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The nursing field is alive and well, but some people struggle with finding the right job.

Finding employment as a nurse in Canada is fairly easy if you know how. You first need to get trained as a registered nurse of course. Following this, however, there are a number of different helpful avenues you can take to find a nursing job in Canada. There is plenty of job demand owing to a shortage of nurses in the country. At this time there are around 15,000 to 20,000 jobs opening up according to figures by HealthStaff Worldwide Associates. But you need to follow the proper channels to find these fairly abundant jobs. The following are some avenues that you can use to locate a nursing job in Canada:

Online Job Boards

Online job bulletin board type sites are a great place to start in looking for a high quality nursing job in Canada. Many of these job boards list jobs specifically in Canada or internationally. They may deal with employment in general, only medical employment, or only nursing. Often these sites also allow you to post your resume and allow employers to find you as well. A couple of sites that are worth looking at along these lines are Canadian-Nurse.com and Medhunters, but there are many more. You can visit a number of these sites and begin building a list of a huge array of job opportunities.

Canadian Ministry of Health

Health Canada, the name for the Canadian Ministry of Health, is another very good resource to access when searching for Canadian nursing jobs. The Health Canada website serves as a very helpful and reputable job board of sorts, with jobs listings in various branches of nursing and by geographical area in Canada. There is also a plethora of information on the site that is useful for nurses and the general public in terms of basic knowledge and current issues in nursing.

Canadian Nurse’s Association

The Canadian Nurse’s Association is actually a large umbrella professional organization that consists of an affiliation of many regional nursing associations in Canada. Visiting this site allows you to access these member organizations and take a look at the opportunities on their individual job boards. Nursing associations are always useful resources because they deal in a much focused way with the profession specifically. They represent not only an employment source but a professional networking source as well. Even after having found a job, these organizations can be useful for staying current with the nursing field, getting continuing education, meeting other nurses of a high caliber, and reading about news in the industry.

Employment Agency

A nursing or medical employment agency, sometimes also known as a recruiting office or a placement firm, can find positions for you as a nurse based on your qualifications and experience. Sometimes these are temporary positions, but they can be good for bridging the gap between times of unemployment or while you are searching for a nursing position in Canada. They may also be or become permanent positions. They also assist nurses in various ways, offering help with licensure and registration, immigration for nurses from other countries, and so on.

Newspaper or Magazines

In this era of fancy job hunting gimmicks online, people sometimes forget sources like the newspaper or nursing magazines. These print sources often feature classified ads in which job opportunities may be posted. Moreover, if you don’t feel like going out and buying one, many of these publications are found online. So offline or on, these periodicals represent yet another source of Canadian nursing job opportunities.

If you're already a nurse and finding it difficult to find work in the field, you might consider reworking your nursing resume.  Many studies have shown that one of the biggest barriers to employment is simply having the wrong resume.

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