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By Sara Roberts*, guest author for Inpui.com, discusses the benefits of green tea, and how it can protect our eyes

green tea Studies have shown that green tea is beneficial to the heart, helps fight against some cancers, and helps with weight loss. New studies have also shown us that the main component of green tea, epigallocatechin-gallate (EGCG), can help to protect our eyes in more ways than one. One study says that the antioxidants can still be found in the eyes 20 hours after consumption. The EGCG in green tea can protect our eyes from diseases, illnesses and UV rays. Who knew that a simple tea drink could benefit our bodies in more ways than one?

How Is Green Tea Made? 

Green tea originated in China thousands of years ago, and over those years, they have developed hundreds of different types of teas. Green tea is different from other teas because when they are picked, they are taken immediately to be steamed or dried. They are not left to be fermented like black tea and other teas. The way green tea is processed contributes to how it protects our eyes.

Benefits of Green Tea

Green tea protects the retina, lens and aqueous humor, protects the retina against UV damage, protects cataract formation and protects against age related macular degeneration (AMD) and glaucoma. New studies from the East have shown that the retina absorbs the ingredients of green tea, which helps the eyes stay healthy against illnesses and diseases.

The first benefit of green tea is that the "catechins" in green tea prevent oxidative stress, which can protect the eyes from glaucoma and other diseases. The second benefit of green tea is that the eyes absorb the EGCG from the green tea. When this happens, the retina cells increase and so does cell activity. This can protect the eyes from harmful UV rays. The third benefit of green tea is that it has the potential to fight against cataracts and blindness. A study by the All India Institute of Medical Sciences says that green tea "preserv[es] the antioxidant defense system." Green tea also fights against glaucoma and AMD. Oxidative stress is present in both of these conditions, but the EGCG in green tea protects the eyes and fights against the stress.

Through many worldwide studies, green tea's EGCG has proven to fight against stress, increase cell count and productivity and fight against eye diseases and illnesses. The benefits of green tea are numerous because of the way it is processed for consumption. Its ingredients also contribute to its benefits.

About the author: Sara Roberts writes for Just Eyewear, a discount eyeglasses and prescription sunglasses online retailer.

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