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Wendi Deng, wife of media baron Rupert Murdoch, was at her best on Tuesday. When protester Jonathan May-Bowles, approached Murdoch, 80, with a foam pie he had managed to smuggle in, one of the media mogul's lawyers, Janet Nova, quickly stepped in. But it was the image of Deng - clad in a prim pink blazer and polka dot pencil skirt - leaping forward to swat, open-palmed, at the man trying to attack her husband that stunned millions of TV viewers and presenters watching the events unfold live.

“Doing what she must”. “Doing what she ought to do”. “Marry a Chinese woman and she will protect you”. These are some of the comments and reactions from bloggers and netizens. Share with Inpui.com how you want your wife or would be wife to behave in such crisis. Watch the video below and Post your Comments in the Comment Box below.


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