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By Chris Burns*

car websitesBlogs are a great way to gain visibility for your car dealer website. Blogs are akin to a marketing tool for your dealership and serve as the first point of contact between you and your customers. Just like every other business blog, it requires web traffic to ensure its longevity. A blog deprived of web traffic is akin to running a charity site with no prospect of generating any sales. Here are some effective ways to generate traffic to your dealership blog.

  • An E-broadcast – An email broadcast can become a potent tool in your stable to generate traffic. After uploading a good quality post on your blog, help it gain traction by sending out an email broadcast to all your followers. Your existing fans would spread the buzz online and soon you would gain fresh new visitors in the form of web traffic to your blog.
  • Content is king – Irrespective of the appeal of your blog, the integral component that would dictate its popularity would be good quality content. Ensure that all your blog posts are interesting, relevant and informative to your readers. This would help your blog gain top page rankings on Google and in turn quadruple your traffic figures.
  • Article marketing – Article marketing is a great way to generate web traffic as well. By posting SEO articles that are rich in keywords on article directories, you would stand to gain a surge of traffic. As more people would read your article, they would click on the hyperlink encoded in it and direct themselves to your blog.
  • Create a Google profile – If you want to be the best you need to roll with the best. A Google profile would not only ensure that your blog appears on the search engines top SERP’s but also ensure you gain a steady amount of traffic. A Google profile would enable you to include links to your blog as well as information about your dealership, and links to your social networking profiles.
  • Leverage the power of social media – Creating a strong social media presence for yourself is a sure shot method of gaining robust web traffic to your blog. Popular social networks such as Twitter and Facebook give you the opportunity to link your blog and schedule your posts so that any user can read them. As more people read your posts, it would become a trending topic and drive immense traffic to your blog. 

There are several ways of driving traffic to your blog that involve both online as well as offline tactics. The methods mentioned above are some of the most result oriented and time tested methods of generating traffic. By incorporating these methods you would drive qualitative traffic to your blog that would lead to higher sales conversions and increased customer loyalty for your car dealer website.

*Chris Burns is a guest writer for inpui.com and writes for BURN SEO, LLC a car websites provider and car SEO company.

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