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Hmar Matrimonial Facebook Group (Small)Don’t be surprised! Anything ‘chalta hai’ generation youngsters are hitting social networking sites like never before to have fun or simply to pass their time… wait they maybe as well be looking for a suitable partner if one is to go by the creation of a Hmar Matrimonial Group on Facebook.

The number of Hmar-based groups on popular networking site Facebook is growing and now there are groups like Hmar, Tuolte Vanglai, Hmar Youth Association, Evangelical Assembly Church, Guwahati Hmar, Virthli, Inpui, etc.

Hmar Matrimonial Group  created by Nick Inbuon appears to be attracting one and all. There are already 92 members. Checkout if you are curious to know more. Hmar Matrimonial Group.

What is your view about this group? Say what you have to say in the comment box below.

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  1. Arranged marriage siem dinga nu le pa tlankhawm nek hman in thalai ruol insukhlimna dinga an siem a ni hmel ka tih. Thaw ding an hriet ka tih khawpel an naw.

  2. Atha eh, ei hmasawnna anih. Tulai khawvel a ei cheng a, ei hnawtp hak naw chun tukhawm dem ding ei um nawh. Cheers HMG

  3. Lol... medical check-up hungzo vawng ka ta, ka lang hungin post ding anih....hahaha...!!!!

  4. @Oliver, I re vung vung ka ti hrim. Nunghak matrimonial group a um lo i hmu fuk am a nih ta ding ka lo ti a ;)

  5. Har thar ei thaw ani hi....sienkhawm tulai thildang buoina leiin net ka kan hman bek naw ding a hawi, Mobile a inthawk thaw kha chu a test a um naw.......rgds. Oli


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