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facebook_donot_tips By Susan* Guest Writer for Inpui.com 

Unless you’ve been hiding very well over the last few years, you can’t fail but to have noticed the popularity of social networking. Since its advent in the mid-2000s, sites such as Myspace, Facebook, and Twitter have gone from strength to strength, earning themselves millions and millions of users across the globe. At this point in time, Facebook is arguably the most popular of the ‘fully fledged’ social networks, and it’s hard to find anyone who hasn’t at least had a look around the site. There are a few great reasons for us to use Facebook: keeping in touch with far away friends and family members perhaps ranking in the number one slot. However, being able to reach all of our friends in just a few mouse-clicks has its downsides too. Below we’ll take a look at ten of the biggest indiscretions that you may fall victim to whilst using Mark Zuckerberg’s monster of a website.

10. Every single one of your thoughts

Whilst one of Facebook’s main objectives is to give you an outlet to express yourself and get your thoughts out to your friends, there’s such a thing as too much. When your wall starts getting a little full of your own posts, it may be time to rein it in a little!

9. Your salary

It may go without saying, but businesses tend to frown on employees who announce their salary to the world. If you brag on Facebook about your latest five or six figure achievement, you never know who’s watching - so keep it to the confines of face-to-face chats!

8. Your feelings about others

Just like in ‘real life’, people don’t always want to be told the whole truth. If you’re a bit peeved with a friend or colleague of yours, try to keep it in. Posting aggressive messages on Facebook almost always ends in disaster - so avoid it.

7. Private or personal information

You might be fascinated by the rash you’re starting to develop, but there’s a very good chance that your hundreds of friends probably don’t. If you really have to talk about it, do it in person, or you might find yourself victim to some ‘unfriending’.

6. Posting when you’re off sick

If you’ve called in sick to work, your employer will expect you to be keeping activity to a minimum and recovering. That means that if you’re posting about how awesome the latest Xbox game is, you might rub someone the wrong way.

5. Bad spelling or poor grammar

Sure, it’s only Facebook. But that doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t take as much care in your writing as you would for anything else. By making your posts readable and coherent, you’ll likely get a better response from your friends.

4. Game invites

Everyone likes to relax with a video game now and then, but almost nobody likes receiving notifications about the latest ‘mafia’ job you did. These get especially annoying if you’re sending invites too, so be very careful when you’re playing!

3. Posting a private message on a wall instead of ‘inbox-ing’ it

If you’ve got something private to say to someone, remember that posting on a person’s wall will be visible to almost all of your friends list. A much better way to communicate privately is via the private message function, so be sure you make the most of it (and avoid embarrassment).

2. Showing off

Nobody likes a show off. Sure, your new car is great. Sure, that’s a lovely laptop. But you don’t need to announce every single one of your purchases. They say that modesty goes a long way, and you’ll probably come off as cooler and more successful without the bragging.

1. Bad-mouthing your employer

We’ve all heard stories about people being fired because of Facebook posts, and the truth is - half of them are true! Depending on your privacy settings, more people than you think can see your posts, so think twice before you decide to launch a tirade against that awful boss of yours! Keep your venting safely in a chat window!

*About the author:- Susan writes on behalf of Palliser specialist sofasandsectionals, and spends probably too much time on social media (as well as reading and writing about it.)

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