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Hmar Artistes Association (HAA) General Headquarters Executive Committee Meeting July 9, 2011 zingkar khan HAA General Headquarters Office-ah nei a ni a, hieng a hnuoia thuhai hi thu nawk um hma poa dinga rel a nih ti member-hai ka hung inhriettir cheu.

  1. Cassette/Album siem dinghai chun lekha ziek ngeiin HAA General Headquarters kuoma inhriettirna a pek hmasa ding a nih. Inhriettirna lekha ziek ngeia pe hmasa lova Cassette/Album siemhai chu HAA General Headquarters in an cassette/Album Release Programme siem pek theinaw nih.
  2. HAA General Headquarters a member ni nuom han Enrolment fee Rs. 100 pein inzieklut theizing a nih. Enrolment fee pe ei pung pei leiin lawm a um. Enrolment fee hung petuhai kuoma HAA General Headquarters in lawmthu a hril.
  3. Pu Ramchunghnung Keivom chu Assistant Secretary dinga ruot thar a nih.

Sd/- Boris Ramnghakmawi
Hmar Artiste’s Association, General Headquarters, Churachandpur.Manipur

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