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 home heating winter save power 1 (WinCE) By Eddie B. Dyxon, for Inpui.com           

  If you are going to retrofit your home or office to improve heating efficiencies and reduce your energy use and heating fuel or electrical bill and billings it is important to know comprehend and understand “just how your house works”.  This will ensure that job and work will definitely meet your high expectations and you won’t be swapping a set of new problems for ones you thought were put to bed.

                  You should have a grasp of the basic building science that is important for successful retrofit and heating / cooling systems renovation and reno work and works. By doing so you should be able to successfully control the flow of heat, air and moisture both alone and in concert.

                      Firstly we expect shelter from our homes and buildings.  We might call the barriers and borders our shelters maintain to keep divisions intact as “the building envelope”.  In essence to maintain our indoor environment, this building envelope must control the flow of heat, air and moisture between the middle of the home and the great outdoors – the rest of the universe.

            What is important to understand is that cold does not follow into our homes – rather heat dissipates and flow out and away from inside to out.

              Hence the general idea is to seal this precious internally held heat from flowing outside. Hence the role of insulation and the sealing of openings – doors and windows with caulking, weather stripping and the like.

               Many homeowners are misinformed in that they think that heat only rises. Hence they reason that if they only insulate their attic and roof areas from leakage all will be well. They will be warm as toast and have low heat loss – and energy costs and budgets.

               This is not the case.  Heat will escape and flow from areas of high energy (hot and warm) to areas of minimal heat and energy. Thus not only does heat escape out your roof and up your chimney but from every contact point and wall that interacts and meets with cooler outside areas.

                 Hence the whole point of the exercise if you wish to have a more energy efficient, less costly home or building to heat and as well live in warm comfort during cold winter and fall season is to seal up and insulate your home from heat energy losses and flows from inside to outside.

                In the end keeping toasty while using as little fuel and energy as possible is as simple as that.

About the author:- Eddie B. Dyxon writes for Furnasmans One Hour UV Light. Furnasman has the expertise in Winnipeg to install high tech UV heating duct air filtration to protect your family's health against moulds and swine flu and influenza safely and economically this coming Canadian cold winter

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