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By Celia Andersen*, for Inpui.com

When you travel to a business convention, you don’t want to leave anything behind. You need to bring a little of everything with you; your file drawers, the meeting room, the supply closet, and the IT department (LOL).

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Packing for a business convention can be daunting, but not if you know that there are travel cases out there for every purpose.

If you have the equipment you need, you can be organized, efficient, and productive on your trip.

Go for Quality
The equipment you bring with you to a business convention is important. Not only that, it’s probably quite valuable. You don’t want important literature or expensive displays to become damaged in transit.

In addition, your colleagues will be evaluating your business at the convention, so it’s important to show them that you are organized and provide high-quality work.
Don’t risk damaging your displays or—worse—your computer equipment at this time when you need to present your company in a positive light. Use durable cases to hold all of your items so you have one less thing to worry about on the road.

Airline Travel with Business Cases
When traveling with any type of business case, pay attention to airline baggage requirements. Some larger items may require extra fees, depending on their size or weight. In some cases, you may find it easier to ship your cases to the convention. Whether you’re shipping the cases or carrying them on the airplane, lock the cases to prevent against theft. You don’t want to arrive at your convention unprepared.

Computer Equipment
Can you imagine traveling for business without your laptop? Probably not. Everything you do on a daily basis resides in that slim piece of hardware so you need to keep it safe. It’s a good thing reliable cases are available, whether you need them for one laptop or several. The best laptop cases are strong and not able to be crushed under other luggage. They close tightly and keep the water out, so you don’t have to worry about the weather. The foam inside the cases can often be customized for your specific laptop or to fit as many as 16 or 20 laptops. Depending on the type of case you select, you may be required to check it with your luggage on an airplane, or you may be able to bring it with you as a carry on.

Cases for Displays
Even though you probably don’t need a monitor for your computer these days, you may need one for a digital display. A touch screen or interactive monitor may put you ahead of your competition at a business convention. Luckily, you can find cases to securely hold flat-screen monitors. As long as the outer shell is sturdy and the padding inside secures the monitor, traveling with items is hassle free.

Cases for Graphics
You may need to transport large-format graphics to your business convention. Since a picture is worth a thousand words, you don’t want your graphics to arrive in anything less than perfect condition. Many graphics cases are cylindrical and have wheels on one end and a handle on the other. Your graphics will most likely be light, but large, flat papers need to be rolled up for travel. Graphics cases can reliably hold your graphics and prevent them from becoming damaged in transit.

Strong cases with hard outer shells should be strong enough to last through several trips. They should be practical and designed to hold even strangely shaped items. Most importantly, they should be portable. If they have wheels and a handle and are not so large and difficult to manage, they will be useful for your business convention. 
*About the author:- Celia Andersen is a photojournalist who travels extensively and blogs for business accessory sites. Celia did a lot of research to find travel cases that were durable, but not too heavy for her to maneuver. She really depends on her camera carrying cases and a graphics shipping case for her busy travel schedule.

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