Halloween party ideas 2015

By Zara Pakhuongte.

Five reasons why we love Hmar language.

  1. It’s a language that must have been developed by Confucius (read it as Confusion). Till date most of us are confused as to whether to kill the ‘chicken’ and use the dot pen or not. In a way, it gives us freedom of expression, a consolation prize for being confused!
  2. It’s easy to begin with and yet so difficult to reach a conclusion.
  3. It is difficult to frame one good sentence nor can it be written flawlessly. So, we lived up to the saying: To err is human. We can never completely do away with human nature :)
  4. It’s a very sharp language. This must be why the next-door guys got hurt most of the time.
  5. It’s a language of peace. Hmar language is not just hard and sharp, it is also tender in the face of crisis. So, it saves us from actually fighting with others.

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