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By Stephanie, Guest Writer for Inpui.com

Just because you have a family doesn’t mean there’s any reason to stop traveling adventurously! These days, it’s easy to embark on a unique, safe, fun family adventure.

Here are five adventurous destinations fit for families and adults alike:

1. The Galapagos

Kids will love the blue-footed boobies and delight in close encounters with giant tortoises that inhabit these islands. Here, there’s the opportunity to explore wilderness, swim, a snorkel. Better yet, learning about Charles Darwin and the famous Galapagos tortoises makes this an incredibly educational family destination.

2. Egypt

Egypt allows families to travel and stay comfortably while exploring the rich cultural history and vibrant bazaars. Swimming in the Red Sea, touring the Pyramids, riding camels and cruising the Nile are just a few of the countless kid-friendly experience Egypt has to offer.

3. Tanzania (The Serengeti)

If your children are animal-lovers, then Africa and the “Big 5” can’t be missed. Tanzania is the perfect place to explore wildlife parks, enjoy a safari, and experience traditional African arts, music, and dance. With plenty of outdoor activities and unrivalled hospitality, Tanzania is the perfect family adventure.

4. Costa Rica

In Costa Rica, you and your family can relax in hot springs, explore rainforests, mingle with monkeys, and explore national parks- over 25% of Costa Rica’s land is protected! Costa Rica offers the perfect balance of relaxation, exploration, and education that is the perfect recipe for an outstanding family vacation.

5. Thailand

In Thailand your family can experience beautiful pagodas and palaces and meet the locals in hill tribe villages for memories that are real treasures. Your family can dine on noodles in Bangkok or visit bustling night bazaars. There are also plenty of beaches to lounge on where mom and dad can enjoy massages while the kids splash around in the crystal-clear ocean.

All these destinations are adventurous and family-friendly. For easy travel and guaranteed safety, it’s a good idea to book a tour and let guides lead the way and take the hassle out of planning and organizing.Try these destinations and make your next vacation an adventurous, cultural, educational journey!

You may try these tours:-

  1. · Serengeti Family Safari 
  2. · Galapagos Family Adventure
  3. · Egypt Family Adventure
  4. · Costa Rica Family Adventure
  5. · Thailand Family Adventure

About the author:- Stephanie is currently an intern at Gap Adventures, an adventure travel company that encourages you to step off the beaten path, embrace the unexpected and immerse yourself in the extraordinary.

Organized by the Hmar Christian Leader’s Forum, Churachandpur, Manipur

Time Schedule
Venue :
VET, Muolhlum, Rengkai, Churachandpur
Time: Dated 2nd July, 2011 at 10AM

10-10:30 a.m: 
Welcome & Introduction/Invocation.
Rev Ros Infimate, Chairman, HCLF

10:30-10:45 a.m:
Hmar Hnam sunga Kohran hrang hrang hai inzawmkhawmna Federal Unity um thei dan ding (with reference to Declaration No.1)
Rev Fimchawnthang

10:45011:30 a.m
Small group discussion on the above topic
Chairman & Secretary,HCLF

Nuhmei hai nina inza le Nuhmei hai suk hmasawn dan ding a lampui siem a,Women Wing indin dan ding (Declaration No.2)
Rev. Tlanghmingthang

12:00- 12:45
Round Table discussion on the above topic
Chairman & Secretary,HCLF

12:45-1:00 p.m
Hmar hnam sunga Inchukna hmasawn dan ding le Social & Culture siem\hat dan ding (Declaration No.3)
Rev Edwin Darsanglur

1-1:45 p.m
Round Table Discussion Chairman & Secretary

1:45-2:00 p.m.
Hmasawnna dinga Hmar Hnam sunga Organization dang dang hai \hangtlang dan le sinthaw tlang dan dinga hmalak tlang dan ding (Declaration No.4)
Rev. Dr J.L. Songate

2:00-2:30 p.m
Round Table Discussion Chairman & Secretary

2:30-2:45 p.m.
India khawpui hmun dang dang a Hmar Christian Fellowship hai le networking system \hatak neia rawngbawl tlang dan ding (Declaration No.5)
Rev. Dr J.Huoplien

2:45-3:30 p.m.
Round Table Discussion Chairman & Secretary

3:30-4:30 p.m.
Open Discussion Rev. Dr J.L.Songate

5:00 PM
Love Feast dedication
Rev D. Rosung Sinate

Sd/- Rev. Ros Infimate

Sd/- Rev.Dr Lalhmuoklien

Hmar Christian Leaders’ Forum, Churachandpur, Manipur.

Source:- Hmasawnna Thar

China is fast becoming a favorite travel destination for many tourists, finds Darren* (Guest author of Inpui.com)

China_Tourism China is fast becoming a favorite travel destination for many tourists. Not only is it becoming a global force, it’s attracting millions of tourists every year. The country has many things that can please even the most seasoned traveler. If you’ve ever thought of going to China, there’s good reason for you to go. If you’re planning a vacation, you may want to consider China for your next trip for several reasons.

The culture is amazing. The country is a feast for the eyes. There’s so much grandeur, history and culture. You’ll see pagodas, lanterns and distinctly Chinese architecture.

China is a juxtaposition of the new and old. If you go to Shanghai, you’ll see walled cities next to new development. You’ll see seniors still wearing their cheongsam while doing tai chi in the park.

Head down to Xi-an so you can see the Terra Cotta Warrior soldiers. In Beijing, you can go to the Forbidden City. Let’s not forget the Great Wall of China, one of the most spectacular man made structures still in existence today.

The country offers great value for money. Your dollar goes a long way against the Chinese Yuan. Unlike going to Europe, when you’re in China, you can live like a King for the same amount of cash you’d be spending You get a lot of bang for your buck in China. The shopping options are plentiful and you can ever bargain from the street side vendors.

The food is delicious. You haven’t had Chinese food till you’ve had it in China. Try Kung Pao chicken, sweet and sour pork, Cantonese style noodles, Peking duck and all the delicious and exotic Chinese dishes the country has to offer. Be adventurous and try the street food.

If you’ve thought about going to China, it’s well worth to call your travel agent or go online to learn more about planning your trip. If you’re from the West, you may be in for a culture shock so it pays to learn about the culture before you head out.

The life is quite fast paced in the city. Be careful when you cross the street since cars don’t necessarily stop for pedestrians, but it doesn’t mean that the Chinese aren’t accommodating to foreigners. You must also be mindful of your speaking voice and your mannerisms. Never point your chopsticks towards someone.

Don’t just think about going to China! Go ahead, book a trip and pack your bags and head out to one of the most interesting, beautiful and amazing countries in the world.

Unfortunately, it’s hard to connect with Chinese people because China has censored almost every social network. You can still try and do a people search free to locate people who maybe have used a ‘firewall’ to bypass the Chinese restrictions and ask them to share their own opinion and experience.

By Sara Roberts*, guest author for Inpui.com, discusses the benefits of green tea, and how it can protect our eyes

green tea Studies have shown that green tea is beneficial to the heart, helps fight against some cancers, and helps with weight loss. New studies have also shown us that the main component of green tea, epigallocatechin-gallate (EGCG), can help to protect our eyes in more ways than one. One study says that the antioxidants can still be found in the eyes 20 hours after consumption. The EGCG in green tea can protect our eyes from diseases, illnesses and UV rays. Who knew that a simple tea drink could benefit our bodies in more ways than one?

