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Sikhawvar Magazine By Lalmalsawm Sungte
I am extremely happy to hear that a new Hmar magazine titled "Sikhawvar" (Morning Star) was coming out. However, over the past few days there have been both positive and mostly negative comments on how it will face the ‘battle of survival’. I would like to reply to both views, but I finally decide to write a piece which some may consider a counterview to those negative remarks.
Having been associated with a number of Hmar publications, I've seen their births and deaths. It is painful to let your loved ones go, but we do need to keep in mind that even the dead tree trunk can give life to mushrooms and chances for other trees to grow.    
Let me point out three facts of the matter which are hard to accept:-
  1. We are born to live ... and die.
  2. Nothing is permanent... change is imminent.
  3. Life is a struggle... not a bed of roses.
I think these three facts are more than enough to reflect the realities of the media scenario in the Hmar community.
When a new child is born ... do we not greet/send the parents good wishes? or Do we simply say, "Oh, that child is gonna live for 5 years or 80 years only".  I think we need to develop a positive attitude when a 'new child' is born to Hmar Press. It does matter how long 'the new born child' will live, but is it not too early to predict its death when it is still an infant?
The lifespan of a Hmar magazine is at most 3 - 5years and we need to give time for this 'new child' to grow first. Who knows it may live well beyond our dreams. Whether it cultivates a bad character, joins politics, becomes right-left-centre wing 'youth', etc., we'll have to wait and see.
Now is the time to simply say: "You have given birth to a wonderful 'child' with such a beautiful name 'Sikhawvar'. We wished you all the best. Bring 'him' up with care and love. Let ‘him’ live a long life!"
And, when/if the time comes for us to say "Goodbye Sikhawvar", we need to remember it deserved a decent ‘burial’ as well. Do we not say: "May his/her soul rest in peace with God" even when a drug addict or murderer dies? 
All the best to the Editor and his team!!!

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  1. I also of the opinion that we Hmar people and those of you living in cities tend to have negative mindset. Good stuff and please write more often. I love looking things from your point of view.

  2. Sikhawvar chanchinbu zingah EAC Council Hall-ah tlangzar ning a tih.

  3. Great read!!! Who is the Cover girl any idea? I asked because she doesn't look Hmar...?

  4. Hi Mr. Sungte, Good to see that you are writing on issues close to the Hmar people again. The way look at this issue is encouraging- being positive even in hard times. I'm reminded of Remez Sasson's quote: Positive thinking evokes more energy, more initiative and more happiness.

    Keep us entertained with more writeups on other issues also.

  5. This is exactly the way we should look at things not just even in the media scenario. We are born and to die and betweet that two we are to do our best. Cheers. I owe you a dinner when we meet again.

  6. Good Write up Robert.
    This is the attitude we (Hmars) must all have to survive in this sin-sick world.
    Great read.

  7. I really appreciate Mr. Sungte's view on this issue.

    I particularly love this section:
    “Whether it cultivates a bad character, joins politics, becomes right-left-centre wing 'youth', etc., we'll have to wait and see.”

    I like to point out this trend in most of us to have a dark perspective. We love to brand people and even our very own news and magazines. Many say Hmasawnna Thar is ‘Mr.Someone’s paper’ and so and so rather than looking at the news items.

    It’s time we wake up and appreciate the little things we have and develop them further.

    James Songate


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