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Dialogue on Tipaimukh Dam Book 

Book Title: Dialogue on Tipaimukh Dam

Authors:- Dr. Lal Dena, L.Keivom, K.Prongo, Prof. Arun Kumar, Joseph Joute, David Buhril, Robert L. Sungte, Thangsawihmang Sawngate, Dr. Immanuel Zarzosang Varte, R.S. Jassal, Dr. Lalkhawlien Pulamte, K.A.Singh, Dr. Kshetri Rajiv Singh,  Zothanchhingi Khiangte, Dr. Chungmeijai Mathew Kamci, Lalruoivel Pangamte, Ginneihching Simte, David K.Zote and Others

Edited by: Prof Lal Dena, Manipur University

Price:- Rs 700/-

Publisher: Akansha Publishing House

Release Date:- Yet to be finalised.

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  1. Tiem chak a um ve. Rs 700 man chu a tha hmel ngei el.

  2. Thangsawihmang SAWNGATE ... SONGATE. Iem an dik lem?


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