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Gift Coupon Results as declared by the Guwahati Hmar Welfare Society on August 22, 2011.

1st Prize Ford Figo: Rev.H.Chungthang Thiek 55982
2nd Prize Pulsar 180 CC: Solomon Hmar 36607
3rd Prize Washing Machine: North East Motor 24284
3rd Prize Washing Machine: Deepanjali 14831
Consolation Micro Oven: Subhaji 25834
Consolation Micro Oven: Manoj Sandeep Jalan 21761
Consolation Micro Oven: Mary 32584
Consolation Micro Oven: North East Motor 25410
Consolation Micro Oven: North East Motor 24347
Consolation Micro Oven: Lalneihnieng Khobung 52224
Consolation Micro Oven: Debojit Bora 56041
Consolation Micro Oven: Thanghlun 55737
Consolation Micro Oven: CR Arjun 17480
Consolation Micro Oven: Sandeep CA 36053

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  1. fair naw e. coupon booklet khawpui danga mi in inthangsa tirnaw nelnuol an naw maw. hmar ka ni leiin in zawr nawk a ni chun inchaw nawk ka tho ka tih. salaaaaahhhh... next a chu ka man ding. ghy mi vawng...ngaina ka hrlo. thawtu thuoituhai in an man nawk deu deu. aaAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHH. Solomon Hmar an ti pa ka thik rieu hahahahaaaaaa

  2. Solo kha ka ruolpa anih heheheh !

  3. sura lottery nahai in an man haaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

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