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Heather Johnson*, a guest writer for Inpui.com, takes a look at some of the top sites to see when traveling to Costa Rica

Playa_Hermosa Costa Rica, located in Central America, is popular with adventurous travelers from all over the world. If you like your vacations to be on the exotic side, it may just be the place for you. Here, we’ve compiled some of the best spots to visit if Costa Rica is in your travel plans.

1. Walk along the Rainmaker Aerial Walkway.

The Rainmaker Aerial Walkway takes visitors up a tree platform and through a forest canopy. All in all, it features six suspension bridges. The best suspension bridge takes visitors as high as 20 stories above ground! Poison dart frogs and native birds are a few animals you can expect to see along your walk. If you want to explore the natural side of Costa Rica, a visit to the Rainmaker Aerial Walkway is a must.

2. Visit Playa Hermosa.

Costa Rica is known for its surf-friendly beaches. Playa Hermosa is no exception. Besides boasting huge waves, Playa Hermosa also features a lovely setting. Many hotels, restaurants and shopping centers are located near this hotspot, yet it still retains a relatively remote and peaceful setting. Horseback riding, surfing, hiking and mountain bike riding are a few popular activities enjoyed on or near Playa Hermosa.

3. Dine at the Restaurante Coral Reef.

The Restaurante Coral Reef is one of the best restaurants in Costa Rica. Due to its extreme popularity amongst tourists and locals alike, it usually stays very crowded. If you want to ensure a table at the Restaurante Coral Reef, consider booking a table in advance. The best or perhaps the most popular foods served at the Restaurante Coral Reef include the decadent seafood stew and the delicious coconut flan.

4. Visit the Parque Nacional Manuel Antonio.

The Parque Nacional Manuel Antonia grants visitors some of the most beautiful views of Costa Rica. Rainforests, tropical beaches and peaceful islands are a few sights visitors can expect to see upon arrival. Like the Restaurante Coral Reef, the Parque Nacional Manuel Antonio is a hotspot for both tourists and locals. As a result, it can get pretty crowded. If you want to beat the crowds, try to visit the establishment during a weekday. Popular animals living at the Parque Nacional Manuel Antonio include Mangrove cuckoos, iguanas, sloths, squirrel monkeys and capuchins.

5. Tour the Finca La Isla Botanical Garden.

The Finca La Isla Botanical Garden is a family-friendly attraction. Visitors to this popular site can actually sample the garden's fruits and natural grown chocolate, as well as witness a diverse array of native Costa Rican wildlife and plants. Native birds are the most popular animals at the establishment. If you want to experience Costa Rica in a natural setting, a tour of the Finca La Isla Botanical Garden is essential!


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