khawsa mek a ni.

5. J.C. Zohmingthangi zirna lamah chuan Matriculate thleng a zir hman a, Industries Department ah UDC thawk mek a ni a. R. C. Daniel nen 19th September 1981 khan inneiin fapa pakhat leh fanu pakhat neiin tunah lamphelpat, Imphalah an khawsa mek a ni.

6. J.C. Zoliankunga (L) Zirna lamah BA a zo a, DIC churachandpur ah Inspector (handicraft) thawkin 12 October, 1981 khan Lalrothangpuii nen inneiin Kum 2002 , September 6, khan hrawk cancer-in a lo boral tawh a. Fapa pahnih leh fanu pakhat an nei hman.

7. J.C. Ramthanga,IAS, Commissioner,(MOBC/MI), Govt. of Manipur ni mek hi zirna lamah chuan NEHU, Shillongah MA a zawh hnuin Civil Serice examination ah hna pathum a hmu a, Armed Forces Headquarters Civil Service, Indian Police Service (IPS) leh Indian Administrative Service (IAS) kum 1989 khan a hmu hlawm a, Manipur - Tripura cadre pek a nih angin lain, Tunah a nupui Jakie Ramthangsangi nen fapa pakhat leh fanu pathum neiin Imphal Lamphel, Qrt No. 3,Type VII(NC) ah chhungkawhlim tak niin an khawsa mek

8. J.C. Lalsangzuala hi zirna lamah chuan JNU, Delhi-ah MA a zo a, tunah Jawaharlal Novadaya Vidyalaya(JNV) ah Principal hna thawk lai a ni. September 12, 1992 khan Irene Lalringzuali nen inneiin fanu pahnih leh fapa pakhat neiin Thenzawl JNV Quarterah an cheng mek a ni.

9. J.C. Manglianthanga hi Manipur University hnuaiah MA zoin ,Rural Labour Inspector hna a thawk mek. 12, December 1986 khan Laldawngliani nen inneiin fanu 5 leh fapa pakhat neiin tunah Phunchawngi Nu Road, Churachandpurah an khawsa mek a ni.

10. J.C. Zomuanthanga hi zirna lamah chuan JNU ah MA leh M.Phil a zo a. Aizawl Theological College-ah BD zoin tunah Mizoram University hnuaiah Asst. Professor(Political Department)-ah hna a thawk mek a. Lachhanhim nen 5 May, 2005 khan inneiin tunah hian fapa pakhat leh fanu pakhat neiin Aizawlah an chhungkuain an khawsa mek a ni.

J. Kailova leh Lalzopuii Hriatrengna Lungphun Programme

An fa ten nasa taka an buaipui hnu leh ngaihtuahna thui tak nei an hneih hnuin Lungphun hawnna chu Tuithaphai, Churachandpur, Lamka Synod Hall,I.B.Road ah ropui takin Date 28 April, 2011 khan hman a ni a. He tiang hian Programme hman a ni.

Zaihawnna 12:oo Pm atangin mipui zaia hman a ni a. Hunserh chu tlai Dar 1.00 Pm khan hman tan a ni a, He hunserh hi Rev.Vanmawia, Executive Secy. Manipur Synod chuan kaihruaiin, Bible chhiarna leh Programe chhiarna a neih zawh hnuin hunhawnna hla “ Pathian min hmangaihna a va ropui em “ KHB 38 –na chu sak a ni a. Hun kaihruaitu chuan inhmelhriattirna mipui hmaah a nei hmasa a. He hla sak zawh hian Lungphun hawnna Rev. J. F. Lalropuia, Lamka Bialtu Pastor, chuan Sam 73:23 na chhiarin lungphun hawnna chu Hallah a hman zawh chuan Pu J. Kailova leh Lalzopuii te tu leh chhungkhat leh thian tha, lainatu pangpar rawn keng te tan pangpar hlanna hun hman a ni a. He mi zawh chiah hian mipuiin an thlir leh beisei taka a hmel leh a zai ngaithla duh an tam bawk nen tiin hun vawngtu chuan Nula Zaithiam Melody Zothansangi, Aizawl, Republic Veng, chu zai tur ko niin a han zai chu Pu C. Dinthanga tawng taka “ a thlawh mawi hle mai”. Melody-in thiam taka Pathian fakna hla asak hnu hian Maj. P.C. Thansanga, Salvation Army chuan thusawina neiin hun thiam tak leh tangkai taka a hman hnu chuan. Zai lam pang bawkah lut lehin Pu Buonglienkung a ho te “ Blessed Choir” te chuan Hmar hla Pu Buonga a phuah chu an sa a, an base mawiin an er mawi hle mai, ngaihthlak a nuam hle. K.L. Liana,T.C. Zonunsanga leh K.C. vanlalruata te chu ka help deuh tihna a ni ang chu. A dawtah chuan pu Lalzuia Colney, Padma Shree pawh min itsik deuh ka ringhlelh lo chuang lo.

“ Buonglienkunga tel se zawng a va nuam leh zual dawn em,

Mahse duhaisam chauh a chang ta si”

He an zai hnu hian thusawi tawi Pu P.L. Thanga, IAS, Retd. ( Adviser, Planning, Govt. of Mizoram-in a nei a, Inchhung thu leh J. Kailova te nupain an dam laia an thil tih entawntlak tak tak tawngkain a pholang nasa hle. Ngaihthlak a nuamin fam J.Kailova te nupa khan an dam lai khan thil tha, entawntlak thil an lo va ti nasa em tih chu mipui kal khawm te rilruah a riak ngei ang tih a rinawm.

