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One of the best way to prevent the swirl marks from the car is by using a good quality microfiber towel and practice good car wash techniques, which include prepping your car before you even start washing it.

It is also found that cleaning a car's exterior with the wrong or low quality products can also cause swirl marks. In fact many of us may be adding to the swirls marks every time we wash or dry our car or it can also happen at a carwash. Many of us think that we can avoid it by investing in a hand wash at the car wash but it happens here more times than not as well.

It can not only happen due to cheap car cleaning towels but also due other products not designed for your car which can cause these marks. So the best part of following the above tips is that it is really cost effective and simple to follow.

In order to get rid of swirl marks you need to wash your car carefully with a product which removes road grime and microfiber towels are best for this since they are less prone to scratch the car's surface.

To remove swirl marks, you can use the dual-action car polisher such as Portable Cable 7424XP and Meguiar’s G110v2. The first and most important is to make the surface clean. Secondly it is better to use fine-cut compound such as Meguiar’s Ultimate Compound on your dual-action car polisher and pass the area. The third step is to use finishing polish such as Klasse All-In-One on your-dual action car polisher and pass the area.

All these car detailing supplies are available in many online and hardware stores. Do some research before actually getting one. Using the best car wax to protect your car is also recommended to prvent your car from having swirl marks in the future.

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In general the minor car paint scratches and chips are easy and simple to repair. Basically this kind of scratch damages the paint layer leaving primer layer intact. Sometimes the minor damages are caused by road debris, branches, or little stones from the driveway.

These days the automotive paint touch-up is gaining lot of popularity all over for repairing minor paint damages on the car. It is actually a speedy and cost effective way of repairing those small paint damages. You can get this kind of auto detailing products on many online sotres.

In case of bigger car repair areas, you should use a touch-up paint that is available in a bottle or in a spray can. But long scratches mostly require more work and you also need to work very carefully on that. If you try to brush a long scratch with paint, the surface will end up looking uneven and ugly. So the best way is to carefully sand the area and then spray it with touch-up paint.

But always remember that if you have a lot of small dings in one area, spot painting might make it look like patch work. It is always a good idea to spray paint the entire area which is really easy to do and also looks more professional. Luckily, spray painting steps are the same weather you are trying to fix a deep scratch, a shallow long scratch or a lot of small chips.

Some people also remove minor scratches on their car by using a fine abrasive polishing compound which helps in repairing the marks without damaging the paint but you need to handle this work very carefully.

If you do not want to spend too much on expensive repairs and should get rid of those scratches as soon as possible. If not fixed at early stages it can lead to bigger problems like rust development as well as corrosion. Finally, waxing with the best car wax is very important to seal the job and protect the car from future damages.

Many people don’t know how to delete all the emails in their Yahoo account and as such thousands of already read and most of all useless mails get accumulated creating much confusion. If you want your Inbox to be clean and tidy, you may consider deleting all emails….but the normal procedure will take you hours before you finally delete the last email. This video will show you how to do the job in a minute!

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Nu le pa thu awi lo inpâng chu trênah a mawng a,

Nu le pa thu awi phunchong chu zawlah a mawng. -Pipu thuvar

Thingtlanga um ve naw hai chun inpâng thing le phunchong thing hi ei hriet da’l thei. Inpâng chu trênbarama naw chu a mawng ngai naw a, chuong ang bok chun phunchong khom zawlah naw chu a mawng ve ngai nawh. Chuleiin upahai chun nau thu awi lohai chu inpâng leh an hrilkhi a, nau thu awi chu phunchong leh an lo hrilkhi hlak a nih. Ei Pathien thu khoma “Naupanghai, Lalpaa chun in nu le pa thu awi ro, chu chu thil indik a ni si a, ‘I nu le pa chawimawi rawh’ ti hi thupek sawm laia thil tiem sa nei hmasa tak a nih. “Chuongchun i ta dingin thrang a ta, hnuoiah khom damsawt bok i tih” a ti a ni kha (Efesi 6:1-3). Pathien thu inchuktir awia nu le pahai thu zawmtu chun thil indik a thaw a nih. Nu le pa chawimawitu chu a ta dinga thil thra thawtu a niba, hnuoia khom dam sawt dinga Pathienin Thupek Sawm a pek laia thil tiem sa nei hmasa tak chu a nih. Chuong ang nau chu an nih phunchong anga zawla mawng, hadam le ralmuonga hnuoia khom dam sawt dinghai chu nih. Ngai ta u, Pain ami lo va hmangai lawm lawm de! Pathien nauhai a min buk hiel ta hi! Lalpa chu inpakin um raw seh.


Nu le pa thu awi lo ruok chun thil indik le thra a thaw ngai naw leiin a malsawmna dong dinghai chu a baw buok hlak a, a lampui hraw le a nungchangin a nu le pa a chawimawi ve thei ngai nawh. Lampui thra hrila kawkhmutu chu hnawlin khawdung le khawvai suka nunkhuo phâmin, hun le nihai chun ieng thil am an hung her suok ding ti rêng dawn loin, a hun thra le ni thra hai chu nuomtawlnain a hmang a, a daurap mei mei a, a thranghar ve pha hlak chun hnuoia tui inbaw tah hnung hlak chu rut thei ni ta lo. Tu lai ngirhmuna ding lem chun mimawl tangrang ta ding chun ni khat tha hlaw chu fak khop em ni mawl lo chu, fak a sie chun taksa a chau a, natna chite khom tuorhlaum an chang hlak. Thla hlaw nei phak ve lo le sumhnâr thra nei ve lo hai ta ding chun fak thra fak ngaina a um ta naw a, damnaw changa daktor panna ding le damdawi inchawkna ding tak ngiel khom um lo bok, sung le kuo thrangpui seng zo zai hlak ni ta bok lo ta ding chun tuor thei chen tuor tlok tlok a, thi hun nghak el naw chu thaw dan ding a um mol naw leiin hang dam sawt ngaina um reng lo a! Esauin a naulutir nina bu voi khat faka a zor ang el khan insir a trap ngawi ngawi khomin hun liem ta hnung hlak chu ko kir thei an ta si naw leiin, inpâng ang elin harsa ngawi ngawiin hringnun trênbaramah damlai nihai chu hmang liem makmaw an ta hlak.


Nu le pahai chun ei nauhai thratna dingin daktor thiem thiem panin damdawi thra an ti phot ei inchawkpek hlak. Calcium lem hi chu ru le chang ta dinga thra nia hriet lar a ni leiin nu le pa bengvar deuhai chun daktor rawn kher lo khoma an nauhai an pek hlak. Ni dang lai hun ngaituo chun thiemna le varna khom nasa takin a’n sang ta a, daktor thiemna khom insangin a’n ril ta a, damdawi thra le fak ding thra thra hrein ei hmu phak ve ta a, thrangtharhai dolkai khom a tlangpui thua chu ni dang lai nek chun a thra tah lem niin a’n lang. Nu le pahai khoma ei nauhai thratna ding a ni phot chun ei nei ang ang iengkhom inro ei nei naw a, a lo harsa deu khoma ram tin ram tanga indapin ei thaw trawk tawk hlak. Keini khom chuong ang harsatna ngirhmuna chun ka nu le ka pain ureng sawm le pakhat lai an mi lo enkol ve a, piengphunga chu ruol kan ban ve thoin ka hriet a, ka nu le pa beiseina ruok chu kan tling zo naw seng niin ka hriet. Asan chu nu le pa thu kan awi zo tawk naw lei ni takin ka hriet. Kei tak lem hi chu ureng laia nu le pa thu awi lo tak ka ni nghe nghe a, inpâng ang ela trêna mawng ni tak meuin kan hriet hlak chu tie. Ka nu le pa thu lo awi ni lang chu phunchong ang elin zawlah hadam takin lo mawng ka ta, ka nuhmei le nauhai khom hadam an ta ka nauhai khom fak thra fain sikul thraa hai kai veng an ta ruol an ban phak ve ding bah. Tling le tlak naw tak pumin ka naupang hun le ka tlangval lai hun hai chu hmang liem peiin mi hnung hnotin kan ban tung ve treng treng a. Hringmi hi inpâng le phunchong thing ang ema ngirhmun son thei ta reng reng lo chu ei lo ni naw ni naw nim, ka hun sei lem deuthaw ka hmang zo hnungin nu le pa thu awi hnuhnawin, thlarau le nun hung inthlak danglam peiin, khawsakna chen a hung inthlak danglam pha tah a nih. Keima ang boka petek, nun kholrawng taka khawsa mek nu le pahai ta ding khoma Lalpaah nu le pa thu zawm a la’n hnu nawh, Pathien chun malsawm ding chein a thutiemah a la ngir zing. Inhmaw rawh, muong loin ama chu pan vat el rawh.