How Is Green Tea Made? 

Green tea originated in China thousands of years ago, and over those years, they have developed hundreds of different types of teas. Green tea is different from other teas because when they are picked, they are taken immediately to be steamed or dried. They are not left to be fermented like black tea and other teas. The way green tea is processed contributes to how it protects our eyes.

Benefits of Green Tea

Green tea protects the retina, lens and aqueous humor, protects the retina against UV damage, protects cataract formation and protects against age related macular degeneration (AMD) and glaucoma. New studies from the East have shown that the retina absorbs the ingredients of green tea, which helps the eyes stay healthy against illnesses and diseases.

The first benefit of green tea is that the "catechins" in green tea prevent oxidative stress, which can protect the eyes from glaucoma and other diseases. The second benefit of green tea is that the eyes absorb the EGCG from the green tea. When this happens, the retina cells increase and so does cell activity. This can protect the eyes from harmful UV rays. The third benefit of green tea is that it has the potential to fight against cataracts and blindness. A study by the All India Institute of Medical Sciences says that green tea "preserv[es] the antioxidant defense system." Green tea also fights against glaucoma and AMD. Oxidative stress is present in both of these conditions, but the EGCG in green tea protects the eyes and fights against the stress.

Through many worldwide studies, green tea's EGCG has proven to fight against stress, increase cell count and productivity and fight against eye diseases and illnesses. The benefits of green tea are numerous because of the way it is processed for consumption. Its ingredients also contribute to its benefits.

About the author: Sara Roberts writes for Just Eyewear, a discount eyeglasses and prescription sunglasses online retailer.

By Heather Johnson*, Guest Writer for Inpui.com

children-on-flight With the excitement of a family vacation often brings the fear of what may go wrong. Any parent who has experienced the horror of a grocery store melt down knows exactly what I am talking about. A few small things can make a huge difference.

Be Prepared

Planes get delayed, lines can (and usually will) be longer than expected, and those famous random searches can really put a damper on things. Expect the unexpected and have the right trick up your sleeve. Keep in mind that you will never know where you will be and what you will have access to.

Things to keep with you

1. Simple snacks- For best results keep in mind that you may also not have access to a sink or anywhere to clean up right away. Fruit snacks and those small boxes of animal crackers with the string that we all love and remember from our own childhood are fantastic choices. Not only are they virtually mess free, they are sure to lighten the mood, at least temporarily.
2. Hydration- Be sure to research the rules pertaining to liquid allowances, where you are allowed to have them and in what quantity. You may be aware that most containers must be 100ml or smaller, however medications, baby formula and food, breast milk, and juice have their own guidelines. Not having to burden your already stressed mind with the daunting task of trying to pack these items within compliance can be quite a relief.
3. Comfort Items- Sacrifice the carry-on space for that go to blankie and teddy bear. You won’t regret it. My youngest has had two blankets that have been the saving grace many times over. I wouldn’t dream of leaving home without them!

Entertainment in Route

After a lot of reluctance, I broke down this past Christmas and gave my six year old a portable gaming system. I cannot begin to explain the new found peace on long trips.

For my four year old, a set of 12 Disney books that come with an electronic pen reader is a life saver. He just touches it to the pages and depending on where it makes contact it will read the page or share other things about the story.

Want to hear the best news about them both? Both are equipped with headphone jacks! This makes for happy kids, fellow passengers, and parents. Depending on age, there are appropriate variations of items such as these. For parents of particularly hard to entertain children or longer trips the investment may be well worth it.

Even the best laid plans can have their hitches. Most importantly remember to bring your patience and wits. Keep in mind that the flying isn’t the destination, just part of the journey. Try to enjoy it! View this as an excellent opportunity to teach your kids to find joy in the small things. When you keep your calm they will likely follow your example, which will make the trip a success.

About the author:- Heather Johnson writes at HoneymoonDestinations.org, a great honeymoon research website. Discover great honeymoon ideas today!

By Heather Johnson*, Guest Writer for Inpui.com  

The classic American road trip has been a time-honored summer tradition since the invention of the automobile. In our memories, those long hours in the car often take on the muddied hue of the strongest emotions permeating that trip.

family road tripSo it is important to try and maintain a certain level of pleasant excitement for everyone involved. Of course there are the classic car games and sing-a-long songs, but there are also some tricks of the trade that practiced road trippers have learned to take advantage of. Today we are going to share the top ones with you.

• Story Time

Reading a book out loud in the car is a technique for not only children but adults as well. Young reader mystery novels are especially good entertainment for a variety of age groups. Look for classics like the Hardy Boys or new favorites like Harry Potter. If you aren’t able to read these out loud yourself, a local library often has books like that on tape or CD available to check out.

• Timely Grab Bags

You’ll be surprised how one quick stop at a dollar store and a little bit of planning can prevent the inevitable mid-afternoon melt down. Before you hit the road, buy a package of brown paper lunch bags. Make a grab bag of party-favor type toys and non-perishable snacks for every couple of hours you’ll be traveling. No need to fill it up, just one or two items to add something new and exciting to the next boring leg of the journey. Snacking tip: keep the salt and caffeine to a minimum. Children won’t be as thirsty and won’t need as many bathroom breaks.

• Little Navigators

In this day of GPS systems, using a paper map often feels antiquated, but the ability to read one is an important life skill. One free welcome center map can also go a long ways toward keeping children engaged and occupied. Have them look for roadside parks on the map, and then see if they can spot them out the windows as you pass. Kids can practice math skills by adding up the miles of a trip with the little numbers between intersections and they can feel more involved by picking out a town to stop at for lunch.

• Sweet Dreams

For parents, sometimes the best part of a road trip is when the little ones are asleep. With a little planning, you can produce this seemingly accidental happenstance on demand. The day before your trip, let the kids stay up late while you plan for a super early departure. Pack the car in advance, and before the sun is even up, move sleeping children to the car with a pillow and blanket. The rocking motion of the car will keep tired kids sleeping well into the morning, making sure you can put plenty of miles behind you before they start to get bored.

*About the Author:- Heather Johnson is a contributor at HoneymoonDestinations.org, a fantastic honymoon planning site. Check out some great honeymoon ideas today!


April 28, 2011

Ei thuoituhai hmalakna le sawrkar hotuhai ditsakna zârin HSA Campus, Rengkai, Churachandpur, Manipur-ah Tribal Hostel Complex (nuhmei le pasal ta ding a hran ve ve) bawlna ding NEC (North Eastern Council) chun, Manipur State Sawrkar fethlengin, tulai el khan, cheng Vaibelsie 4 le maktaduoi 7 (Rs. 4.7 crores) zet a mi pek a. Manipur Chief Secretary, Pu DS Poonia-in, December 27, 2010 khan a hmun ngeiah Hostel lungphun hawngna chu a nei a; sin khawm, March 28, 2011-a inthawk khan ṭan a lo nit ah.

Hieng anga ‘project’ lien hi, ei ram le hnama dinga thil la um zen zen lo le, um nawk el ding khawma beisei intak tak a ni a. Hostel hi eini ta ding bik lieu lieu a ni chie naw a chu, ei hmun le ei rama inṭhut a ni meu si leiin, a sawrtu tak ding le a hmang ṭangkaitu tak ding chu ei nih tho tho a nih.

