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The cyber world is buzzing and Hmar churches are also trying to keep their members updated with news and other features. One of the latest websites launched from Manipur is Independent Church of India Sielmat Kritien Thalai Pawl’s website.

Website URL: http://sielmatktp.ici.net.in/

So, far the website has been updated on a regular basis.  This website is the net edition of KTP newsletter “Thalai Weekly” wherein members “write their thoughts, testimonies and other religious discourses”.

Some of the features:-

  1. ICI KTP MP3
  2. Music Videos
  3. Sermons
  4. News
  5. Articles etc.

About the newsletter:- THALAI Weekly is the newsletter of the Independent Church of India, Sielmat Kristien Thalaipawl (Youth Department). Edited by Mr. HD Lalremruot and published by the Youth Department, it is, as its name suggests, a weekly newsletter highlighting the activities of the different departments. All issues from February 28, 2010 is available to be downloaded. Please navigate to the downloads page to download issues in the PDF format.

You may want to check out. Follow:- Website URL: http://sielmatktp.ici.net.in/

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  1. An Kristian Magazine khawm kha karkhat hnung velin damin, hung upload sa nghal hai sien thra ding.

  2. Boss,Kristien kha chu ICI Hqtr ta a nikha...


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