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Kings of Leon By Becky B, Guest writer for Inpui.com

Think you need to play the piano or guitar like rock stars to have a chance at the big time, well think again. The star of Kings of Leon, Matthew Followill has come out with statements explaining that some of the family of the band currently live in "caverns".

Matthew – the guitarist -who is connected to the band by his cousins - Caleb, Nathan and Jared, who are actually brothers, has claimed that his devout Christian family group still lives in modest circumstances of their own in Oklahoma, despite the enormous success of the rockers.

He said: "I do not think they have been given a choice. This is what they have and that is what they are able to use.

"A good part of our family lives off the land there. They build their own houses or in caves and stuff, and just live there, living day by day."

When Kings of Leon got questioned if they pass their money to the families, bassist Jared, together with his band who have recently created their fourth album "Only By The Night", and have sold many millions of copies: "We have all thought about it, but then we just thought it would be cool for us to keep hold of the money because it's still ours. We will certainly help them out if they ever need us.

"Obviously, there are different ways to give your money, so it becomes a double sword, as they could then be doing thing they should not do."

All three of the brothers; Nathan, Jared and Caleb spent the majority of their childhoods in the south of the United States with Ivan Leon Followill; their father, and their mother, Betty Ann.

Although they have toured the world and are some of the most famous rock stars, the band, "who have a new documentary coming out, which is called ‘Talihina Sky: The Story of Kings of Leon’ “ are incredibly proud of their humble origins.

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  1. there already is a fifth album "Come around Sundown" out there ;)


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