Ei Hostel dinga hin, lekha inchuk nuom le thiemthei, ṭhahnemtawk tak sie ei tum a. Dan pangngai anga um-man (fee) ruok chu naupang tin hai anthawk ei beisei vawng naw ding a nih. Chuong ang hamṭhatna chu Manipur-a inchuklaihai chauh ni lovin, Mizoram, Assam, Meghalaya, Tripura le hmun dang danga mihai khawma an chang ve ngei dan ding lampui ei dap bawk a nih.

Sin ei ṭan mek le inruol hin, mipui thaw thei dinghai chu HYA hotuhai leh inrawntu peia thaw a ni a. Tuithaphaia Branch tinhai ta ding lem chun inhlawna remchang siem pek ei tuma; anni khawm an nikhat tha hung thawlawm ve dingin ngên le beisei an ni bawk. Hieng ang Hostel hi Hmarkhawlien, Muolhoi, Aizawl le hmun dang dangah nei ve pei dan ding lampui ei dap a, hlawtling ngei dingin beiseina insângtak ei nei bawk.

Tuta ei buoipuitak Hostel hi ei bawl zo pha chun Warden, Cook, Sweeper le Chowkidar hai thla hlaw nei dingin lotheilova ei ruoi a ṭul ding a ni a. Chu chu hre zingin, December 29, 2010-a HSA Executive Council inṭhung chun,, hi Hostel enkainaa hmang ding le naupang inumtir dinghaiin midang le hmundanga an seng zat neka tlawm seng siin inhoitaka an um theina ding beiseiin “Hmar Students’ Education Fund” indin dingin a rêl a. April 9, 2011-a Council nei nawk ṭumin HSA member tin le mipui lai chu ‘fund’ a ding chun a hnuoia ang hin pawisa sum dawl dinga ngenna siem ni sien tiin thutlukna a siem bawk a nih. Hieng ang hin-

1. HSA member, Class X le a hnuoi tieng po, Rs. 10/- seng.
2. HSA member, Class XI le a chung tieng po, Rs. 50/- seng
3. HSA member ni kher lo, inchuklaihai hmakhuo ngaituo le inhnikna nei phawt phawt, Rs. 150/-

Hieng anga ei sum dawl dawkhai hi a pung um dingin Bank-ah sie ning a ta. Chu pawisa pung chun, ei Hostel nitin mamaw a phuhruk ding bakah, ei Hostel a hin, naupang rethei le harsa, lekha inchuk nuom le thiemthei si hai chu, thangpui le sawmdawl ei tum a nih. Hostel le Fund enkawl dan dinga ṭul le pawimaw danghai chu a hnunga rêl le ngaituo la ni pei bawk a tih. Hi hmalakna hi sukpuitlinga a um theina dingin mi po po kuomah HSA Branch le Joint Headquarters-hai fethlengin ngenna le inhriettirna ei hung siem a nih.

HSA General Headquarters aia ngenna siemtuhai:-

(Dr. John Pulamte)

(Lalthlamuana Hmar)
General Secretary

Jt.Secy.(Hostel & Building)  

HPC-D Militants Sinlung, June 27: – The Hmar People's Convention (D) issued a statement today announcing its decision to pulled out of the “Hmar–Government of Mizoram Talks” even as it accused the Lalthanhawla-led Congress government  of trying to “mislead the public” on the modalities of the peace process.

“In the absence of any proactive interests on the part of the Government of Mizoram in extending the SoO period as well as in the progress of the “Hmar-Government of Mizoram Talks”, the HPC(D), hereby, declares that the “Suspension of Operation” between the Government of Mizoram and the HPC(D) has no longer existed,” the rebel group’s General Secretary H. Zosangbera said.

The Hmar rebels also stated that despite “repeated demarches and expressions of its seriousness for the “Hmar–Government of Mizoram Talks” to find a political solution to the Hmar issues in Mizoram, the Government of Mizoram has severely failed to uphold its commitment.”

The HPC(D) also accused the government of “maintaining a stony silence on the official communique, some local, regional and as well as national newspapers”. 

Sending a strong warning to the government that the HPC(D) “will not stand silent in the face of institutional injustices ceaselessly unleashed to murder Hmar culture, language and literature” the Mizoram-based militant group said it will hold the government responsible for any fallout in the aftermath of the “failed peace process”.

The full press statement is given below.


27th June, 2011

Despite its repeated demarches and expressions of its seriousness for the “Hmar–Government of Mizoram Talks” to find a political solution to the Hmar issues in Mizoram, the Government of Mizoram has severely failed to uphold its commitment as it has not taken any perceptible step (a) to extend the Suspension of Operation (SoO) agreement and (b) to convey the date and venue for the talks as requested in writing by the HPC(D). While maintaining a stony silence on the official communique, some local, regional and as well as national newspapers, however, carried baseless and irresponsible statements from responsible authorities which were not only propagandistic but contained no element of truth.

The wayward attitude of the Government of Mizoram has given the impression that it is keener in derailing the peace process than opening honourable democratic platform to work out a solution to the legitimate demands of the Hmar people as enshrined in the Constitution. This attitude is in complete contrast with the stand of the HPC(D) which strongly believes in securing the constitutional rights of the Hmars in Mizoram and is committed to do the same by all means. The HPC(D) hereby reiterates that it will never allow anyone to extinguish or compromise the political aspirations of the Hmar people.

In the absence of any proactive interests on the part of the Government of Mizoram in extending the SoO period as well as in the progress of the “Hmar-Government of Mizoram Talks”, the HPC(D), hereby, declares that the “Suspension of Operation” between the Government of Mizoram and the HPC(D) has no longer existed.

If, however, the Government of Mizoram, realizing the need to uphold its constitutional responsibility, is willing to renew its commitment for talks, the HPC(D) stands to its commitment in finding a peaceful solution and will not stand on the way to the extension and redefining of the period of SoO. The HPC(D) wants people to know that while preparation for talks has been going on, talks have yet to start and the ball is in the court of the Government of Mizoram.

The deplorable plights of the Hmar people in Mizoram will remain the legitimate concern of the HPC(D). The blank accord of 1994 is deceptive and some of the provisions are outside the jurisdiction of the Indian Constitution. The Accord is an insult to the Government of Mizoram as well as the affected people. The Government of Mizoram should immediately stop inflicting injustices through this sham accord. The 1994 Accord cannot define or fulfill the political aspirations of the Hmar people. That blank accord should be declared null and void.

The HPC(D) will not stand silent in the face of (a) institutional injustices ceaselessly unleashed to murder Hmar culture, language and literature; (b) exploitation by people in power that marginalized their land, rivers and natural resources and deprived them of everything basic to their lives and existence; (c) sinister designs to displace them from their ancestral land by damming their rivers and submerging their ancestral homes with offers of dirty compensation for their extinction; and (d) any attempt to wipe them off from the face of the earth.

The collective leadership of the Sinlung Hills Development Council (SHDC) have resigned from March 4, 2011 in protest against the role of Mizoram Government (a) in forcing them to function as an interim Council for 15 long years (b) in exploiting the Council to create division among the Hmar people and (c) and for its failure to implement the provisions of the 1994 Accord, which, inter alia, provides for upgradation of the status of the Council to that of Autonomous District Council. It is a sad commentary that the Government of Mizoram has, knowingly and willfully, allowed itself to be a party to discriminate and exploit the Hmar people. Enough is enough. The Government of Mizoram should immediately stop using SHDC to blind and brand the Hmar people with all its manufactured negatives.

