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August 20, 2011, khan HSA, Bangalore Branch, thruoitu thar ding inthlangna nei a ni a. Freshers’ cum Social Meet a mipui pungkhawmhaiin a hnuoia hming zieklang a um hai hi lungruol takin thruoitu dingin an thlang tling an nih.

President:- Tv Nelvin Randolf Amaw
Vice President:- Tv Lalramsan Tusing
Secretary:- Tv William Pudaite
Asst Secretary:- Tv Abraham Sellate
Finance Secretary:- Tv Laltlangsuok Khawbung
Treasurer:- Nk Mary Jones
Education Secretary:- Tv Khumte Thiek
Games and Sports Secretary:- Tv Barnaba Infimate
Information Secretary:- Tv Lalthanei Sungte

HSA Bangalore Hmar

Newly elected HSA OBs with BHCF president Nelson Doungel (first row extreme right), election commissioners Pu Jonathan Kungate and Pu Robert L. Sungte (standing extreme left and right) and BHCF local pastor Pu Robert Vanlallien (2nd right standing).

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  1. Congrats, ei theitawp suo seng ei tiu awle...!!!


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