Voisuna nu le pa ngirhmuna ngir mekhai khom hi ei nu le pahai ta ding chun naupang ei la ni zing tho a nih ti inhrein mani nu le pahai chu lo chauin lo ongrop ta hai sienkhom inza tak le duot taka chawimawi ding an nih. Tu chena hnienghnar taka i lo khawsak theina khom kha nu le pa malsawmna zar i zo lei a ni thei ve tlat a nih. Tien lai upahai chun pa hai thi ni hin an hnang khuor hrui khom an thawt a, ran vai le lohma tienga malsawmna chen khom a tla hnuoi hlak an lo ti hiel hlak. Pa malsawmnain thu a phurzie chu Isakin Jakob mal a sawmna le inzoma a malsawmna dong le Esauin a pa malsawmna a dong ve dan dam kha ngaituo ding a nih. Chuong ang bokin Jakobin a nau pasal sawmpahnihai mal a sawmna thu le a hnung peia an thil tonghai kha inchik tlak a tling a nih. Thuvarhai 20:20 chun, Tu khom nu le pa trongse inphurtu chu thim sa lai tak a khawnvar her hlum ning a tih a ti a nih. I nu le pa i chungah an lung a awi naw leiin Pathien malsawmnain a trinsan thei che a nih ti theinghil ngai naw rawh. Sin thra le sum hnar thra i nei lei ela damsung se thei ta lo ding angah i’n ngai el thei a, sienkhom a ni chuong der le! Lalpaa ei nu le pahai thu ei zawm naw hun hunah inpâng anga trênbarama mawng hnuhnaw thei zing a nih, chuonga mawng ta khom chuh ei hnam sunga ngeia hin hmu ding le hril ding ei kat ve nuk an tah.


Naupang ta dinga vitamin thra tak chu Efesi 6:1-3 hi a nih, Pathien Thupek Sawm laia malsawmna thu tiem sa um sun a nih. Nu le pahaiin ei nauhai fak ding thra le inhnik hnik ei pek leiin an dolkai le hmel hung thrain, lekha thiemin, sin thra tak khom an hmu el thei a, lawm a um. Hi damsung le thlan khel tieng chena an tluongtlung pei theina dinga fak ding le dawn ding thra tak ruok chu Lalpa thu awi le zawm a nih. Chuong naw chun hi khawvel damsung hun khom hi a dai zo naw el thei a nih. Naupang laia inthoka Pathien thua chawm le enkol tleihai chun danglamna rieu an nei a, an nun khom a tluong deu chawk hlak. In tieng le sikul tienga tu laia ei naupang enkol dan le Baibula naupang enkol dan ding a hril hi chu a’n mil naw hle nin a’n lang. Naupang lungrila invêtna bu khuor chu thununna hmola hnot hmang thei a nih tiin Thuvarhai 22:15 a chun a hril a. Tu lai ruok chu hmola naupang vuok a thrat naw thu ei hril uor ta tlat. Hi lei ma hi ni ta veng a tih tu lai hin upa inza nachang hre lo, tlawmngaina khom nei lo naupang an pung tuol tuol el hi. Tien lai naupanghai kha invêt tutin inlang hai sien khom upa inza dan le tlawmngaina kongah tu lai naupanghai hin a’n khan ta naw hle ti hmu theiin a um. Naupang chu lampui indik inchuktir la, a upat hnung khomin petsan ta ngai naw nih tiin Thuvarhai 22:6 a chun a mi hril.



28 September 2011.

September 12, 2011

Jiribam Sub-Division Full Fledge Revenue District-a upgrade tumna thua Vangai Biela Hmar khuo thenkhat Jiribam biela laklut ding ni awma thu inthang hi belchieng dawllo, thukhêl a nia, sawrkar le mipui tieng khawma rawtna a um nawh ti HNU in a puong.

Manipur Sawrkar-in Central Sawrkar kuoma Jiribam Sub-Division hi Full Fledge Revenue District-a upgrade dinga a remtina Cabinet thutlukna lekha, Revenue Commissionerin August 2, 2006a a thawn angin tuta administrative unit boundary, hieng District, Sub-Division, Block in\hena ramri um tasahai reng reng hi sukdanglam lo dinga a ziek a nih.

Hieng lai zing hin, Delimitation Commission of India order, January 23, 2004 khawma District, Sub-Division, Block ramrihai reng reng state a Delimitation siem that a ni hma chu ieng ang kawng khawma rîn danglam lo dinga thupek (Order) an suo a nih. Chu dungzui chun Imphal East District hnuoia um Jiribam Sub-Division chu ramri sukdanglam lova Full Fledge Revenue District-a upgrade dingin Delimitation Commission of India in November 20, 2006 khan a lo remti pek tah a nih. Pu Ibobi Singh, Chief Minister ngei khawma ramri sukdanglam a ni naw ding zie hi Patpuihmun, Senvawn le Pherzawlah chieng em em in a hril a ni kha. Chu baka chun hieng ang thukhêl vuong vel a tam em leiin bau ngeiin Chief Minister khawm inbiekpui nawk a ni a, thu umsa sukdanglam a ni naw ding zie a vel velin a hril a nih.

Mi thenkhatin Jiribam Sub-Division hi Full Fledge Revenue District-a upgrade dinga nawrna a hin Vangai (Tipaimukh huom sunga) Hmar chengna khuo le ram a huomsa ding anga hrila, ei President Dr. Chaltonlien khawma remtina hming a signed a nih ti thukhêl an hril hi mihai thiltum le thil umzie ningkhawng hre phaklohaiin ama hming suksiet tumna leia an phuokfawm a nih. Hi thu le inzawm hin ei President remtina hming a sign nawh ti ka hrietchieng. Vangai Biel hi Hill District sunga um, Block hran, Pherzawl ADC hnuoia um a ni leiin Phairam (Valley) Jiribam ADC sunga lut ding anga hril hi tuchena thil thei lo a nih. Jiribam District nawrtuhai (sawrkar le mipui) khawma Vangai Tribal Development Block sunga Hmar khuo thenkhat Jiribam District-a lut ding hin an demand ah a thang sa naw hrim hrim a nih.

Hi thu hrilthanga um hlak hi HNU chun nguntakin a ngaiven a, chuongang thil Evidence/Document hmu le hrie an um a ni chun HNU hotuhai inhriettir vat dinga ngen an nih. A tul anga bawzui dingin HNU an pei zing. Chuleiin, Vangai Tribal Dev.Block sunga chêng mipuihai kuomah hieng thuthang belchieng dawllo, phuokfawm lei hin lungril suksawl lo dingin HNU in an hriettir a. Chun thukhêl thedartuhai khawmin Election propaganda anga hmanga mimal sukhmingsie zawng le mipui sukthlaphang zawnga khêl hril le hlemna thu hi khêkpui lo dinga ngen le inhriettir an nih.

Chun, Pherzawl ADC pêka ei um hi thuneitu le pe theitu chu Governor ni lovin Manipur Chief Minister le a Cabinethai an ni lem ti hi hrieng ei tiu a, chuong ang bawkin tuta Manipur Sawrkar kuoma Pherzawl ADC hi District Puitling (Full Fledged District) a upgrade dinga ei ngen mêk hi mi pe theitu an ni bawk.

Sd/- Mr. Henkhum
General Secretary,
Hmar National Union,Gen.Hqrs

By David Spader*, for Inpui.com


Sports cars have been around for decades, and they have become a symbol of American life. Worshipped by car enthusiasts across the country and desired by just about every teenage boy, here are a few of the most popular and iconic American sports cars.


#5: Chevrolet Corvette

The Corvette is one of the polarizing cars on the market: People see it as either an inexpensive challenger to exotic supercars, or a cheap lump of fiberglass driven only by those suffering a mid-life crisis. Engines include a 438hp 6.1l, 505 hp 7.0l, and the 638 hp supercharged monster in the ZR1. Combined with a range of roof and transmission options, the Corvette fits drivers ranging from Sunday cruisers to club racers.


#4: BMW Z4

When the Z3 first reached our shores, most people saw it as little more than an expensive German Miata. BMW went back to the drawing board and came back with a larger, faster car that turned it into a serious competitor to the Porsche Boxster. Available as a coupe or hardtop convertible, the Z4 combines the luxury and sportiness people expect from a BMW.


#3: Dodge Challenger

Coke bottle styling, garish colors, and a giant V8 may scream 1968, but when Dodge combined these features with modern ride and handling they got a major hit with the 2008 Challenger. Although it hasn't received the major styling updates of its siblings the Chrysler 300 and Dodge Charger, there have been some major changes under the hood. The tepid 2.7l and 3.5l V6s have been replaced by the new Pentastar V6. producing a respectable 305 hp while still getting 27mpg on the highway. The SRT8 has taken a brief hiatus, but it will soon return with a new 6.4l version of the Hemi producing a massive 470 hp and 470 ft-lbs. of torque.


