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International School of Western Music By Timothy Z. Zote

Saikot, July 30: A thanksgiving day cum 1st anniversary of the Churachandpur chapter of the International School of Western Music was held at Synod Supermarket Building here in Churachandpur on Saturday.

The event was to mark the promotion of peace through music and organizers have expressed their gratitude to the HPC-D for supporting the programme to promote peace and development.

Organised by the International School of Western Music (India), a project of International Music Foundation, the programme was attended by various social activists, student leaders and district council members.

Churachandpur ADC member Lalhosan graced the occasion as chief guest while his colleague Kamsuanlun was the functional president. The chief host was Khamliankhup and the guest of honour Francis Songate.

The International School of Western Music was establish on 5th July, 2005 in Gurgaon with a humble beginning of just 3 student’s. Now it has 346 students. The school continues to grow year after year under its director James T. Zote with the support of 14 faculty.

About the Institute

Course offered:

a) Trial month: 1 Month b) Short course (Basic) : 6 month

c) International course: 1 Year d) Trinity (London School of Music)

Instrument & OTHER: Keyboard, Acoustic Guitar, Electric Guitar, Drums, Staff Notation, Tonic Sol-fa (Theory & Vocal)

Reason behind ISWM in Town: Viewing all the skills and talents of different people’s around the world, the North Easterner has potential to compete with the rest of the world. Seeing all that, challenge to setup a branch for the benefit of the town and different parts of North East in the future in Music Education. Director of the Said Music institution has 10 years experience.

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