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By Heather Johnson*, Guest Writer for Inpui.com  

The classic American road trip has been a time-honored summer tradition since the invention of the automobile. In our memories, those long hours in the car often take on the muddied hue of the strongest emotions permeating that trip.

family road tripSo it is important to try and maintain a certain level of pleasant excitement for everyone involved. Of course there are the classic car games and sing-a-long songs, but there are also some tricks of the trade that practiced road trippers have learned to take advantage of. Today we are going to share the top ones with you.

• Story Time

Reading a book out loud in the car is a technique for not only children but adults as well. Young reader mystery novels are especially good entertainment for a variety of age groups. Look for classics like the Hardy Boys or new favorites like Harry Potter. If you aren’t able to read these out loud yourself, a local library often has books like that on tape or CD available to check out.

• Timely Grab Bags

You’ll be surprised how one quick stop at a dollar store and a little bit of planning can prevent the inevitable mid-afternoon melt down. Before you hit the road, buy a package of brown paper lunch bags. Make a grab bag of party-favor type toys and non-perishable snacks for every couple of hours you’ll be traveling. No need to fill it up, just one or two items to add something new and exciting to the next boring leg of the journey. Snacking tip: keep the salt and caffeine to a minimum. Children won’t be as thirsty and won’t need as many bathroom breaks.

• Little Navigators

In this day of GPS systems, using a paper map often feels antiquated, but the ability to read one is an important life skill. One free welcome center map can also go a long ways toward keeping children engaged and occupied. Have them look for roadside parks on the map, and then see if they can spot them out the windows as you pass. Kids can practice math skills by adding up the miles of a trip with the little numbers between intersections and they can feel more involved by picking out a town to stop at for lunch.

• Sweet Dreams

For parents, sometimes the best part of a road trip is when the little ones are asleep. With a little planning, you can produce this seemingly accidental happenstance on demand. The day before your trip, let the kids stay up late while you plan for a super early departure. Pack the car in advance, and before the sun is even up, move sleeping children to the car with a pillow and blanket. The rocking motion of the car will keep tired kids sleeping well into the morning, making sure you can put plenty of miles behind you before they start to get bored.

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