#2: Ford Mustang

Over nine million Mustangs have been sold since its debut in 1964, but development money for the original pony car has been short for the past couple decades. While the car finally got a new platform in 2006, it was still saddled with the ancient and despised Cologne V6 and the aging 4.6l "Mod" V8. In 2011, the Mustang finally got engines worthy of its chassis: The 3.7 L V6 makes almost as much power as the outgoing V8, while the new Coyote 5.0l produces 412 hp and 390 ft-lbs. of torque.


#1: Chevrolet Camaro

While the Holden Monaro-based Pontiac GTO was able to deliver startling performance, it was largely ignored by the public because of its dull styling. GM tried again, but this time the platform was wrapped in a body that looked the part: When the new Camaro debuted in 2009, people took notice of its near concept car design.


Topping the line will be the ZL1, powered by the Cadillac CTS-V's supercharged V8, retuned to produce 550 hp and 550 ft-lbs. of torque. Along with the engine, the car will also get suspension bits from the Cadillac, giving it the power and the handling to challenge the Shelby GT500.


About the author: David Spader looks at savings accounts over at SavingsAccount.Org. His recent review looked at the best CD rates.

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Infolinks Marketplace (WinCE) The last time we talked about Infolinks was the latest payment we received from them. Continuing the feel good news we have been experiencing a fairly good return considering our modest venture blogs where we have implemented their service.


Now, what we are hearing is that Infolinks, which was started in 2007 has  become the world’s fastest growing In-Text advertising network. It is in news again for the recently launced “first and only self-service” In-Text Advertising Marketplace


In simple terms, the new feature will allow advertisers to quickly and easily create an In-Text Advertising campaign, with various targeting options, in a matter of minutes.


“Infolinks new self-service model now makes it easy for anyone familiar with Google Adwords to quickly launch an In-Text Advertising campaign,” said Tomer Treves, Chief Marketing Officer of Infolinks in a statement.


Now let’s look at the main features of Infolinks self-service In-Text Advertising Marketplace:-

* User Friendly:  It is now possible to create ad campaign in minutes

*Keyword Selection: Select and own your branded keywords across the Web

*Keyword Bidding: This will  enable you to segment your geographic and vertical market budgeting

*Advanced Optimization: You can customize your reach and maximize ROI

*Real-Time Reporting: We have seen many ad networks and most of them lack real time updates. The latest Infolinks feature will allow you to monitor and continuously improve your brand lift


For more information visit

http://www.infolinks.com or http://www.facebook.com/infolinks.


Much of the legwork that goes into business success revolves around being able to build good relationships and being a consummate professional. To this end, business meetings often serve as a catalyst for bringing work, securing promotions or otherwise furthering an ambition - and choosing the right meeting room is a key consideration. Below we examine the most important things to look for when deciding upon a corporate meeting space.


What sort of space to you need?

This is an important consideration and it is important to gauge it well with what you are trying to achieve. For more informal meetings, a coffee shop or a pub can work well to create a relaxed atmosphere. However, in some situations, it is a good idea to consider the infrastructure, what tools or equipment will be needed and most obviously that everyone will be able to fit in the room comfortably. Various schools of thought claim that meetings benefit from having access to natural light, which can be beneficial for a discussion-type meeting, while presentation type events may require fewer distractions.


Find a good location

This can often be quite tricky especially if many people are being brought together from different places. Sometimes the best course of action is to get in touch with a meeting room provider as they will tend to have a portfolio of venues that can be exactly suited to all needs. The meeting room should be located somewhere where it is easy for everyone to get to.


Do you need a branded space?

Many larger businesses simply do not have the required space for a big event and often an office will not give off an acceptable corporate appearance. Many meeting room providers will be able to create branded presentation or corporate space, which can very effectively reinforce a businesses' values - as well as adding that extra "wow" factor. It is important to remember that a company will often be judged on these types of superficial presentation effects.


What extras will you need?

On some occasions a meeting venue in itself may not suffice, optional extras such as use of a hotel to accommodate attendees or even entertainment such as a golf course can come in very handy when trying to win that all important business. In other instances a team building away day may call for a range of activities - both fun and educational - that can help a team come together.


Think about the costs

Many meeting room providers will charge by the hour, which means it is often possible to book a high quality room for quite reasonable prices. If you make sure that you have your meeting timed very well and are properly organised, there is no need to fork out huge sums on hiring a meeting room.


About the author: Jonathan is a freelance blogger who writes on a variety of topics with specialities in corporate business culture, meeting rooms and corporate entertainment

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Whether you are looking to increase the value of your primary or secondary residence, the key to successful home investment is knowing what improvements are going to yield successful returns should you ever wish to sell. After numerous discussions with estate agents in Paddington, Chelsea and Fulham to name a few, we have compiled this short list of 5 recommended home investments and improvements that not only will make your house more pleasurable to reside in, but also increase interest from future buyers. 


1)    Kitchen improvements always yield the highest return of any room that is renovated or upgraded in your home. Focus on countertops, updating fixed appliances and plumbing areas. The kitchen is often a pride in the home and any investment made is statistically going to yield a plus return when selling.

2)    Focus on updating what you already have rather than extensions. Extensions to your home will almost always be at a loss when selling. The only time that an investment of an extension is worthwhile is when you live in a neighbourhood where houses around you are much larger than your residence and this impedes sales interest.

3)    Investment in landscape gardening can increase interest in your home and make a much more pleasurable environment. It does not need an ongoing specialist for return visits, just for you to get your fingers green and maintain the investment. With many people this may be an investment to make closer to sales time, unless your fingers are particularly green.

4)    Flooring condition and material is something that can radically change people’s opinions and therefore your sales price. Central London estate agents will tell you that having wooden flooring or attractive tiling are an investment which makes your homes not only easier to clean, but a desirable surface to those purchasing your home in future.

5)    Eco Friendly homes are becoming vogue and inexpensive to maintain. When upgrading or looking to make an investment, think green. Not only does it decrease your rates and upkeep in your home by saving money, these features will entice a buyer to spend more when you sell. Making use of Bamboo flooring and eco-friendly plumbing will yield high returns on your home investment.


When looking to the future it’s important that you think smarter when upgrading and investing in your homes. Make sure you keep it simple and timeless, as trends change all too often in the market and niche designs may cost you more in the long run. However, with these 5 home investment tips, you’ll be well on the way to spending smart and increasing your property value.


About the author: Dave Tucker is enthusiastic journalist on the subjects of property and investment. His experience and passion aims to share knowledge amongst home owners worldwide.

If you are one of the estimated 120 million Americans who commute to work by car, chances are you are all-too familiar with traffic congestion. And if you think it's getting worse by the year, you're absolutely right. It is.


Until recently, the data on congestion in America's urban and suburban regions was a jumble of information. Traffic research was based on a mix of data from local, state, and federal agencies that provided a useful, but incomplete picture of daily traffic woes affecting millions.


Today, thanks to rapidly improving technologies, researchers are able to monitor and  analyze traffic flow and congestion on a level that was undreamed of only a few  years ago. While this remarkable improvement may not yet be solving the problem of too many automobiles sharing limited roads and highways, it provides the critical knowledge that can lead to better traffic management and solutions in the years ahead.


Much of the credit for leading this research revolution goes to a project called the Urban Mobility Report, published by the Texas Transportation Institute which is housed at Texas A & M University. The report has been published annually since 1984, but according to researchers at Texas A & M, the technology breakthroughs of the last few years have made huge improvements in the quality of the data.


The most recent report, published in 2010, covered the year 2009. According to the latest statistics, the dubious place of honor as America's most congested city is shared by two cities: Chicago, Illinois and Washington, D.C. In both of those urban areas, the average yearly delay per commuter was 70 hours per year. Note, that stat is "per commuter," not "per car." The table below shows the ten worst cities for congestion, measured by the "average yearly delay" caused by traffic congestion in each city. For Chicago and Washington, that adds up to almost two weeks per year lost to sitting in traffic breathing in gasoline fumes.


Urban Area

Avg. Yearly Delay

in Hours


Chicago, IL



Washington, DC



Los Angeles, CA



Houston, TX



Baltimore, MD



San Francisco, CA



Dallas – Fort Worth, TX   



Boston, MA



Denver, CO



Atlanta, GA



Seattle, WA




The Urban Mobility Report provides a wealth of additional information about the costs of urban congestion, mapping everything from additional travel time by region and excess fuel costs per commuter to what it calls the "commuter stress index." In case you are wondering, the top place for commuter stress is neither Chicago nor Washington. That distinction goes to the Los Angeles area.