The HPC(D) desires that no member of the Hmar tribe, or anyone, in any capacity, should, hereon, quest for the chair of the SHDC. Any individual or group(s) not heeding the wishes of HPC(D) shall be responsible for the damage and consequences that their misdeeds will cause to their own people and to themselves. It is time to learn to denounce the grave insult slung on the face of the people in SHDC.

Despite the interplay of narrow and myopic interests in the run up of the talks, the HPC(D) firmly upholds the need for a democratic resolution to the Hmar political issues in Mizoram. At this critical juncture, the HPC(D) expects that, in the interest of the people of Mizoram in general and the people of SHDC in particular, the Government of Mizoram ought to bear its moral and political responsibilities to resolve the Hmar issues in Mizoram once and for all.

General Secretary
Hmar People's Convention (Democratic)

By Elliot*, for Inpui.com

Almost all the time, bad luck and bad timing cannot be prevented. Bad breath, on the other hand, can be avoided if you are going to follow these simple ways of how to fight it. Just do these easy steps for you to get rid of bad breath.

Confident_Smile_dental_hygineIn the following steps that you are going to do, you will be needing a toothbrush, toothpaste with fluoride, dental floss, water, and your dentist. It is optional for you to have a mouthwash, sugarless candy or gum, and breath mints. If you have already prepared these, then, you are now ready to do the six steps to fight bad breath.

Step 1   Brush your teeth at least twice a day after taking your meal. Floss at least once a day after brushing your teeth. These two will help remove odor-causing germs and bacteria. It will also aid you to thoroughly get rid of those small food debris and plaque between your teeth.

Step 2   Softly brush your tongue after you are through brushing your teeth. It will make you feel to have a fresh cool breath. Many oral bacteria spend time lingering in the tongue; brushing it makes these oral bacteria be removed.   

Step 3   If you are wearing dentures and retainers; soak them in a glass of mouthwash and clean them regularly. This will help you remove the germs and bacteria that may cause oral infections.

Step 4   If possible, avoid eating too much garlic, onions, and foods that are spicy. Moreover, prevent yourself from drinking coffee and smoking tobacco. These contain harmful chemicals that now only give you bad breath but also serious oral problems.

Step 5   Drink at least 8 glasses of water a day. This will prevent your mouth from being dry. You may also suck on sugarless candies and gums to allow the circulation of liquid in your mouth.

Step 6   Visit your dentist for regular cleaning and check up. There will also be the chance for your dentist to detect if there are any periodontal diseases that may be the cause of bad breath. You may do this twice every one year.

Considering all these six steps for you to fight bad breath requires you to make them a habit. Good oral hygiene dictates that you should take extra good care of your teeth. Having straight and white teeth does not necessarily mean that you already possess fresh breath. So, work hard for you to fight those odor-causing bacteria.

*About the author:- Your author Elliot is a professional writer and is interested in Dental Marketing Solutions and Dental Office SEO. Care for your teeth.

By Guest Writer, for Inpui.com

how to cross road india traffic With over a billion people, a million square miles, and hundreds of must-see destinations, India is rapidly becoming one of the most quickly-growing international travel destinations. Fashionable bargain hunters come seeking handcrafted jewelry and art, religious pilgrims come for the temples and Buddhist serenity, backpackers arrive looking for cheap accommodations and business travelers come to see one of the most rapidly growing economies in the world. From the grandeur of the Taj Mahal to the beaches of Goa to the hustle and bustle of downtown Mumbai, India has something for everyone.

But India is also relatively new to the global tourism industry. Travelers used to deluxe accommodations and reliable public transportation will need to readjust their expectations and get used to the cultural norms that prevail in India. Personal safety and health are also not guaranteed, but with a little planning and a few precautions, anyone can enjoy the vast natural beauty, intense human experience and cultural encounter that is India.

Here are a few tips to help you travel in India safely, and with as little confusion and aggravation as possible:

1. Choose your route carefully. With hundreds of cities and even more villages and remote areas, there is way more to do and see in India than you can possibly fit into your trip. To allow time for the unreliable Indian public transportation and to allow yourself to truly experience the local culture, it’s best to limit your itinerary to a few chosen destinations. Start with the suggested itineraries in your guidebook or online, and tailor those suggestion to suit your interests. One popular itinerary is known as the Golden Triangle—start in the ancient city of Delhi, continue to Agra, home of the Taj Mahal, and then stop in Jaipur before heading back to Delhi for your return flight.

2. Even if you are from a big city, the crowds in a big Indian city are going to get overwhelming at some point. Take a break from that human congestion at some point and escape to the quieter rural regions of Kerala, mountainous Ledakh, or another rural area where you can actually experience the unique natural beauty India has to offer.

3. Unfortunately, India is well-known for the number of scammers and con men that try to dupe unwitting tourists out of their prized foreign currency. Don’t trust anyone on the street to guide you to a hotel or restaurant, and try to resist falling for these scams, no matter how much you are cajoled. But if you do lose a few dollars to a con artist, the main thing is to keep calm and don’t let it spoil your trip—India is such an inexpensive country to visit that chances are the loss of a few dollars will not cut significantly into your budget.

4. Most foreigners would do well to stay far away from Indian tap water, and any food that has been prepared with tap water. That means no ice in your soft drinks, no unpeeled fruit, and no salads with uncooked produce. Although there are many reliable restaurants with excellent Indian cuisine, many travelers find it is safer and easier to go vegetarian throughout their travels in India. Many Indians are vegetarian, making delicious vegetarian food easy to find, and avoiding meat altogether is the simplest way to avoid unclean or improperly handled meat.

5. The easiest and safest way to get around India is by train. Renting a car can be difficult because it means navigating Indian traffic, and flights from one city to another can have many hidden fees and be unreliable. Trains often leave far behind schedule, but once you’re on the train you’ll find it to be a relatively comfortable and even fun way to travel. You can choose first class travel for a more luxurious experience, or buy an economy class ticket to travel with the locals.

6. Pickpockets abound in Indian cities, so it is extremely important that you leave valuables like diamond rings and expensive watches at home. India is home to one of the world’s diamond cutting centers, but if you buy loose diamonds or diamond jewelry in the midst of your travels, have it sent to your home via certified mail rather than carry it with you around the country.

7. So how do you cross a road in India? With six or more lanes of traffic and few discernible rules of the road, getting from one side of the street to the other can be frightening. One good way is to find a group of locals and cross with them—just make sure they don’t dart out between cars. Stay calm, and try to make contact with drivers so they see you and don’t hit you. Remember that traffic comes from the right, and that it is sometimes safest to cross half the street at a time and rest on the median before crossing the other three lanes of traffic. Finally, for the widest boulevards and highways, cautious tourists may want to consider taking a taxi or rickshaw across the street!

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By Elliot*, guest writer for Inpui.com

dental health (WinCE) When your dentist informs you that you have an entire slew of dental problems that must be fixed as soon as possible, are you the type to say yes to all treatments or do you take the time to think about the real necessity of having all these treatments?

Having a second opinion when your doctor gives you a serious diagnosis is not just advised, it’s often expected. But will asking for second opinions work in a dental setting? The answer to that question is simple—if you feel that you need to, then chances are that you probably should get a second opinion. According to Dr. Richard Price, spokesperson for the American Dental Association, there is nothing wrong with asking for a second opinion.

