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mosquitoes_thangthram (WinCE) By Mike Ishman, Guest writer for Inpui.com 
Tips on controlling pests and innovative mosquito traps
Is there any greater pleasure than enjoying a warm evening outside with a cold beverage? It’s summertime, which means you want to be outside, but the bugs are becoming unbearable. Luckily for you, there are measures you can take to keep the pests under control, such as installing mosquito traps.
Mosquito Traps
Mosquitoes are one of the most annoying pests of the summer. While only female mosquitoes will pester you (males feed off of pollen), it sure can seem they are all keen on making your life miserable.
Luckily for you there are mosquito traps that work effectively by emitting a steady stream of carbon dioxide and heat to lure the biting insects, then they suck the mosquitoes into a net where they dehydrate and die.
By having these mosquito control systems, you can keep the blood suckers at bay and keep your arms and legs itch-free. In fact, your yard will be virtually free of mosquitoes all season long if you run the mosquito traps 24/7.
Spiders and Water Don't Mix
If you find the side of your house is becoming overrun with spiders, one thing you can do is keep the webs knocked down and regularly use a garden hose to wash off your house. By working diligently, you can keep the spiders at bay.
Another good idea for controlling spiders is to keep the lights near the porch or house off and, if you have windows near the area, to keep the curtains drawn. This helps keep flying insects from gathering at the window, which in turn would keep them from landing in a spider's web. If there is no food to be had, the spiders will go elsewhere. Kill two birds with one stone!
Moths will Always be a Hassle
Moths are attracted by all kinds of light: bug lights, yellow lights or energy-efficient lightbulbs. While there are no real ways of keeping moths away from the lights outside your home, you can minimize them. By keeping the lights off until you are going outside and keeping curtains drawn around the windows near your porch, you can keep the moths from accumulating while you aren't outside. That way, when you go outside and turn on the light, you won't immediately be bombarded with the bugs.
Another way to keep the moths away from your guests is to install a spotlight away from the outdoor festivities. The light can attract the moths away from your area while still providing enough light to be able to see.
Welcoming Aunts Instead of Ants
Ants aren't as annoying as mosquitoes, but they can still be a hassle. Keep your porch and patio clear of any crumbs to make sure they don’t invade. If that doesn't keep them away, various ant traps are on the market that can help keep them at bay. Be careful of using ant poisons, as they could potentially be harmful to your pets or the wildlife you want to keep nearby.
When it comes down to it, insects will always be a nuisance. But with some effort, you can keep the pests to a minimum so your guests can enjoy themselves.

About the author:- Mike Ishman specializes in writing about ways to enjoy the summer, including mosquito traps and the mosquito barrier.

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