All the data studied by the folks at Texas A & M indicates that the situation is getting worse. Without concerted effort, it could get a lot worse. The researchers concluded that congestion has worsened in every area since 1982. And if steps are not taken to address the problem, the next decade will see many smaller cities experiencing the same level of traffic delays and misery now felt by the largest urban areas.


So what can be done? The Urban Mobility Report makes it clear that there is no single solution to this complex problem, but rather a menu of solutions that need to be worked on in tandem. Their suggestions range from improving public transportation and adding roadway capacity to encouraging such ideas as "flex-time" at workplaces; ridesharing; more "high-occupancy" lanes on freeways; telecommuting, and even increased tolls in strategic places.


It all sounds good, and no doubt the recommendations of the researchers would provide much-needed relief, now and in the future. But implementing their ideas is also going to take political will, and that may be harder to find. In the meantime, all of us who drive to work will need to keep enduring the indignities. And maybe purchase a few more audiobooks to help pass the time.


The full Urban Mobility Report can be found at http://mobility.tamu.edu/.


About the author:- Neil Street has written frequently on consumer-related topics, including occupational safety and protective gloves in the workplace.

Lalrosiem Songate with wife (Custom) Name: Rev. Lalrosiem Songate

Date of Birth: May 20, 1964.

Place of Birth: Lamzang Village, Churachandpur.

Father’s Name: (L) Lalbieklien Songate

Mother’s Name: Phirneitling Songate

Wife’s Name: Rothienghlim Songate

Date of Marriage: August 10, 1991.

Names of Children: David Lalmawizuol Songate (17), Priscilla Lalruotkim (12), Bernard Lalhmathuoi (10) and Rebecca Lalremsiem (6).


Date of Ordination: March 1996 Ordained by the General Assembly of the Evangelical Assembly Church, a constituent member of the Evangelical Congregational Church of India.


Rev. Lalrosiem Songate was converted in July 1983 and responded to the Call of God in 1984. Leaving his College Education he enrolled for theological studies at Bharat Bible College in 1985, he completed his Bachelor of Divinity in 1990 and began his ministry in 1991 by teaching at Evangelical College of Theology. He pursued his secular education and completed his B.A. from Churachandpur College in 1995 and his M.A. (Pol.Sc)(First Class) from Manipur University in 2000. He was selected to receive a full scholarship to study Th.M. at Western Theological Seminary, Michigan, USA in 2004 which he completed in 2005.


He was elected to the post of General Director, Evangelical Congregational Church of India in 2004 and was elected again in 2008 for the second consecutive term where he is still serving now.He is on a frequent trip both at home and abroad representing the ECCI and has also been invited as speaker at the National Conference of the EC Church in the USA.


Rev. Lalrosiem Songate and his family are presently living in their own home at Shanveng, Rengkai, Churachandpur, Manipur-795128, India.

Imphal, the 23rd September 2011

Articles are invited from renowned as well as budding writers from the “Kut Celebrating tribes” for publication in a multi-colour Souvenir being published to commemorate State Level K<t (SLK) on the 1st November 2011 at Imphal. Less academic-oriented (not mere statement of facts) but analytical articles/write-ups on myriad socio-eco-politicocultural issues confronting the present “Kut tribes” is preferred.


Poems, jokes, etc. are welcome too. Editor reserves the right to reject, edit or curtail articles, write-ups, etc. for space, clarity, decency, social harmony, etc. Articles/writeups only in English submitted latest by 15/10/2011 either in soft copy or sent through email at the address/email ID given below will be entertained.

1. Editor, SLK Souvenir-2011
C/o P. Doungel, IPS
Hoi-in, Sanjenthong, Opp. Officers’ quarters, Imphal.

2. Sd/-Lunsieh Kipgen IPS
Incharge, SLK Souvenir-2011, Email ID: Lunsiehkipgen@rediffmail.com


Ngursanglur Sanate Vawisun 22 September, 2011 hin Ngursanglur MLA, Tipaimukh chun a nuhmei Ringzuol chu a mak tah a, Ringzuol a thuomhnaw hai po po chu Ngursanglur a In a inthawkin makpa le laibung han an va thak tah.

Vawisun a inthawk Sanglur le Ringzuol inmatna an nei ta nawh ti laibung haiin kan hung puong.


Sd/- Ngurduoilo
Sd/- Hmangkhum

Source: HT, 23rd Sept., 2011



Tarik ni 22-a Hmasawnna Thar Chanchinbu a Pu Ngursanglur in a nuhmei a makna thu insuo a um a khan ka hming inchuon in a um a.

Hi thil hi ka hrietpuina le ka remtina a thang der nawh ti mipui hrietin ka puong a. Anni nupa inmakna a hin a ro khawm ka hrietpui nawh. An makpa ka nina leiin ka thaw ding char ka thaw ve ringawt a nih ti News tiemtu po po lo hriet dingin ka puong a nih.

Sd/- Hmangkhum Songate.

Source: HT, 4th Sept., 2011

By Hmar Putar

Hnam hi iem ana? ei ti chun iemanizat a criteria hril ding um a ti. Anachu ei thupui tak 'Tawng' a hin hung lut chawt el ka tih.

Tawng hi communication ei nei thei na ani leiin Hnam pakhat ve ding chun nei ve chu a tul a. Tawng angkhat hmang hai chu tawng dang hmang hai nekin inlainatna le inhmangaina khawm a um lem bawk. Anachu 'Tawng hi Hnam anih' ei ti tawp ani chun hrilding iemanizat chu a umin ka hriet. 'Tawng hi Hnam anih' eiti chun Tawng hmunkhat hmang hai hi 'Hnam hmunkhat' ei ti na ani el a...chutak chu ani ka zuk hril inhawk bek bek chu.....haha!

US a Negro umhai, dum tawk tak, hner sa tep tup hai sawn 'english' tawng hi an hmang zuk zuk hlaka, an neighbour hai, mingo taktak of european descent, Chinese, Vietnamese, le Arab mi le a dang dang hai khawmin 'saptawng' an hmang vawng a, ei hriet seng angin English tawng hi United Kingdom sunga England rama 'English Hnam' hai tawng ani a, 'Tawng hi Hnam anih' ei ti si chun English hnam hi anlo va raptlak ta awm char char de? US rama Negro pa khawm 'English' ani el....haha!

Irish, Scottish le Welsh hai khawm sawn 'english' hi an hmang tak ani leiin 'English' vawng anni el naw ding a?

Ivory Coast a mipui dum lel lul hai sawn French tawng an hmang a, French mi ei hriet hai le hin anin ang tanaw khawp el anih. Anachu 'Tawng hi hnam anih' ei ti si a, French hnam lo ni mei mei ta raw hai se!
Drogba dam hi French hnam alo nizing annawm ie! Huiha!

Spanish khawm hi S. America rambung lai chu an hmang deu vawng ani a. Spanish hai khawm hi chidang dang an tam nuom khawp el ie, English tawng hmang hai po English Hnam anni ei ti ang anni ve.

Brazil mipui hai khawm sawn Portuguese an hmang a, Portugal rama Portuguese tawng hmang hai le sawn chu anin ang naw nasa khawp el anih!

'Tawng hi hnam anih' eiti chun English, Spanish le French le Portuguese hnam ding awm ei zuk hril hai po chau a inthawk khawm khin, Nasa chu an nasa tawl ie maw? Haha!
Mizorama Khawbung pa chu Lusei tawng a hmang leiin Lusei Hnam ning ata, kei Manipur Khawbung pa hin Hmar tawng ka hmang leiin Hmar ka ni bawk. Nasa chu nasa tak ei nih! Mizorama Vaipa khawm Lusei tawng a hmang tlat leiin, Lusei hnam ani el. Mak ve tak chu anih....haha!

Lam siemtu, Pioneer hai, Vai dum deu deu hai le eini Hmar innei pawl hai nau, Vai ani ti hrietchieng ngawi ngawi hai khawm iemanizat ei um a, Hmar tawng hmang vawng annia, 'Vai anni a chu Hmar anni' ti a ngai nawk ta pei hmel ie...haha!

