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This video will sow you how to delete all your emails in your Yahoo account. Good for people who joined Groups like Hmar Yahoo Groups and other Yahoo groups. If you are too lazy or don't have the time to delete your emails one by one just watch the video and follow the steps. 

Now Here’s the video. Hope you like it, even though there is no voice in it.

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  1. Why waste time in deleting mails when yahoo is providing unlimited mail storage? Its mail search is also fast so you can dig out any old mail pretty fast.

  2. I final erased all my emails for the first time ever. Thank you!

  3. I have been trying to delete over 50,000 emails that had accumulated during past 2 years and this video made it so simple. Me too, i clear all my emails for 1st time EVER. Luv Sanjana


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