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By Jessica Noir, Guest Writer for Inpui.com
Michel Houellebecq is a French author who has been writing books for many years. He is a poet as well and he has been involved in film making too. One will be going through the review of one of the Michel Houellebecq’s books. There are several books which have been written by Michel. The debut book of Michel was Extension du domaine de la lute (Whatever).

This is a book based on the psychological experiences of an individual having well settled life but lacked the sexual drive for the past two years. His life was a solitary one and he was unable to cover up with ease because of all the complications in his mind. The most obvious complication in his mind was the desire of sex. He was intending towards sex and his mental state was going into a severe depression due to great stress on his mind. He went through several books of author which includes the experiences of an individual having some sex. These books increase the sexual arousal of the main character which results in onanism. He was unable to know the reasons why he has been lacking in sex and all the major problems which were faced during his life.

His sexual desire kept on increasing and he wanted to have more attention from someone so that he will be able to manage his sexual desires according to his own sexual requirements. He was a good person but he found himself an average one. He was worried about his sexual life and he always looked around himself to notice what lacks his sex capabilities. He went to purchase a single bed for himself and when he purchased it then, he just looked to the bed and wished to have a double bed so that he will be able to fulfill his sexual desires.

This book is a very complicated one and there are numbers of aspects which have to be looked upon. There are numbers of consequences in the book and the main theme of book is perfectly alright. It is considered to be a very good book and a film was also made which was totally based on the debut book of Michel. English translation of the book is also available and the film was released in 1999. The book really got great appreciation from the readers and authors because of the central theme. Numbers of major psychological aspects have been covered with brilliance in the book and there was nothing which can be said as not interesting. There was a catchy approach from the author and a reader will never miss the opportunity of reading these unique books.

There was a little bit criticism on the book as well from a few major authors and some readers. According to their perceptions, the content of the book is perfect but the main theme of story is not perfect. It reflects some defeats in the life of a man who was just tired of everything. There were many concepts of sexual desires and negative sexual approach which were not good according to a few other critics. The book is totally based on sexual desires and the requirement of sex in the life of an individual. The book is also considered to be an odd one and the main message is far away from the reality of life. The overall rating of the book is positive and it has been regarded as a brilliant book.

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  1. It would be great reading this book, is it written in French or in English...!!!

  2. @Oli, It is available both in English and French. See the first Book in the first para. It's 'WHATEVER" in English.


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