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The last thing you expect to happen while driving is that you’ll get carjacked. This possibility may have never crossed your mind, but there are steps you should take to prevent this from happening to you. Unfortunately, many criminals see women as “easy targets,” so you need to be alert and aware when you’re leaving your car, approaching your car or actually driving your vehicle. This article shows what you can do as a woman to prevent getting carjacked and what to do when it’s unavoidable.

Walking Towards Your Car

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When leaving a store, your house or anywhere else to get into your car, you should take the following steps:

• Look for suspicious people: If you see someone asking for money or passing out fliers, don’t stop to talk to them. You may even want to turn around and head back into the store to let security know what’s going on.

• Check the inside of your car: Glance into your vehicle and check to make sure that nobody has broken in and is hiding. It might seem like this could never happen to you, but it is better to be safe than sorry.

• Get in quickly and lock the doors: You should make it a habit to lock your doors as soon as you get back into your car. Someone that you don’t see could sneak up to your car and try to open the door.

While You’re Driving

Even when you’re on the road, criminals can find ways to carjack you. Here are some of the safety tips you should consider:

• Never roll down your windows at a stop: If someone approaches your car and asks you to roll down your windows, you should never comply. You have no idea who that person is or what their motives are. If the person looks like they need help, call the police – never take the chance of trusting a stranger.

• Leave space in front of you: You never want to be in a position where you’re “boxed-in” by another car. If you’re at a stop and someone approaches your vehicle, leaving space in front of your car will give you the opportunity to drive away in case of an emergency.

• How to handle fender-benders: Some carjackers may use a technique where they hit your car from behind to get you to step out of your vehicle. This gives them the chance to steal your car and maybe even take you with them. Always drive to a busy area, such as a gas station, before getting out of your car.

Worst-case Scenarios

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If it’s just not possible to avoid a carjacking, then make sure to follow these steps:

• If possible, run away: You should try to run if anyone threatens you with a gun or some other type of weapon. Avoid at all costs getting into a car with them.

• The last resort: If you’re in a position where a carjacker has gotten into your car and you’re driving, you have to take drastic actions. One of the things that you can do as a last resort is to crash your car. You could be injured, but at least you would get the attention of someone else so that they could call 911. If you get the opportunity, open up the door and run away as quickly as possible!

Always make sure to be alert and aware of your surroundings when leaving, returning to or driving your car. Women don’t have to become the victims of carjackers – just use your wits and common sense to reduce the risk of something bad happening.

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