Although there is no definite list of dental procedures that are safe to be performed without the need for a second opinion, but patients should also understand that one does not have to consult another dentist just to have a cavity fixed. Choosing to have another dentist take a look to verify a certain diagnosis should only be done when major procedures like surgery is required.

So when should one get a second opinion?

There are five scenarios which will reasonably warrant getting a second opinion. The first is when the dentist has just given a major diagnosis like oral cancer. The next reason is if the patient has already had the dental work done and yet it has not fixed the problem. Being unsure with the necessity of the treatment as well as its cost is another ground for asking another professional. Also, if you are not convinced with your dentist’s ability to treat your condition, i.e. needing braces when your dentist is not an orthodontist, as well as not having good rapport with your dentist are two other grounds for seeking a second opinion.

So who should you turn to when you want another dentist to take a look at you?

The first person to turn to should be your primary dentist given an excellent rapport with him or her. Dentists should never feel bad that their patients opt to get someone else’s opinion. Nobody wants to have a reluctant patient on one’s hands. And if the other dentist verifies the diagnosis and required treatment, then the primary patient will have a patient who is more committed to the treatment plan. Friends and family can name a good dentist too.

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By Inpui.com Guest writer

car watching career If you stick around long enough, someone is going to offer to pay you to do a ridiculous job that you probably never knew there was a need to do. These types of jobs are usually never advertised like your more traditional jobs, but may be offered by an acquaintance or maybe posted on the bulletin board at your local supermarket.

Way back in either 1975 or 1976 when I was still going to high school and living under my parents roof I was approached by a local businessman and asked if I would be willing to spend an afternoon counting cars. At first I wondered to myself why would anyone waste 4 hours counting cars when you could use that time to do something much more interesting like watch TV or take a nap. The gentleman explained to me that he was thinking of opening up a restaurant on this certain street and wanted to know about how many cars passed by that spot every day. He was willing to pay me $20 for the count and all I had to do was sit outside in a lawn chair with a clipboard and paper and record every car that passed by in each direction.

Well, I was up to the challenge and accepted the job. It was so long ago that I can not remember how many cars passed from north to south and how many passed from south to north. I do remember it was a far lower number than I expected. I had imagined my total number would be in the thousands, but it turned out to only be in the hundreds. I do remember sitting in the hot sun and sweating while only one or two cars would pass by every 4 or 5 minutes. When my 4 hours of car-counting were up, I folded up my chair and turned in my tally to the man that hired me. He handed me the $20 as promised, told me thanks for the good work and we went our separate ways.

Months later I noticed the storefront he was considering for a new restaurant was still vacant. Apparently my honest but low count was so low that it discouraged him from locating a business where he had planned. His $20 spent doing a bit of informal market surveying probably saved him thousands of dollars in investing in a business that would probably have failed. I never did find out if he opened his restaurant somewhere else.

When I was even younger I had an even stranger job that I had fun doing. My father and a few of his friends liked to go fishing on the weekends or whenever they could find time and they "hired" me to collect worms for bait. I was charged with filling two Maxwell house tin coffee cans full of worms and for that job I was paid $1.00 per can. I think that worked out to about a penny per worm. It was such a great gig; I did that for the entire summer.

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When you travel to a business convention, you don’t want to leave anything behind. You need to bring a little of everything with you; your file drawers, the meeting room, the supply closet, and the IT department (LOL).

Convention Center by Conny Liegl
Packing for a business convention can be daunting, but not if you know that there are travel cases out there for every purpose.

If you have the equipment you need, you can be organized, efficient, and productive on your trip.

Go for Quality
The equipment you bring with you to a business convention is important. Not only that, it’s probably quite valuable. You don’t want important literature or expensive displays to become damaged in transit.

In addition, your colleagues will be evaluating your business at the convention, so it’s important to show them that you are organized and provide high-quality work.
Don’t risk damaging your displays or—worse—your computer equipment at this time when you need to present your company in a positive light. Use durable cases to hold all of your items so you have one less thing to worry about on the road.

Airline Travel with Business Cases
When traveling with any type of business case, pay attention to airline baggage requirements. Some larger items may require extra fees, depending on their size or weight. In some cases, you may find it easier to ship your cases to the convention. Whether you’re shipping the cases or carrying them on the airplane, lock the cases to prevent against theft. You don’t want to arrive at your convention unprepared.

Computer Equipment
Can you imagine traveling for business without your laptop? Probably not. Everything you do on a daily basis resides in that slim piece of hardware so you need to keep it safe. It’s a good thing reliable cases are available, whether you need them for one laptop or several. The best laptop cases are strong and not able to be crushed under other luggage. They close tightly and keep the water out, so you don’t have to worry about the weather. The foam inside the cases can often be customized for your specific laptop or to fit as many as 16 or 20 laptops. Depending on the type of case you select, you may be required to check it with your luggage on an airplane, or you may be able to bring it with you as a carry on.

Cases for Displays
Even though you probably don’t need a monitor for your computer these days, you may need one for a digital display. A touch screen or interactive monitor may put you ahead of your competition at a business convention. Luckily, you can find cases to securely hold flat-screen monitors. As long as the outer shell is sturdy and the padding inside secures the monitor, traveling with items is hassle free.

Cases for Graphics
You may need to transport large-format graphics to your business convention. Since a picture is worth a thousand words, you don’t want your graphics to arrive in anything less than perfect condition. Many graphics cases are cylindrical and have wheels on one end and a handle on the other. Your graphics will most likely be light, but large, flat papers need to be rolled up for travel. Graphics cases can reliably hold your graphics and prevent them from becoming damaged in transit.

Strong cases with hard outer shells should be strong enough to last through several trips. They should be practical and designed to hold even strangely shaped items. Most importantly, they should be portable. If they have wheels and a handle and are not so large and difficult to manage, they will be useful for your business convention. 
*About the author:- Celia Andersen is a photojournalist who travels extensively and blogs for business accessory sites. Celia did a lot of research to find travel cases that were durable, but not too heavy for her to maneuver. She really depends on her camera carrying cases and a graphics shipping case for her busy travel schedule.

clip_image002By Richard G. Hamilton*, Guest Writer for Inpui.com

With healthcare on the economic and political forefront, insurance companies are tightening their belts wherever they can. This means that buying insurance may involve passing a physical exam. Sometimes, insurance companies don’t reveal the premium you will pay until after the exam. This means that if you tip the scales—whether it’s with your weight, blood pressure, or cholesterol—you may end up paying more for health insurance.

Even more irksome, if you are on a group plan, everyone in the group may end up paying more if just one person is not in the best shape. Instead of shaking in your boots when you’re asked to complete a pre-insurance physical, try some of the steps below to improve your health and ace the exam.

Quit Smoking

Nicotine can show up in a urine sample for up to two weeks after you quit, even if you only have one cigarette. And smokers pay high premiums. Stop smoking well before your physical exam, and don’t even consider taking a puff at a party. Go cold turkey—you’ll pay less for premiums, and you may start to notice the toll smoking was taking on your wallet, not to mention your lungs.

Go on a Fast

Fasting is not exactly healthy in the long run, but if you stop eating for two days before your physical, you can drastically reduce your LDL (bad cholesterol) levels. Since you probably can’t go two days without eating and stand up straight on the day of your physical, your best bet is to eat a high-fiber diet for a week before the exam. Drink a lot of water as well. Stop eating around midnight the night before the exam and your cholesterol levels will improve.