Chun Hming hi tawng a inthawka ei phuok ani a. Tawnga inthawka mi nilo Hming nei ei um am? haha! Hmar tawng chun ei hming hai hi a tawpa, -a annawle -i ei bel ngai naw a. Lusei hai ruok chun annei ve thung a. Hming tawpa -a le -i, bel hai chu Lusei vawng anni ti dingin a um nawk pei chu tie... Asan chu an hming put dan kha 'Lusei tawnga Hming put' anni si leiin.....Tawng zawnga Hmar hnam hi ei define ding ani chun Hmar mi chu ei tlawm hrat hmel khawp el. Ei milien le ropui hai khawm iemanizat chu annuom le nuomnaw thu thang lo in Lusei a ei sie a tul ding anih. Mipui naran lem chu hrilseng ni naw nih. Mizorama Hmar hai popo khawm saw Lusei vawng an hung ni pei ding chu ni awm tak anih. Hmar hai hi pung duok duok inla ei nuom lai zingin eiin sawr chin deu deu chu ani tak hih. Huihah!

Ka zuk hriet dawk phut chu tie...HYA fb a ei Admin hai khawm an Sap hming amani, an Hebrew Hming amani hai hi chu thudang nisien, a umzie ei hrietthiem thei, an hming put haia inthawk hin chu 'Lusei' vawng an lo nizing an nawm ie! haha!

Hnam hi 'Tawng' chaua define lo in, ei Admin Issac in a lo hril vet ta hlak angin, 'Sense of belonging' leh 'Thisena inzawmna' khawm hi a pawimaw fut naw maw?

A hrethiem nuom naw hai chun 'Hmar tawng ngaina lo le Hmar tawng iengmalo a ngai' inmi ti tho tho ding ana. Mi ti laklaw chuong naw el ro, Ka hrietsa tho anih. Anachu nanga ang tho a, Hmar tawng pawimaw ziet le Hmar tawng ngaina ka nih. 'Tawng' chau hin Hnam ei define zo naw ti hrilna thu chau anih. Haha!

'Mizo eini' ti ka hung hril nawk pei ding am?


Shillong: Pu Crossthang Sanate has been conferred Degree of Doctor of Philosophy by the North Eastern Hill University, Shillong, on September 22, 2011.


Pu Sanate’s thesis “Social Change Among the Hmars in Manipur” is an insightful academic research work, according to friends and relatives.


Pu Crossthang lives in Shillong with wife Pi Huonsiempui and their two children.

Lalruong LungkapLalruong Lungkap: Lalruong Lungkap (Lalruong = A legendary cultural hero of the Hmars, Lung = stone, kap = shoot, shot) is a stone monument and is very popular among the Hmars especially when it comes to the legend related to the exploits of Lalruong.


It is located on the outskirt and towards north of Patpuihmun (Patpui = natural cotton, Hmun = place) village in the Vangai range of Tipaimukh.


The stone monument was about 5 feet in height and about 3-4 feet in diameter 3-4 decades back but as the rock is sandstone, it has been weathered and greatly minimized in size. The rock has holes bored into it by unknown hands. Legend holds that Lalruong shot the stone with his bow and hence bored the holes.


Text:- An extract from Dr. Immanuel Z. Varte’s Pre-Historical Heritage of Ruong-le-vaisuo.

Picture: – http://vangaitlang.blogspot.com


By Thanga Khawbung


Zan dei hnuoi taka ka ruol pa le khawsawt inlenga fe dinga kan hei suok chu. Ka ruol pa fon chu a hung in ri a. Tum aw ti a a hang pickup chun, mi damnaw inriktak, thisen pek ngai an um anih an hung ti a. Thisen A+ve group ami an pawimaw thu an hung hrila. Chuongchun ka ruol pa leh chun Damdawi in tieng pan in kan thlan nghal a. An ti ang blood group an hmuzonaw leiin an lo buoi hle a! A tawp a chun ka blood group leh a lo in mil bawk leiin, keiin peng ka tih ka hang ti thuoi el a..!! Thisen hi mi la pe ngailo ka ni leiin iengtin am aw a um ding ti in kei le kei kha ka lo buoi em em a( vawikhat pekna hin chu a awm bawk anih)!! Chuongchun unit khat chu kan hang tlit dawk pawp el ta a, hi hi ka vawikhat thisen pekna anih.


Awle ei hang hrilnuom tak el chu eini HYA members hai hin Pi pu tlawmngaina kha vawng tlat in, thangpui ngai hai thang pui hlak ding anih! Chu chu ei pathien thu leh khawm an kal naw hle! Chu nek hman chun Pathien in ami lawm lem dai ding anih..!!


Chun mani thisen mi pek leia natna thanaw, hriselnawna le thil ti um hung tlhung thei dinga ei ngai hlak hi, ngaidan in diklo le ei hrietchiengnaw lei cho anih!!



  1.Kum sawmpariet(18yrs) anthwk kum sawmruk(60yrs).

  2.Hrisel pangai chun ei pek thei vawng.

  3.Hb. 12.5gm/dl neka tlawmlo ding.

  4.Blood pressure(BP) normal a ngai.

  5. Rikdan(weight) 45 kg above.

  6.Nuhmei naupai le Thlatin dan(menstruation) nei hai chun pek lo ding.

  7. Pek zo anthawk 24 hrs sungah damdawi fak a tha nawh. Zu (alchoholic) lem chu 48 hrs sung intem lo ding.

  8. Pasal chun thla thum zo pei ah ei pek nawk thei. Nuhmei chun thla li zo ah.


HYA in ti ta phawt chun thisen pek hi rin ngai naw ei tiu.. Thangpui ngai hai ei va thangpui khan Pathien in a let tam in a mi thungrul ding anih!


New Delhi, September 22, 2011: A woman from Manipur was sexually assaulted, kept confined in locked room and attempted raped repeatedly by two men in Gurgaon. North East Support Centre & Helpline (NESC&H) team rushed to the spot and rescued the victim. Police reluctantly registered complaint after bringing pressure from media.


According to rescue team combined of NESC&H and North East Student Bodies, the incident happened when Mary (name changed) 27 years old victim went to an old man in Gurgaon known to her for last three years, had food, drink and stayed there on September 19 and 20. On 21st early morning two unknown men – Malik from Lajpat Nagar, New Delhi and Sandeep Kumar from Verender Nagar, New Delhi forcefully entered the house while the old man was drunk and deep sleep. They entered the room where Mary was sleeping, locked from inside and demanded for sex. She was slapped on face and spat on body when she refused to yield to their demand. She managed to enter the bathroom, locked from inside and luckily had NE Helpline Numbers and called up for help.


NESC&H rescue team led by Angam Haokip, Media Coordinator rushed to the spot along with Kuki Student Organisation and other Naga student bodies and rescue the girl with the help of police at 2 PM. The rescue team gave trauma counselling and went to police to register complaint at Gurgaon DLF Phase I police station.


What happens at Delhi and NCR Police stations are nightmare for North East India communities. The victim wrote her complaint and submitted to police officer in Gurgaon DLF Phase I police station yesterday at 3 PM and he refused to accept the complaint, saying that the lines “attempt rape” should be removed from the complaint.


Madhu Chandra, Spokesperson of NESC&H, who was out of station at the movement spoke hard to Station House Officer (SHO) of Gurgaon DLF Phase I police station that why he should be reluctance, delay and denial the complaint lodged by North East communities.


“I spoke to SHO that North East India communities are Indian citizens; it is their fundamental rights to take help from law enforcing agencies. If you fail to take the complaint, we will approach higher official to take action against you,” says Madhu Chandra.


Thereafter, the complaint was accepted and victim was taken for medical examination and the medical report is yet to come. A case is registered against two offenders registered under FIR No. 147 dated 21/9/2011 under 376/511 of Indian Penal Code.


“Reluctance, delay and denial to lodge complaint by Delhi and NCR police for North East India communities is the violation of fundament rights. Article 15 of Indian Constitution guarantees that neither citizen nor state should discriminate any citizen of India on the basis of race, caste, religion and place of birth,” says Madhu Chandra.


North East Support Centre & Helpline (www.nehelpline.net) is combined initiative of various human rights activists, social workers, students, journalists and lawyers seeking to prevent harassment and abuses meted out to women, North East People and tribal communities of different states.


Released by:

Angam Haokip
Media Coordinator
North East Support Centre & Helpline

Hmar Students' Association, Bangalore Website
The Bangalore branch of Hmar Students' Association has relaunched their once defunct website a few days ago.

Now, the old domain Hmararasi.com has been replaced by www.HMARARASI.org

The new site is still in development stage and it is expected to become richer in content in the coming days.

Users may also be able to get Hmar e-Bible download link soon. It may be recalled that HSA, Bangalore Branch had developed the first Hmar E-Bible for PC users.

You may want to check out Hmar Arasi

Irene Amo Good news for Hmar women and also for northeast Indian women in general. Miss Irene Amo has become perhaps the first Indian female video blogger whom Google sees as a publisher with "potential" for success. That’s why, YouTube has invited her to become a Video Publisher Partner! Usually, it takes, a minimum video streams of 10,000,000 per month to get an invite from YouTube. However, YouTube sends out very few invites to select video publishers "with potential" even if that publisher has no more than 1000 viewers. 

