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CCPUR, June 30: Dr S. Hauzel, Chief Medical Officer (CMO), Churachandpur chu District TB Officer, Churachandpur dinga sawn a ni leiin CMO thar dinga ruot Dr H.L.Liensang kuoma zanikhan CMO, Churachandpur sin an hlan a.

Dr H.L.Liensang chun zanita inthawk khan CMO, Churachandpur sin a chel tan nawk tah.

Source:- Hmasawnna Thar

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  1. Vote bank politics.

  2. Hril ta raurauh Hmar mi Daktor Hmarbiel a posting fe pei lo hai popo hming hril suok el ta inla a tha naw ding maw? Pu Editor! iem i ngaidan?


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