If you have a couple of weeks before the exam, go Vegan! Drink pure vegetable and fruit juices, purified water, herbal teas, and no coffee for the 1st week. Second week, keep up the juicing and clear beverages; just add spinach salads, vegetables, fruits and no dairy or meat products. Not only will your chemical levels clean up quickly, you’ll probably drop about 10-15 pounds as well.

Manage Your Blood Pressure

clip_image004If you take medication for high blood pressure, keep taking it before the exam. If you don’t know whether your blood pressure is in the healthy range, you can test it at most drugstores. If it is high, starting medication immediately will help lower it before your exam. At the exam, you will have to acknowledge that you are taking the medication, but it’s better than having “uncontrolled” high blood pressure. Again, the Vegan cleanse mentioned above can straighten out this malady pretty quickly.

Manage Your Weight

Health insurance premiums are usually lower for people who fall in a healthy weight range. If you are overweight, take steps to lose weight. Starting an exercise program (with your doctor’s approval) or cutting back on calories or portion sizes can help when it comes to purchasing health insurance.

Stay Drug Free

Alcohol can be measured in a urine sample for up to 12 hours after it was consumed. Marijuana stays in your system for up to one month, and most other drugs remain for a few days. Stop taking any drugs, including over-the-counter pain relievers like ibuprofen and acetaminophen before your exam.

Anti-inflammatories and analgesics can cause elevated liver function levels, which can negatively impact the results of a physical exam, even for individuals in otherwise perfect health. Even eating poppy seeds before the exam can make you fail the drug test, so be careful what you consume in the days prior to the test.

If you exercise, eat well, and are generally healthy, you shouldn’t have to worry before taking a health insurance physical. Once the day of the physical arrives, there is nothing more you can do except relax. If you’re anxious when you get to the office, your blood pressure reading might be higher than normal. Just breathe, breathe out, you’ll do fine.

About the author;- Richard G. Hamilton is a content contributor for Kanetix, a car insurance comparison site, including auto insurance Ontario quotes.

Ziektu: Pu L.Keivom

If a person dies without his or her story
being told, that’s like a library burning down.
-West African saying

Laibrari_Kang_Library Hnam rothil a bohmang hmaa hlu lut vat vat hang poimawzie hi hrilin a siek nawh. Chu chu lungvar inril put le hmathlir nei hnam hrim hrimin inpui thei lo khopa an thil invoi hlak chuh a nih.

Kha hmaa Red Indians ei ti hlak, Columbus-in 1492-a America khawmuolpui a zuk tlung hma kum singnga lai zet hi ram lo hluo hmasatuhai, tuta Native Americans an tihai hin an mi hlui le upahai an thi zatin, “Ei laibrari a kàng ie!” an ti hlak. Chuong ang bokin, mihriem hung suokna ram ni dinga mi thiemhaiin an ngai Africa khawmuolpuia chenghai khomin, “A chanchin le tonhriet hril hman loa mi a thi chun, chu chu laibrari kang hmang ang a nih” an lo ti bok. Ieng leiin am?

Mi tin hin hun sawt nawte khawvel ei hung hluo sung hin iemani kong zawng bekin tonhriet ei nei seng a. Ei piengzie le phung a danglam seng ang le ei hma dom inang naw leiin ei tonhriet khom a danglam. Hun khata thil lawmum kha hun danga chu thil lawmum lo, mi pakhat ta dinga vangduoina kha mi dang ta dinga vangneina, hlawtlingna chu hlawsamna bul, hlawsamna chu hlawtlingna bul a ni thei. Ei thil tuok le hmasuon ang peiin hrietna ei hung khawl khawm rawn a, chu hrietnaa inthoka thaw dan thra lem ei hung hriet pha leh thil thiem chi khat chi hnih ei hung nei a, chu thiemna chi hrang hrang infawk khawma inthok chun varna iemani bek ei hung nei pei a, chu varnaa inthoka suok lungvar chu hmangin thil thar le thra lem ei hung ngaituo suok a, hma ei sawn hlak a nih. Hmasawnna ei ti hih ei tonhriet infawk khawma inthoka hung tro suok pei a nih. Mi tinin ei tonhriet seng thrang la hung thar peihai kuoma inhlan sawng hi ei tha bat a nih.

Kum sawt nawte sunga khawvel hmasawn dan ei thlir chun, a lawn amanih tlan amanih ni loin a vuongin a vuong a ni tak. Hi hi ni khat thilthua hung um el a ni nawh. Tonhriet, hrietna, thiemna le varna intling khawmin a hring suok a nih. Mihriem hi Pathien angpuia siem a ni thu Baibulin a hril a. Chu mihriema theina inphûm chu dannaranin zaa sawm vel chauh ei hmang phak niin mi thiemhaiin an sut a. Mihriemin hrietna, thiemna le varna ei khawl khawm rawn po leh einia theina inphum chu hmang hlawk dan ei hung hriet a, chu hrietna insersuon tung pei chun Computer Age hi a mi thruoi tlung a nih. Mihriema theina inphûm hi zaa za ei hmang thei pha chun mihriem hi Pathien angpuia siem a nina tak chu a la hung inlang ding chauh a nih. Chu thil chu Krista Isu ei ringna leia thlarau rama ei la rochung ding thu leh hin hril kop thei a ni lai zingin, ei hring hrietnain a dawl phak chin ngaituo chun hril kop lo a him hri lem ka ring. Kum tlukledingawn iemani zat hnunga chuh, mihriemin hma a sawn pei chun, an hril kop hun a la tlung el rawi mawh.

Hi ka hril chen khom hi mi threnkhat ngaithlak ding chun a him tawk ta naw el thei. Sienkhom, mihriem nina le theina ringot hmanga Pathien angpuia siem a nina tak mihriemin a tlung thei nawk hun ding sawtzie chu kum tluktledingawn zawnga zuk hril fie dan a um naw hrim hrim. Khawvel umphung hlak, Genesis bung khatna khel tieng chuh, iengkhom a puitling saa pieng loa dam tea hung insersuon tung pei a ni bok si. Chu chu Fundamentalist intihai ngai pei naw zawng tak a nih. Sienkhom chu chun umzie a nei bèk nawh. Hrietna a pung dan ang peiin thil umzie hriet fiena khom a hung pung pei a. Kha hmaa Modernist kha Fundamentalist-a ngai a hung ni a, chu chu thil umphung a nih. Ieng khom ni sien, tonhriet ringot khawl khawma inthoka Pathieng angpui nina ram chu tlung thei a ni naw hulhuol. Chutaka chun a nih Isu Krista hmanga Ama Pathienin mihriem le inzom nawk theina kawitan a hung hong makna le ropuina chu a’n thlung chu nih.

Ei thil hril le laibrari kang thu inkar chu hla deua ngai pawl ei um el thei. Sienkhom, thil intringmit tlat a nih. Tui far khat pei intling khawmin tuifinriet a siem angin, hrietna far khat pei mihriemin ei thaw khawmhai chun hrietna tuifinriet a siem ve thung a nih. Chu hrietna chu lekhaa inchikna hmangruo an hmu suok hma chun bauin an inhril sawng a; lung le thing hmangin an thu le hlahai lim chu an lo maksan a. A ziekna hawrop neihai chun savun le thil dang dangah an lo ziek bok a. Kum 1440-a German mi Johannes Gutenberg-in lekha sutna khawl (printing press) a hung hmu suok hnung lem chun hun sawt tak ei khawvel thima inthrung chu khaw varah a hung lut a, khawvel hmelhmang a siem danglam a, kam zalenna a hung pung ruol peiin ngaituona inril tak tak, kha hmaa khuop dea um chu a hung insuo zalen a, thil thar thra lem a hung hring suok a, chu fe pei chun tu laia hmasawnna nasa tak hi a hung thruoi pei a nih. A bul ei thlir chun hrietna le thiemna tui far intling khawma inthoka suok a nih.