Miss Amo, a student of media management, uses YouTube, which is owned by search engine major Google, to talk about issues close to her heart a couple of months ago.

So, what is this all about? This means Miss Amo will be able to make money when AdSense (Google) displays advertisements on her YouTube videos.

“When I got the invitation through my email, at first, I don’t know what it was and what AdSense’s Partnership was all about. However, after my guide and consultant explained to me what it meant to be invited for YouTube Publisher Partnership I was overwhelmed with the idea of becoming a blogger who is not only free to share her views, but will also be paid some bucks at the same time,” Miss Amo said.

There are thousands of bloggers in India, but only a few of are women. Even these so-called women bloggers are mostly engaged in doing ‘online jobs’ rather than 'real blogging' about life and issues close to their hearts. And when it comes to video blogging, Miss Amo is perhaps the first Indian female amateur video blogger making good use of the largest video sharing platform. 

Miss Amo, no doubt, is still an amateur and she may or may not continue video blogging in the future; but she is determined to become a successful journalist and maybe one day “work for large media houses like CNN, BBC and others.”

And, getting YouTube Publisher Partnership is just another feather in the cap for Ms Amo. “I began video blogging simply to express my sincere feelings about issues and other things like films, fashion, etc. So, my priority remains the same. I'm not bothered much as to whether I get to become a star blogger or make big extra money,” a smiling Irene said. 



From the Sinlung Hills to the centre stage of Mizo Entertainment World, Lalengvari Sinate (Mami) has come a long way. (Profile) The young social worker and Bible student has captured the hearts of the Mizos from Mizoram and other states across India. Sources at the organising committee have admitted that Mami indeed has become a “a hot favourite” to win Mizo Idol 2011 after she was selected for the Top 10 slots.

Mami’s fans base has increased within and outside her home state of Mizoram. She is seen as someone who has the “capability to unite passion among the various Mizo tribes”. There are already a section of diehard fans from the her community, the Hmar tribe, asking people to rally around the “talented singer” by voting for her via mobile phones.

“Please vote for her,” messages have reached Inpui.com as well. However, we, at Inpui.com feel that it is only right for the best performer to win the biggest Mizo reality show. We wish each and every contestants the very best!

Here’s Mami’s latest video from her performance at the Mizo Idol 2011

Ahmednagar (Maharashtra) a khawm Hmar Christian Fellowship indin a lo ni der tah. Kum khat lai zet kha 'HSA Fellowship' tia an lo um hnungin tuhin chu HMAR CHRISTIAN FELLOWSHIP AHMEDNAGAR tiin an fellowship hming an lo thlak thleng tah.

Ahmednagar a hin tuhin Hmar thalai 40 vel bawr an um a, anni hi a tam lem chu under graduate student niin, Post graduate student chu 3/4 vel chauh niin, campus pakhata um vawng an nih. Iemanichen kha Mizo Fellowship-a an kawp hnungin kum khat liemtah a inthawk khan Hmar tawng ngeia Pathien biekna an lo nei tan tah a nih.

Ahmednagar a hin eini mi family le sinthaw an um nawha, Hmar thalai inchuklai thal mi 40 vel bawr umkhawm hai hi ei tawngtaina haiah lo hrie tawl ei tiu.

Source:- Hmar Diaspora

Ziektu: Pu L.Keivom, Inpui.com Columnist

Zan khat chu New Zealand Prime Minister David Lange[1] leh kan titi inhnik vieu el a. Ama hi niukliar ralthuom sukbo tuma thrang nasa taka latu, Opposition Leader a ni laia ruola ka man, Prime Minister a ni hnung khoma inruol thra zui pei, ka fielnaa chu an protocol khom ngaisak lova hung el hlak a nih.

Chu zâna kan titi le inzoma tienami ka hril chu khuongbai chanchin, a hmatiemin a taksa a fâk a, a tawpah a lu a beng thoih thu kha a nih. A tawiin a ho hel hol hle. Mani lu beng ta êm êm chu awium lo deu a nih. Lei sei ta ding chun, mani tukkhurhnung liek awl lem dai a tih. A khuongbai hla,

Khuongbai uo chirit,

Thlaram pha leh ram ka ta,

Ka malpui kha pâm ta raw se,

Khuongbai uo chirit

ti khah Saptrongin hieng ang hin ka zuk inlet a:

Woe unto me, a cricket!

Come September and I perish,

With my lovely thighs, oh, how sad!

Woe unto me, a cricket!

Hi tienami hi ka hrilna san chu 1971 laia piengtharna chi khat ka dong lei a nih. Piengtharna hi chi tam a um a, a thlungpui tak ruok chu a hmaa thil ei hmu le hriet chieng thei lo, ei lungril mit a hung inhong hnunga einia fie uora hung inlang, ei thil hmu le thlir dan thlak danglamtu kha a nih. Saptronga ‘realisation’ ei ti ang hi a ni tak. Ni tina ei thil hmu, hriet le tuokhai umzie hrea ei inhriet hlak hi umzie danglam daia ei hmu hun a hung tlung pha chun ei lo hriet nawzie ei hriet suok thei chauh a nih. Hrietna hi thuo tama sa a ni a, ei phok rawn po leh ei hriet tlawmzie ei hriet suok. Ei hriet nawzie ei hriet rawn pei ruolin hrietna hnârpui ei hnai tiel tiel a nih. Chu hrietna hnârpui chu a hminga Pathien tia ei ko hi a nih. A ta dingin thil inthup a um nawh; iengkim saruok le inhong sa vong a nih.

Kum 1971 April khan zantieng unau hmelhai an ti hun, thla dêt tir dal riei hnuoiah Delhia kan umna External Affairs Hostel, Curzon Road lam sirah kein damten ka’n vâk a. Chuonga ngûk taka khawvel le hringnun ka dawnkhawl lai chun ka ngirna hnuoi le ka hmu thei taphot chu keima taksa bung le inlaichin vong an ni thu ka zuk hmu suok phut a, ka har huoi a. Hi hi thu inthup ni lo, mi tin hriet ding ni awm tak, sienkhom ka lo hriet ngai lo thil ni bok si a nih. Ei taksa hi pilah a kir nawk pha chu hi hnuoi taksa, pil hi a zom nawk el a nih. Hnuoi taksa kong hrang hranga hung inchang thlai le thei rahai, ei taksa chawmtu chu ei fak pha ei taksaiin a mamaw po a chel tâng hnungah a dang po chu ei zun le êkin hnuoiah an kir nawk nghal vong a nih. Ei taksa ngei khom a tawpah hnuoia bok a kir nawk. Chu chu khuorèl, tû thlak danglam thei lo chu a nih.

Hieng anga lungril var phuta thil umzie zuk hriet le hmu chieng hi Saptrong chun ‘mystical experience’ an ti a, ei trong chun ‘rau hriet’ ti ding ni mei a tih. Hieng ang piengtharna ka dong lei hin a nih ei khuongbai tienami mawl tak khom suong taka Prime Minister meuh kuoma ka hril chu nih.

Ama hi pa var le lungril hrât deu el a ni a. Ka tienami hril chu ropui a ti hle a, trêk angin a lungril a deng a. An ngai vung vung a, "Hi tienami tawi anga ropui hi tienami tawi dang ka la hriet ngai nawh. In pi le puhai chu an lo var ngei de! Mani lu beng, thil thei loa inlang chu tu hin mihriemin thaw tumin hma ei lâk mek a nih" a ta. Hmun hrang hranga a thuhrilnaa khom hi tienami hi a sehme rop el. Ei pi le puhai kha an lo duoi bik nawh. Chû ka tina san chuh ei hril pei ding a nih.

Prime Minister David Lange hi niukliar ralthuom tribaium, voi tam tak khawvel sukchimit thei ding an siem le sie khawl hnêr hnûr le chu ralthuom chu hmanga indo dinga an intin tuo thrup el hi sukbo tuma a kûl a tâia thrang latu laia pakhat a nih. Prime Minister a ni hnungin, niukliar ralthuom phur long rêng rêngin New Zealand ram an lut a khap leiin an inthloppui USA khom a sukhmûr bùt a nih.

