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Healthy Living How To Have A Healthy Lifestyle In 7 Easy Steps

Whether you’re trying to lose weight or you’re just trying to live a healthier lifestyle trying to find the right information out there can be confusing, one diet will allow you to eat anything then the next one has you living of cabbage soup. At the end of the day it’s not rocket science it’s just common sense so here’s what you need to be eating as part of a healthy balanced diet.

Nothing is off limits

Never ban any food, the second you decide you can’t have your favourite food you’ll think about nothing but that food. Try not to keep too much junk food in your house though, when you next go shopping only allow yourself healthy snack foods. If you have a sweet tooth pick up some dried fruit, if you prefer savoury snacks grab some whole nuts like pistachios or almonds, if ice cream is your weakness swap it for frozen yogurt. Next time you have a real craving for your favourite junk you’ll actually have to go out and get it which is too much effort for a silly little craving.


Avoid too many red meats that are high in fats and instead go for chicken or turkey which is not only cheaper but it’s higher in protein, lower in calories and it’s going to keep you feeling fuller for longer. Although you could argue that a juicy stake is one of life’s pleasures and that it’s very rich in iron, you should be getting your iron from sources of rich green vegetables like spinach. Keep things like stake as a treat for special occasions.


Of course you can’t just live off poultry you need to add something else to your regular diet otherwise you’re going to go crazy (or your taste buds will just go on strike). Fish is one of the healthiest forms of protein you can eat. Fishes like salmon are very rich with omega three which keep your heart, kidneys and digestive system healthy. Shrimps are also a great way to get some texture and flavour into your diet too.


The obvious things you need to be eating lots of are vegetables and the greener the better. Ideally you should be getting most your carbohydrate intake for the day from green leafy vegetables like spinach and broccoli. A great healthy snack is to pan fry some fresh spinach leaves, toss them in some Worcester sauce and throw some sesame seeds in. Ideally half your plate needs to be covered in vegetables with only a quarter going to meats and a quarter going on something starchy.


Speaking of starch you should try to avoid white pasta, white bread and potato. These three make up the staple to most peoples diet so it may seem hard to live without these. Swap your regular pasta for wholemeal pasta (and the same goes for rice too) and try not to eat it more than twice a week. If you’re serious about slimming down go for flax seed or rye bread instead which is typically wheat free, if you’re just trying to be a little healthier grab the whole meal bread next time you’re down the supermarket.


Snacks are something we’re taught are bad for us but there is plenty of good snacking foods. Obviously potato chips and chocolate aren’t on the healthy list but dried fruits, whole nuts and even dried cured meats can all make a great snack when you’ve just got that munching craving. Although these snacks are relatively healthy they still need to be eaten in moderation and used to just take the edge off that craving.


Water is one thing we can all get plenty of that we always seem to neglect. More often than not when your stomach is rumbling it’s because you’re thirsty not hungry so drink a glass of water and wait fifteen minutes before having something to eat. Your body is made up primarily of water so you need to make sure you’re keeping yourself hydrated with around eight glasses a day. If you get through lots of cups and tea and coffee each day try swapping them for water instead and you’ll soon notice your energy levels rise too.

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