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chillies_hmarcha By Kim Darngawn

The unconditional virtues of the chillies. There are lots of reasons for bad circulation and certain spices are good remedy for such. Chillies are good for circulations, for body  heat (for winter time), over weight, and they are often good to moderate food that are too salty.

Chillies are very strong  stimulant for blood circulation,sudorific and gastric. It is also an antiseptic, antibacteria and a tonifier of the nervous system. Physioteraphists used chillies to cure angina, for skin infections (cutaneuos), cold, rhumatism and depressions.

Preparation: Mix 30 to 50 grms in 50 cl of hot water and drink it. Although this might not be necessary to Hmars as they  are famous for their chilling eating habits.

Eating too much chillies are not favorable to pregnant women. The best food at this stage for women is to eat moderately spicy food and abstain from any strong medications, alcohol and smoking (including eating khaini, raja and zarda pan).

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