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By Nickole Siegman, for Inpui.com

Childhood obesity has become a full blown epidemic and there is no mystery how it happened. Childhood obesity is very dangerous and can be very often effects more than the body. Obese children are often affected emotionally as well. The positive thing about childhood obesity is that it is 100% preventable and reversible!

It is easy to see why there is so much obesity in the United States. Go into any grocery store and pick out a meal of mostly junk food and all the ingredients to make an organic healthy meal and you will quickly discover that the junks foods are much cheaper. In my opinion that is one of the biggest contributing factors of obesity. How many times have you put back something that is better for you and your children in exchange for a cheaper bigger something else. It’s nothing to be ashamed of millions of people do it, times had hard and it is natural to try to save money everywhere you can. Maybe you’re saving for a bigger TV, or vacation, maybe you have to pay rent or the electric. The point I’m trying to make is that our food is usually the first place we try to pinch pennies. This is truly unfortunate however because your family is much more important than a new TV or vacation. There are much better ways to save money! Shopping secondhand is the best way. There is almost no limit to what you can buy used; clothes, dishes, furniture, electronics, cars, books, shoes, and so on. Another good tip is to sell the stuff you don’t want or need anymore. Goodwill is a great place to find hidden gems, but there are many second hand store and pawn shops that will buy the stuff you don’t want.

So now that you have some extra cash do the hardest thing of all and don’t blow it! I know it’s tough but worth it. Buy healthier foods and an amazing thing will happen…you and your family will be healthier. The next contributing factor is over eating or pointless eating. Plan when you and your family will eat (best = three meals and three snacks in between). Limit how much you offer your children; young children do not need to eat as much as an adult. Most importantly do not force them to eat or clear their plate. If your child does not want to eat what you’ve served don’t beg or negotiate, but make sure they don’t eat until the next meal or snack. You should control what is offered and when, the child should control how much. If your child is already obese and has problem over eating you may have to help them control the potion size. Food is only part of the problem.

With so many advances in technology it’s no surprise that children find staying indoors much more exciting than previous generations. Encourage your children to be active and support their interests in physical activities. Leading is the best way! Play with them; try new things together as a family. Enjoying being active is what will make the biggest difference.

About the author:- Nickole Siegman is an Early Childhood Education major at the University of Wisconsin Stout which is located in western Wisconsin.  She frequently contributes blog articles to PSCLife.com - an e-commerce retailer of health and nutritional supplements including Cosamin ASU - a supplement thats formula combines avocado and soybean for joint and muscle health.

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