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An International Seminar on

Kuki Ethnic Group: Culture, Religion and Identity

Venue: Manipur University, 24th-25thOctober 2011

The Concept Note:

In a globalized world the issue of identity, and struggle for identity recognition, echoes the people’s struggle for survival as a group and meaningful participation in the society. Crucial questions which need to be asked are ‘Who are we?’, ‘Where are we heading as a group?’ ‘How do we get involved in determining our destiny?’ and ‘How do we determine the signs of God for us in this process?’ The broad aim of this seminar is to bring together the Kuki people across the present international boundaries of Bangladesh, India and Myanmar including the Kukis in Diaspora for a time of fellowship and reflection around these issues. This includes:

1. Re-visiting culture and history with a view to promoting common identity for peace and harmony.

2. Exploring ways for the people’s participation both in the writing of our history and re-construction of our identity.

3. Exploring ways to enrich identity in a given situation without threatening the national interests.

4. Towards becoming a healing community to a wider society.

5. Exploring ways for mutual support and cooperation among our people.

6. Reading the signs of God in our history with a view to determining God’s will for our future as a people.

Papers to be presented:

A. On Common Identity:

1. A step backward for the journey ahead: Re-discovering commonalities in our culture – Dr Joseph Suantak

2. Kuki Traditional Religion: In Search of foundation for common Identity – Dr D Letkhojam Haokip

B. Understanding the present day Kuki context:

3. The Kukis of Chittagong Hills: Land, Law, Religion and Identity–Mr. Zuam Lian Amlai & Mr Nathan Loncheu

4. State, Christianity and its Impact on the Kuki {Chin} Community in Myanmar- Canon Dr David T Haokip

5. The Kukis of North-East India: Land, Law and Identity– Dr T T Haokip

C. Determining factors for identity struggle:

6. Impact of Colonialism on Kuki Identity - Dr. M. Pryiadarsini Gangte

7. Kuki People of Chittagong Hills Tract: The Impact of Colonialism and re-writing the History- Mr Lelung Khumi

8. History of Christianization among the Kukis: An Identity viewpoint –Revd M Thongkhosei Haokip

9. Identity movements in North-East India and the Kuki people: An Assessment – Dr David V Zou

10. Kuki Approaches to their Identity construction: An Introspection –Revd Fr Peter Tongmang Haokip

D. Toward a Progressive Community:

11. Towards a Theology of Identity in Kuki context– Revd Dr Jangkholam Haokip

12. Who are the Kuki People and how do we want to exist as a group? – Dr Seilen Haokip

13. Federalism and equality in Kuki society –Mr. Paolenlal Haokip

14. Enriching Kuki identity through the Pakan culture – Revd Renghang and...

15. The Kuki People in the 21st Century: The way forward – Mr L Keivom

16. Developing local theology in the light of a Kuki culture - Revd Dr Hemchon Chongloi

17. Corruption, Human Rights and Peace - Dr Leban Serto

18. The Kuki Mission 1910: Watkin R. Roberts and his mission among the Kuki ethnic groups in India, Burma and Bangladesh - Dr J. L. Songate

Participants: To limit 60 people for this international seminar {including contributors and volunteers}.


1. The intention of this seminar is to publish the papers presented during the seminar in a book. We request the presenters to follow their preferred methodologies and level of discussions keeping this in mind.

2. We also request the participants to deliberate and explore, if felt necessary, the possibility of forming an informal “global network” for future networking, cooperation and friendship.

3. If you have any enquiry regarding writing your paper please contact Revd Dr Jangkholam Haokip on lamboi@yahoo.com and Prof Lal Dena on 09436204631 or


Seminar Committee:

1. Convenor & Chairman: Prof Lal Dena, Department of History, Manipur University, Manipur

2. Secretary: Canon Dr David T Haokip, Vicar (Sr Minister), St George’s Parish Church, London

3. Member: Dr Leban Serto, Peace Studies, Martin Luther Christian University, Shillong

4. Member: Revd Dr Jangkholam Haokip, University of Aberdeen, UK

5. Member: Revd Dr Seikam Touthang, Pastor, Kuki Community Church, Tulsa, USA

6. Member: Revd Dr Yam Kho Pau, A.G.S, Myanmar Council of Churches, Yangon, Myanmar

7. Member: Mr Zuam Lian Amlai, Environmental Activist, Bandarban, Chittagong Hills Tract, Bangladesh

Local Reception Committee:

1. Local Reception Committee Chairman: Prof. Lal Dena

2. Local Reception Committee Secretary: Dr D Letkhojam Haokip, Lecturer, Maram College

3. Member: Dr Leban Serto, Peace Studies, Martin Luther Christian University, Shillong

4. Member: Dr. M. Pryiadarsini Gangte, Lecturer, Damdei College

5. Member: Ms Lhingneilam Lupheng, Lecturer, Moirang College

6. Member: Dr David K Zote, Deputy Registrar, MU

7. Member: Ms Hoilam Kipgen, Asst Registrar, MU

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