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By Elliot*, guest writer for Inpui.com

dental health (WinCE) When your dentist informs you that you have an entire slew of dental problems that must be fixed as soon as possible, are you the type to say yes to all treatments or do you take the time to think about the real necessity of having all these treatments?

Having a second opinion when your doctor gives you a serious diagnosis is not just advised, it’s often expected. But will asking for second opinions work in a dental setting? The answer to that question is simple—if you feel that you need to, then chances are that you probably should get a second opinion. According to Dr. Richard Price, spokesperson for the American Dental Association, there is nothing wrong with asking for a second opinion.

Although there is no definite list of dental procedures that are safe to be performed without the need for a second opinion, but patients should also understand that one does not have to consult another dentist just to have a cavity fixed. Choosing to have another dentist take a look to verify a certain diagnosis should only be done when major procedures like surgery is required.

So when should one get a second opinion?

There are five scenarios which will reasonably warrant getting a second opinion. The first is when the dentist has just given a major diagnosis like oral cancer. The next reason is if the patient has already had the dental work done and yet it has not fixed the problem. Being unsure with the necessity of the treatment as well as its cost is another ground for asking another professional. Also, if you are not convinced with your dentist’s ability to treat your condition, i.e. needing braces when your dentist is not an orthodontist, as well as not having good rapport with your dentist are two other grounds for seeking a second opinion.

So who should you turn to when you want another dentist to take a look at you?

The first person to turn to should be your primary dentist given an excellent rapport with him or her. Dentists should never feel bad that their patients opt to get someone else’s opinion. Nobody wants to have a reluctant patient on one’s hands. And if the other dentist verifies the diagnosis and required treatment, then the primary patient will have a patient who is more committed to the treatment plan. Friends and family can name a good dentist too.

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