An nupain an rauthla chuan engtin tak lo ngai ang maw,

Dawn tisei thlawn an chang si”

Hemi zawh chiah hian Pu J.C. Kailova te leh Lalzopuii te kara mipaa upa ber J.C. Ramthanga,IAS, Commissioner,MOBC/MI, Govt. of Manipur chuan lawmthu leh a nu leh pa ten a thuchah an sawi teh, hun liamhnua apa leh a nu te thatna leh ngilneina, leh thlahtu te chungchang tawi fel tak a sawina neiin, a thusawi lai hian a pa nena an sulhnu a ngaihtuahna ah lo langin lungrimin thlak/hnukulh a hial a , a sawizawm duh tawh lo hial a ni.

Pu J.C.Ramthanga’n thusawina hun a hman zawh hian Nl. Zaitiam Melody Lalthansangi chu zai tura ko leh a ni a” Nundan ka lo thiam ta “ tih hla an sa chu a thiam hle mai. He hun karlakah hian thingpui semtu leh chhang semtu te chuan an lo serve reng bawk. Hun bik tak “ Souvinir” J. Kailova leh Lazopuii te hriatrengna tih chu Rev. B. Lalhnuna’n tlangzarhna a nei a, a duh zual leh pekawma ngaihte bulah a thlawna sem a ni bawk. Hun vawngtu chuan Programme ang zela kaihruaiin Rev. Lallarmawia, Executive Secretary, Tuithaphai Presbytery chu thuchah tawi sawina hun a hman zawh chuan Blessed Choir te chuan Mizo tawngin hla an sa leh a, an thiam hle mai. He mi zawh hian a duh apiang thusawina hun mi bik pahnih hun siam sak a ni a, Upa Tuolkhawhmang of Rengkai leh Pu Lalngai of Lamka ten he hun hi an rawn hmanga, thu tawi sawina hun an hmanga, J.Kailova te Nupa damlaia khawtlang leh ram leh hnam tan, Kohhran tan chiah leh kuang chanchin mipui hmaah thiam takin an sawi. He mi zawh hian Programe angin Malsawm tawngtaina Pastor, Laldongliana’n a hman zawh chuan inkhawm hunserh tih tawp a ni.

He inkhawm hun serh ah hian mipawimawh tak tak ngainatu an kal thahnem hle mai. Manipur sawrkar milian leh Khawtlanga mi pawimawh tam tak an telin mipui ngainute chuan chawhlui kilna neiin mi sang chuang dawn lain an kil nia hriat a ni.

Heng mi bik te zingah hian , Pi Sawmpuii, D.S. Poonia, Chief Secretary, Govt. of Manipur nupui, Mrs P.C. Lawmkunga, IAS, Additional Chief Secretary,Govt. of Manipur, Pu Lallungmuana ,IAS, Commissioner, IPR, Govt. of Manipur , Christopher Doungel, IPS, (IGP), Tv. B.Tlangtinkhuma,IAS,SDO, Singat Pu K.Thansang, ADC, Churachandpur,Nula Laltanpuii(Puii),MCS, SDO, Thanlon te leh Pu H.K. Zote, President, Manipur Tribal Council te, Delhi Mizo Women Chairperson te leh adangdangin he programme hi an uap.

Mizoram atangin Pu Lalrosanga, Deputy Director General, Doordarshan, Aizawl pawn he hunserh hi a rawn hmanpui ve a ni.

Pu C. Dinthanga, Editor, Lelte Weekly pawn he hunserh hi rawn hman a duh hle a, mahse hun remchan loh avangin a rawn chhim thei ta lo a, chuvangin a duhsakna thu pawh Lelte Palai kaltlangin a rawn thawn bawk a ni.

Pu J.C Ramthanga inneitu chanchangin Lelte palai leh Lelte weekly magazine publisher leh Editor C. Dinthanga chunga lawmthu a sawi a, Kohhran leh Makpa, chhungkhat lainatu , thian tha Mizoram leh hmun hrang hrang atang rawn kal khawm te he chanchinbu kaltlangin lawmthu a sawi tak zet, tin hrilh awm hrilh awm kan lo hrilh hmaih te chungah pawh hriat thiamna kan ngen nghal bawk, media dang dang bulah pawh lawmthu hmaih lovin a sawi a ni tih Lelte palai a hrilh bawk.

“A hming kan Zokaipui,

Thangthar zofa leng ten,

Nghilh maian zawng a mawi dawn nem le,

Asulhnu hring fa leng ta’n,

Dawn thiam awm tak maw!

Mahten awmkhawhar changin,

A thuvawn,a tu le nau tawnah,

Par ang vul zel se,

Chuailo par iangin,

Zuapa nunmawi nghilh lo’ng aw,

Zuapa leh Chunnu anka,

Chul mai tur an zawng,

I phal law’ng u Chunnu’

Anka mawi rialang dai ta kha,

Sakruang piallei chang mahse,

Inhrai leng ta’n zawng,

Anka mawi ni ang thar kan ti,

Rauthla leng thiam ka nuam e,

Tawn mang a iang leh mai si,”

Osama bin laden dead body (Custom) Nearly 10 years after the traumatic Sep 11, 2001 attacks on the World Trade Centre in New York and the Pentagon, the world’s most wanted terrorist leader Osama bin Laden has been killed in Pakistan.

President Obama announced that Osama bin Laden, the leader of Al Qaeda responsible for the Sept. 11 attacks, was killed in a firefight during an operation he ordered Sunday inside Pakistan, ending a 10-year manhunt for the world’s most wanted terrorist.

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