Hmun danga van tong deuthawa hma an sawn hnung, Taj Mahal an bawl hnung kum 241-ah ei ramah misawnari hungin A AW B an mi siempek a. Chu taka inthok chun ziekin ei thu le hlahai ei hung hlu lut tran a. Chu hma hrim hrim chun ei thu le hlahai chu an hrietzingna phekah khumin, thrang la hung peihai kuomah trongbauin an inhlan sawng a. Chuong thu le hla chu ei hau hman em em a, abikin hla tieng ei hausa zuol a. Lekha ei hung neia inthokin a thren chu ziekin ei sie hman a, a tam lem chu a hretuhai an thi ruolin a bohmang tah a nih. Hieng ang tienga inhnik mi le thilpek dong mihai an thi zatin ei laibrari a kang hmang a nih. Inpâm an um khop el.

Sienkhom, inpâm nachang hrie mi ieng zat am um ei ta? Hi zawna hi don ngei chi, sienkhom don châkum lo deu el a nih. Kristien sakhuo a hung lut khan ei khawvel a hung inphir a, ringtu le ringnawtu, Pathien thu awi le Pathien thu awi lo tiin ei hung inthre a. Ei suotlang hlui, kristien sakhuo a hung lut hmaa ei nunphung hrim hrim chu ramhuoi be mihai thaw dan phunga hung belin, ringtharhai chun an hung hnawmhnawl a, ei hnam rohlu tam tak chu tawk thieng lo, tirdakumah ei hung ngai tah a nih. Hi leia ei thil hlu ei chan zozai tah hi a a man tozie sut suok ngaina a um nawh, a san chu a hlutzie suma inkhi thei a ni naw leiin. Ei laibrari raw rawntu tak chu ei sakhaw thar le thina a nih. Tu lai chen khom hin ei thiempuhai lai hin sakhuo hmanga ei laibrari an raw rawn po leh an lallukhum sa sot dinga ring pawl an la bo nawh.

Laibrari kang inpâmumzie hi hrilin a siek nawh. Inpâmum tak chu a bilding ni loin a sunga hrietna le thiemna thu umna, lekhahai kha a nih. Bilding chu sum nei phot chun a nêk daia thra bawl nawk el thei a ni a; lekhabu vang amanih thu poimaw inziekna lekha, meiin a kang hmang tah ruok chu sum ieng zat khom senga nei nawk el thei a ni nawh. April 13, 2005-a lekhabu 47,234 umna Central State Library, Imphala mi an hang raw el dam kha chu pangzat a um khop el. Hnam boral mekhai nungchang a nih. Grik mi var Euripides (.485-406 BC) chun, “Pathienin a suksiet nuomhai chu a sukvet hmasa zet hlak” (Those whom God wishes to destroy, he first makes mad) a lo ti hrim a nih.

Laibrari kang hril tâka chun hril ding tam tak a um. Chuong laia hril kai zie hlak chu kum 390 AD vela kang Library of Alexandria kha a nih. Alexandria hi Aigupta rama Alexander The Great khaw indin a ni leiin, a hming chawiin Alexandria tia ko a ni a. A hung thlaktu Ptolemy II Soter chun BC 283 khan laibrari hi a’n din a, a kang hin khang hun laia thiemna le varna thu inziekna lekha poimaw maktaduoi chenve neka tam a kang hmang vong a nih. A rawtu le an raw hun le san nia hril a tam a. Chuong laia mak deu el chu, Tirko Paula rawihai raw ni dinga intumna a um chu a nih. An hril dan chun, Tirko Paula khan Zoroasthrian sakhaw inzirtirna thu a lak sawng rawn em em a. Chu inzirna thu inziekna lekha hlui an siena tak chu Alexandria laibrari hi a ni leiin, Paula zirtirnahai hi ama awm thusuok el a ni nawzie miin an hriet an inlau leia Paula rawihaiin hi laibrari hi an raw niin an zeldin. Chu chu thudik a ni naw dingzie chu ngaituo sap rak khom a ngai naw laiin, hieng ang thu an hang zep sa hin Alexandria Librari chauh khom ni lo, laibrari dang kang poizie le inpâmumzie a tar lang zuol a nih.

May 2011 sung khan zan riekin trum hni zet Sagang le a se vela khuo Tuiring, Langza, Kananphai, Theikhakhi, Khonomphai le khaw dang danga Kom lalhai le an upahai inpawlpui dingin Buonga le David Buhril thruoiin ka fe a. Kan mi inpawlpui le an thu le hla iemani zat kan rikawthai hi kum 85-95 inkar mi deuh vong an ni ta a. Chuonghai laia pakhat chu kum 2009-a Tuiring ka sir truma ka titipui Saitho a nih. Kum hni hnunga ka hang inzin nawk khoma ka zong hmasa tak chu ama bok a nih. Kan inzin nuhnung tak khomin, Tuiring kan suoksan hmain a inah ka va pan a, thlalakna leh video-in a thla ka lak a, hlim taka inchibaiin kan inthre a. Delhi tieng kar khat chama ka fe hnungin June 11, 2011 khan Churachandpur tieng ka kir nawk a. Ni hni ka cham hnungin Saitho thi thuin a mi hung dèng a. Ei laibrari poimaw laia pakhat chu ei lo chàn nawk tah a nih. Poitiin a sawt naw a, ieng angin sûn inla khom umzie a nei ta nawh.

A râla hang fe hrâm ka nuoma chuh sin buoi leiin ka fe thei ta naw a. Ka zuk ngaituo zui chun, Tuiring kan suoksan tawma hun teptêr tak kara va sir a, a sekotrol inri rok roka hong a, a thla kan va lak trawk trawk kha a san inril a lo um a nih ti ka zuk hriet suok a. Kan thlalak le video hi a damlai ni phêk tawp tak a phok hmaa a hmêl le hlimthla rikawt a maksan nuhnung tak a ni ka ring a, hamthra ka’n ti hle a. Hunbi kim vongtuin rem a ti chun, hi a thlalakhai hi chawiin, a inah ngei, a tuol sekotrol sei tak khah inri rok roka tawlin, khawsawt taka a maksan a sunghai kuomah, ralna puon leh ka la hang inhlan ngei ka beisei.

Ei laibrari poimaw a hang kang el hlak hi chuh, hril ding a vang thei ngei maw! Khuo rel hlak dang thei a ni bok si nawh. Amiruokchu, a kang hman hmain thaw thei ei nei. Mani tonhriet seng zieka maksan hi thrang la hung pei dinghai laka tha bat ei sut dinga ei hmaa innghat a nih. Ei kawl le kienga um, ei khawsakpui, tonhriet poimaw neihai thu le hla ei hriethai chu inchikin ziek seng ei tiu. Chu chu ei hnam le Pathien laka mawphurna ei hlen ding chu a nih.