Niukliar ralthuom hmanga indo a um vai chun khawvel mihriem hi tu khom a him bik ding ei um nawh. Bomb tlakna hmuna mi chauin tuor naw ni hai. Bomb puok darh khu khan thingtlanga chappui an raw nia a khu intûr ngulin van an khum hlak ang hin sà takin hnuoi hi tuom a ta, nisa var lut thei loin sim inzir a ta, dei taluoin hnuoi hi vûr khalin inchang a ta, thlai le thil hna thi vong a tih. Chun, tui dawn ding po po niukliar tùrin chie pol vong a ta, a dawn dawn chu tûr dawn ang ning an tih. Chuong ang hnuoia chun tu khom a dam khawsuok um naw ni hai. Chuleiin, niukliar ralthuom hmanga indo chu mihriem insukchimitna, khuongbai anga mani lu beng thoi ang ding a nih. Ei khuongbai tienami tluka hi ngirhmun hung tlung thei hi hrilfiena tienami dang um kher naw nih. Chu chu pi le puhai lo duoi nawzie entirtu a nih.

Hi khuongbai tienami inrilzie hi zuk hriet fie ding chun Saphai khuongbai tienami leh hang tekhi inla a chieng tak. Anni tienamia chun, khuongbai hin nipui, sinthaw hunah sin ngaisak loin hla sak le inhoi thaw ngotin hun a hmang a. Thlasik a hung tlung pha leh sil le fen lum le fak le dawn ding a lo sêk khawl ve naw leiin phingtrâm le dei tuora inkonin phalbi hun a hmang zo, ti a nih. A thu zirtir a thra, a tienami khom a tluong. Eini tienami ruok chu khêl buru ngei ngei ti hriet nghal, sienkhom entirna thudik tawpkhawk la ni thei tlat si a nih. India hmarsak rama chêng mi tam lem khawsak dan khom hi hang bi chieng inla, kawrapson tûr chun damten a mi fak siet a, mani la mani lu ei rèt ngat ngat a nih.

Ei pi le puhai khan khawvelin a chai lat lat tham thu an lo vuok thlak a. Entirna dang pakhat chu tienami inbiel, Chemtattepu tienami hi a nih. Ni khat chu mong inphong hleu hleuva Chemtattepuin vadungtea chem a tât lai chun kaikuongpa uminhnelin a mazute inthên nal nal chu a va chep hlok el a, a kakhawk a sei hle. A

tienami chu mi tin hriet a ni leiin hril ngai lo-ah sie inla. Ka hril tum ruok chu hi tienami makna le ropuina chu a nih.

A tienami intran dan hi a dangdai khop el. Tu lai chu tienami ei hang phuok hin thla ei hang inlirtir té tè a, chu khom chu fûr sung chawm kânin favang tlang, sûmin vàn a baw naw zân kherah ei hang inlirtir a. Annawleh, a changtuhai kha pakhat ei hang inpiengthartir a, khawtlang mit tlung dingin a nun ei hang chei a, a rîng kham rak khopin Baibul châng ei inortir a. A khingpui ruok kha chu zu ei hang inhêtir a, hausa insunga inthokai khal suokin, nuhmei-pasal thilah mi zauthau le baw hla insam hrâtah ei inchangtir a. Chu zovah a hrat ding chu hriet sa ngawi ngawiin anaah suol le thra ei hang indotir a, a dol zor dèr a, tawpah ei inpiengthartir mathlawn nawh. Chemtattepu tienamia changtuhai ruok chu tuia chêng dâm, rama tro thing le ruo, hnachang le thlai ra dâm, ramsa dàm, hnuoia invâk thilhring le boruoka vuong thei dàm le mihriem dâm an nih. Amiruokchu, a tienami an phuok thiem êm leiin thil ni thei vong angin an inlangtir thei tlat a nih. An hang tranna khom awm deuh, vadungah mong inphu hleu hleuin chem a tât vet vet el. Ngairuotnain, tui luong ri hor hor khom ei hriet thei.

Chemtattepu tienami hi ngaisangum ka tìna san pahnih a um. Pakhatna, tienami mawl tak hmanga a rama mi chêng le an khawsak dan, an nungchang, a rama tro thing le ruo dâm le ramsa, vate le thilhring chenghai le anni inkara inlaichinna chieng taka a tar lang lei a nih. Thilhring laia chîn tak anga ei ruot phaivâng le rannung laia lien tak sâi a changtuah an thrang ve ve a. Hnuoilêng le chunglêng aiawtuah varung le bâk an thrang a. Khawtlanga hnuoihnung taka an lo sie hlak pitar hmeithai le khuoa inlal tak lal an thrang bok a. Rorelna khawl an nei tah a, thieng le thieng naw thlier dan chen, entirnan, tuikhur hnâra inhnawm an khap thu khom ei hmuh. A tienami khom tuikhur hnâra hmeithainu lungsen inhnawm thawr thu an bichara inthoka hung suok vong a nih. A tawpa kaikuongpa an hrem dana inthok hin thubuoi ching fel tuma an dilsut dan, thudik man suok tuma an thrang nasatzie le bawsetu chu ngaidam el loa an hrem ngeizie ei hmu thei bok a nih. Hi tienamia thil tlung hi ‘chem’ hmang dan an hriet hnung, sienkhom kekor an bun hma, hrenpereng takngiel khom an la kei hma, saruoka an la khawsak lai huna mi ni dingin ring a um.

Pahnina, Chemtattepu tienami hi histawri hrilfiena dinga thra tak a nih. Histawrian E.H.Carr chun histawri hi thil fe le hung innghongton zing dan suina, "a continuous process of interaction ….and unending dialogue of the past and the present" tiin a hrilfie a. Ei pi le puhai ruok chun Chemtattepu tienamiah mawl tak le chieng takin an lo hrilfie daih tah a nih. Hi tienami hi nuizat bûra ngaituhai chun a thu laimu an man fuk naw lei a ni el thei.

Thil rêng rêng hi inbâttuo le inkakhawktuo vong an nih. Thilthaw taphotin ieng kong zawngin amani bek kakhawk dang a nei a, chu kakhawk chun a kakhawk nawk sawng pei a, tawpintai a nei nawh. Mihriem le ei chengna leilung, sik le sa le a suk a tunga lawn le invak thei po po hin inlaichinna ei nei a; chu inbâttuona le inlaichinna chun ei khawvel le hringnun hi a her a nih. Mihriem hi varin thil khom ei thaw thei bik. Ûm inzâmna fik hmok thei khom ei tam. Sienkhom, thil indik lo ei thaw charin a kakhawkin a mi deng zui nawk zat pei a nih. Ram ei vât pawn dei duoi chun a hung pawn deu deu ruolin ruotui a hung tlawm pha a, ram hnawng kha thlaler ramah a hung inchang a, a tawpah a vâttu mihriem bokin a tuor el a nih. Hieng anga thil innghongton chanchin suina hi histawri ei ti hi a nih. Histawri hi Chemtattepu tienami anga cause & effect ngaituo râna i tiem phak pha chun, piengthar hnunga Baibul tiem ang elin hung fie uor a ta, a hmaa a umzie i hriet nawa khom khan umzie thar hung hmu suok i tih. Chinese-hai thuzai khukpui Yin & Yang leh khom inangna tak a nei. Chu thuruk chu a nih inhril tlâk.

Chemtattepu tienami angin ei ram sietna hi a san hang bichar inla chu ngainuom um ve ngot dingin ka ring. Thiemnaw arbawm khum ve lo, thiemchangna thing bong inleta a vaw hmasaa thrang ding chu mi ei inzong fet ngai mei a tih. Inchukna le thiemna thuah naupangin zirtirtu intum an ta, zirtirtuin naupang. Hlêprukna thuah a thamtuin a mi tham, thamna fatuin a thamtu intum bok a ta. Chuong ang peiin vote zortuin vote inchawtu, vote inchawtuin a zortu; nawchizorin a’n chawtu, a’n chawtuin nawchi zortu; kohran thruoituhaiin an beramhai, an beramhaiin an berampuhai; nu le pain an nauhai, nauhaiin an nu le pa; nuhmeiin a pasal, pasalin a nuhmei; thil alin machi, machiin thil al.

Kohran tak tak hi thiemnaw arbawm khai lien ding chu a ni el thei. Beram inruktuo thilah bichar inla, Chemtattepu tienami nekin ei chanchin hi inhnok lem mei a tih. Insattuona dingin lei ei tàt ngei a, ei fik thei thei ei fik a, ei thài dar thei thei ei thài dar a, ei phir thluk thei thei ei phir thluk a, intheidana hnamtûra ei chawm ei beram chêr tak tak hai chu inngei diela intlakkhawmtir nêkin inthi neng nunga insiktir ei ching a. Ei kohran sikul tam tak hi inthamna thil, inzawrna hmangruo an nih. Hieng thil thaw trantu chan chun a tawpa kaikuongpa chan, inling sor sora meipuia raw ût kha khêl naw top a tih, ei Pathien hi Pathien a lo ni takzet si chun.

