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Honeymoon_Asia_destinations By Matt Fuller, Guest Writer for Inpui.com

Fancy going on a honeymoon in a setting seemingly straight out of an Indiana Jones movie? Try Southeast Asia.

Southeast Asia’s recipe for love combines relaxation, adventure and romance. It’s where  vibrant cities are layered with historical landmarks and spiritual sites and hospitality is the way of life. Whole markets on lakes and rivers, temples nearly a thousand years old, ancient remains, and elephant-back rides---these are the essence of Southeast Asia. Brace yourself if you’re only used to seeing snow-capped mountaintops and haven’t set foot on Asian soil before, because this tropical paradise will assail your senses.

One can’t mention Southeast Asia being honeymooners’ perfect getaway and skip the largest island nation in the world, Indonesia, particularly its most prized tourist gem, Bali. Bali is a unique combination of excitement and serenity---warm  beaches with exhilarating waves adored by surfers, fresh and delectable seafood, bustling nightlife, highly developed Baroque folk art, transcendental music and masked dances, and 5-star accommodations. 

Ten million tourists that flock yearly to savor Thailand’s flavors can’t be wrong. The land of tuktuk---the Thais’ three-wheeled motorized answer to the taxi of the western world---is  famous for its red light districts. Fortunately, cabaret shows and chinky-eyed girls with heavy makeup and skimpy attires are not even a tenth of what you will find in Thailand. Let’s see if we can cram it all into one sentence: nature reserves, elephant treks, powder white sand beaches of Phuket, snake farms, river cruise on long-tail boats, floating river markets, rock climbing, ceramic collectibles and silk cloths, and---hold your breath---street vendors hawking friend insects.

Cambodia is home to Angkor Wat, a 900-year-old remnant of the once powerful Khmer Empire.  This intricate temple complex surrounded by a 200-meter-wide moat is famous for its harmonious design: lotus bud-shaped towers, astonishing bas reliefs, and cruciform terraces.

Nestled in the jungle of Angkor is the temple ruins of Ta Prohm. Giant 500-year-old silk cotton trees growing out of the flat temple structure lend a certain eeriness to this place. Ta Prohm was used as a location for the Angelina Jolie film, Tomb Raider.

Boracay is arguably the country’s most famous destination for jet-setting honeymooners.  White sand as fine as talcum powder, balmy weather, crystal-clear waters, and unrivalled hospitality make this place a favorite getaway for the newlyweds.

Those with a penchant for off-the-beaten tracks will love Siquijor and Sagada. Siquijor is considered a mystic island because it is said to be home to witches and sorcerers. You can even buy an amulet or anting-anting, which is believed to give invincibility to its owner. Sagada is a tranquil mountain top  famous for its hanging coffins on limestone cliffs. Care for coffee made from civet droppings? It’s Coffee Alamid, a cup of which can sell as much as $100 in international coffee shops. 

Touted to be the cleanest country in the world, Singapore has many things to offer other than its litter-free roads and parks. For animal lovers, the number one thing on the itinerary should be the famous Singapore Night Safari, which provides an exciting glimpse into the animal kingdom, including exotic and endangered species like the Himalayan griffon vulture and the wild cattle of Burma.

Then there’s the 25-meter high, 250-meter long treetop walk at MacRitchie Reservoir which provides a panoramic view of Singapore’s forests on a free-standing suspension bridge.

Are you looking for a diverse-funfilled honeymoon or even just dating tips for you and your sweetie? You gotta check out South East Asia - it's plain wild!

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