Hieng tienga enton tlak hnam chu Israelhai an nih. Anni hin hnam thuthlung ang deuh an inbituk chu kum tinin, puitling taphotin a tlawm takah lekhabu 10 bek tiem le an dam sung lekhabu pahni bêk ziek a nih. Chu chu an insukhmu leiin zieka thil inchik tieng tu hnam tluk ruol an ni nawh. An Jerusalem voi thum top an sukrieu hnung le anni le anni kar le hnam dang le indona leia an hmun khuorna hrang hrang sukchimita a um hnung, Hitler-in maktaduoi 6 top sukhlum a, an thil neihai le thu ziekhai a raw dur dur hnung khomin, a ziektu an lo tam èm leiin hum tawk an lo nei pei a. Chu ra suok poimaw tak chu, khawvela lekhabu huoisen tak, Baibul hi a nih. Tu chena cultural mapping thaw lai po poa thaw hlawk tak chu Judahai an nih.

( Saturday, June 25, 2011 Delhi)

By Michelle Allen*, for Inpui.com

Are you considering a return to school to earn a degree? Would you like to receive specialized training to help you earn more money in your career? If so, an online-based education may be your best option. You can take classes when you want to and create a schedule that fits with your work and family obligations. In this article, you’ll learn about the benefits of an online education, the types of programs in which you can enroll, and the things you should know before registering.
By Beverly and Pack, flickr

No Need to Travel: One of the greatest benefits of an online education is that you don’t have to get in your car to drive to school. As long as you have an Internet connection, you can work on your assignments when and where you’d like. Whether that’s in a coffee shop or your living room, you have complete control.

Working with Your Schedule: It’s always hard to schedule classes so that they don’t interfere with your work and personal obligations. With online courses, however, you have much more flexibility. You can work on assignments after getting home from work. If you’re too tired, you can download a lecture and save it for another time.
Webinar Class by Alan Levine
Certificates: The great thing about certificate programs is that they’re designed to quickly teach you skills that you can use to find a job. In as little as a year you can earn a certificate, start a career, and, if you wish, continue your education while you work. Some of the more popular certificate programs are for medical office assistants and veterinary assistants.

Bachelor’s Degree: While a Bachelor’s degree will take a longer time to complete than a certificate, it will give you an advantage when applying for a job. Employers are much more likely to hire someone that has completed college than an applicant who is less educated. Online Bachelor’s degrees can be earned in business, psychology, engineering, and many other areas of study.
Graduate Programs: Studies have shown that holders of graduate degrees tend to earn more than those with four-year degrees. Whether you want to earn more money or just continue your education, an online graduate degree gives you the option of holding onto your current career and getting a Masters in your spare time.

Taking Tests On-Site: Although online courses allow you to complete your assignments at home, there are some schools that may require you to take tests on-site. For example, you may have to take a final exam at the testing center of your school. Make sure that you know the requirements before signing up for classes.
Accredited Schools: Unfortunately, there are many “schools” which offer degrees that are completely worthless. Look out for lofty claims made by these schools and only register with those that are accredited. Accreditation is a process in which a school is examined by an outside organization to see that certain standards are met. Also you should make certain the online school is accepted by any institution that you plan to continue with in completing your education.

Job Placement Rates: If you’re going back to school to land a better job, you should consider asking about the school’s job placement rates. This might give an indication of the quality of the school, the capabilities of the instructors, and the need in the job market for the position that you’re pursuing.

Online courses can be a great option for people looking to make more money in their careers or continue their education. There are many benefits, including flexibility, and courses are offered in just about any area of study. If possible, seek out people who have taken online courses from the school that you're considering. Keep these points in mind when looking at online career courses, and best of luck to you in your future career!

*About the author:-  Michelle Allen is a career counselor, and in her spare time she is earning her CNA certification and is about to start looking for CNA jobs to begin her health services career.

Anno Domini 33 (A.D 33) is a five-member white metal band from Guwahati, Assam (India). It was formed by a group of good friends in the year 2009. The young members of this band are from the Hmar tribe, residing from the states of Manipur and Assam.

AD 33 Band

Check out the band profile below:-   

Gospel/ Metal
Members Eden- Vocals, Daniel- Guitar, Solon- Guitar, Gabriel- Bass, Jason- Drums
Manipur, Halflong
A white metal band of Guwahati, Assam. Crafted in the year 2009.
Why AD 33 It was the year of when Lord Jesus Christ was crucified
Current Location
Guwahati, Assam
Booking Agent
+918876802749 (Daniel); +919401778184 (Solon)
Press Contact
Artists We Also Like
As i lay dying, Lamb of God, killswitch engage, Children of bodom, Suicide silence
As i lay dying, Lamb of God, In fear and faith, COB, Funeral for a friend...etc
Band Interests
White metal, Death metal, Hardrock, New age metal..etc

You can listen to one of their songs from their Facebook Fanpage HERE


Safe driving by Momo Wong
The last thing you expect to happen while driving is that you’ll get carjacked. This possibility may have never crossed your mind, but there are steps you should take to prevent this from happening to you. Unfortunately, many criminals see women as “easy targets,” so you need to be alert and aware when you’re leaving your car, approaching your car or actually driving your vehicle. This article shows what you can do as a woman to prevent getting carjacked and what to do when it’s unavoidable.

Walking Towards Your Car

Doing All the Wrong Things! By Polycart
When leaving a store, your house or anywhere else to get into your car, you should take the following steps:

• Look for suspicious people: If you see someone asking for money or passing out fliers, don’t stop to talk to them. You may even want to turn around and head back into the store to let security know what’s going on.

• Check the inside of your car: Glance into your vehicle and check to make sure that nobody has broken in and is hiding. It might seem like this could never happen to you, but it is better to be safe than sorry.

• Get in quickly and lock the doors: You should make it a habit to lock your doors as soon as you get back into your car. Someone that you don’t see could sneak up to your car and try to open the door.

While You’re Driving

Even when you’re on the road, criminals can find ways to carjack you. Here are some of the safety tips you should consider:

• Never roll down your windows at a stop: If someone approaches your car and asks you to roll down your windows, you should never comply. You have no idea who that person is or what their motives are. If the person looks like they need help, call the police – never take the chance of trusting a stranger.

• Leave space in front of you: You never want to be in a position where you’re “boxed-in” by another car. If you’re at a stop and someone approaches your vehicle, leaving space in front of your car will give you the opportunity to drive away in case of an emergency.

• How to handle fender-benders: Some carjackers may use a technique where they hit your car from behind to get you to step out of your vehicle. This gives them the chance to steal your car and maybe even take you with them. Always drive to a busy area, such as a gas station, before getting out of your car.

Worst-case Scenarios

Carjacking Crash on I5 by zoomar
If it’s just not possible to avoid a carjacking, then make sure to follow these steps:

• If possible, run away: You should try to run if anyone threatens you with a gun or some other type of weapon. Avoid at all costs getting into a car with them.

• The last resort: If you’re in a position where a carjacker has gotten into your car and you’re driving, you have to take drastic actions. One of the things that you can do as a last resort is to crash your car. You could be injured, but at least you would get the attention of someone else so that they could call 911. If you get the opportunity, open up the door and run away as quickly as possible!

Always make sure to be alert and aware of your surroundings when leaving, returning to or driving your car. Women don’t have to become the victims of carjackers – just use your wits and common sense to reduce the risk of something bad happening.

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