Ei thilthaw taphotin kakhawk a nei a, chu ra siktu ding chu eini ei ni si leiin, ei insiemthratna dinga ei châng thlang chu ‘Chemtâttepu tienami hre zing rawh’ ti hi ni raw se. (India House, Lower Hutt, Wellington, April 12, 1985)

[1] Prime Minister David Lange hi kum 1984-a kum 41 chauh a ni laia New Zealand Prime Minister kai, August 13, 2005 a thi a nih. LK

Birthday idea inpui When it comes to marking a special occasion there are many men out there who struggle to get in touch with their creative side. But if you’re running short of 50th birthday ideas to show your loved one how much she means to you, then don’t let a fear of a lack of imagination stand in your way, it’s easier than you think to make a milestone birthday a truly memorable one. Here are some simple tips to help kickstart your 50th birthday ideas:

Gather the family together
Birthdays are a time for sharing with loved ones and a 50th birthday especially is bound to prompt more than a pang of nostalgia. There will be plenty of people who your wife or partner has shared good times with throughout her life and she will be overjoyed to see as many of those people in a room together as possible.

Get the camera out
Birthday celebrations are all about memories and there’s no better way to capture them than with some gorgeous snaps of the occasion. Ask as many people as possible to bring their digital camera to the party and collect all the photos for one album afterwards, or provide disposables if you want to keep it simple. For gift ideas ahead of the party try getting prints done of her favourite family photos and frame them or get them printed on to canvas. You could even try gathering close family together for some special pictures or if you’re not much cop with the camera yourself you could get family portraits done by a professional photographer.

Spoil her with breakfast in bed
After years of running around after the family, a 50th birthday is surely an occasion when your other half should be able to put her feet up. Start as you mean to go on by beginning the day with a special breakfast. It doesn’t need to be anything too fancy, old classics such as croissants and fresh orange or scrambled eggs and a pot of steaming tea delivered on a tray with a card and a red rose are sure to hit the spot. It’s the gesture that counts, not the food.

Say it with flowers
An oldie but a goodie, your good lady will love to wake up to the smell of fresh flowers in the morning. Or is she’s stuck at work on her birthday then brighten up her day with a colourful  bouquet delivered to her workplace. Booked somewhere special for dinner or a party in the evening? Plan ahead and get some flowers left on her table or decorate the venue with some of her favourite flowers or favourite colours.

Leave it to the professionals
If your 50th birthday ideas stretch to knowing your other half deserves to be pampered, then that is easily arranged. There is a wealth of spas, health clubs and beauty treatment centres around the country with a range of packages to suit all budgets. Whisk your wife away for a spa break for the weekend or simply pick up vouchers for a nearby spa and let her choose when to go and what treatments she wants most. Professional pampering services are well within your grasp and a safer option than your own ham-fisted efforts.

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Lalengvari Sinate Mami Mizo Idol Aizawl, September 9: The Top 10 results of the 3rd edition of Mizo Idol was declared last night.

The contestants in the top 10 are:

  1. Lalbiakmuana, Chhiahtlang Venghlun,
  2. Daniel Lalrinmawia, Chawlhhmun,
  3. Judith Lalremruati, Durtlang Leitan,
  4. Lalengvari Sinate, Suangpuilawn, (Watch her Singing Here)
  5. Lalthuthaa, Saiha,
  6. Thiamchantira Ralte, Chamring,
  7. T.B.C. Lalsanglura, Thenzawl Dinthar,
  8. Roluahpuii, Reiek,
  9. R. Lalhmangaihzuali, Chaltlang Lily Veng and
  10. Richard Ramdinpuia, Chanmari.

The Top 10 contest for selection of top 9 will be held on the 15th and 16th of this month at Chanmari YMA Hall. (Source: Zonet)

Brief Profile:-

Born on:- January 16
Worked at:-  Staines Memorial School (female warden $ gospel singer)
Studied at:- Sielmat Bible College (2010)
Lives in:- Aizawl
Knows:-  Mizo, Hmar, Hebrew, English, Greek
Native of:- Suongpuilawn, Mizoram, India
Loves:-  Reading and Singing

Email: mamisinate42@gmail.com
Facebook: http://facebook.com/mami.sinate

Hmar Inpui, Gen Hqrs chun Literature “hmasawnna dingin” mipui a inthawk ‘thangpuina’ a phut thu chanchinbu ah an thelar a. Chu thusuok  chu a hnuoiah hin hung tarlang a nih. Ngaidan nei thei hai chun in ngaidan hai hril seng unla nuom a um.

Dated Churachandpur the 9th September 2011.

Ei chengna khawvelin a zir tak naw leiin Hmar Inpuiin ei hnam le ei society ta dingin ieng thil am a thaw a, ti le ei hmalaknahai po po hril remch^ng lo tam tak a um a. Chulai zing chun mithenkhat, ‘Hmar Inpuiin iem an thaw leh,’ tia Welfare Fund tlawmti khawm pe rin ngawi ngawi le pe nuom lohai khawm an um mek ti hriet a nih a. Hi thil hi Hmar Inpui Executive chun pawi a ti hle a nih. Ei Society hi tam lawm naw inla khawm State panga lai ei lo del ve leiin, ei chengna hmun a zirin mipui harsatna khawm an ang nawh a.

NC Hills-a ei mihai harsatna le Cachar (Assam)-a ei mihai harsatna an ang naw angin; Mizorama chenghai le Manipur-a chenghai harsatna an ang bawk nawh. Ei area hi a lo lienin a lo in-kar-kak deu leiin General President khawm nuom angin Head Quarter a hluo lum hman nawna thu ah pawi ei tih. Iengkhawm ni sien, pawl le association hrim hrim mipui support-na naw chun a hratin sin a thaw hrat thei tak tak ngai nawh a.

Chuleiin, Hmar Inpui Headqurter chun thurawn pekna le sum le paia inthangpuituona kawngah Hmar mipuihai thangpuina (support) a mamaw zing a nih. Tuhin Assam, Manipur, Mizoram, Meghalaya le Tripura chenghai le India ram khawpui hrang hrang (Delhi, Bangalore, Guwahati, Shillong etc)-a chenghai, Hmar tawng hmang danah zai khata ei luong theina dingin Hmar Literature Society, Manipur, Assam le Mizoramhai leh inthuruola Joint Seminar nei tum mek a nih a. Hi Seminar huoihawtna ding hin sum tam tak ei mamaw a. Chun, Literature tieng hma nasa takin ei s^wn a. Assam University-a khawm BA chen Hmar MIL inchuk thei dinga phal pek ei ni tah a. High School le College level-haia khawm Manipur-a Hmar MIL la (offer) nekin Assamah Hmar MIL latu an tam lem mek tah a.

Entirna dingin, Silchar khawpuia college pakhat G.C. College chauva Hmar MIL latu khawm students 300 an lo tling hiel tah. Amiruokchu, harsatna ei renga ei inthuruolna zara ei sutkieng mek ding khawm thil tam tak a um. Entirna dingin Assam University hnuoia Hmar MIL inchuktirtu ding sawrkarin a mi la pek thei hri naw leiin, tukum sung chu hnamin MIL inchuktirtu hlaw ei pek a ngai a.

Chu mawphurna chu ei phursuok thei naw a ni chun, college levela ei tawng inchuk thei peina ngirhmun chu derthawng takin a um a nih. Chuonghai po po le, ei hmalak meknahai mitin hrieta ei puonglang el remchang chie lohai ei phursuok pei theina dingin mipuihai, in thurawn le Finance Department-in in mawphurna tawka an lo rel chu sukdik seng dinga ngen le beisei in nih. Hmar Inpui hmalakna le a fepei dan chieng lema hre nuomhai chun, mawphurtuhai kuomah indawn thei zing a nih.

Hnam ta dinga in thahnemngaipui

Sd/ F.Doliensung. Jt Secretary.


Dated 6th April, 2010 khan Chandigarh sunga Student thenkhat pawlindin dan ding ngaituo in, House No.756, Sector -37 West, Chandigarh
(Pastor Hnamtingthang in) a an in thung khawm in, date 11th April,2010 aChandigarh sung a Hmar ka nih in ti taphawt ko khawmMeeting nei puiaHmar hming put ngei a pawl indin chung chang hril pui dan ding hrilthlang in thuthlukna an siem a.
April ni 11, 2010 ni chun hmar mi iemani zat zet fekhawm in a hmun pangai bawk ahPastor Hnamtinthang in tawngtaina a nei zo in meeting an tan. Chu taka chun heing a hnuoi a thu hai hril thlang in an rel.

1. Pawl in din ngei nisien.
2. Dan le dun hai riruong ding in Constitution Drafting Committee indin nisien.
3. Drafting Committee ding in hieng a hnuoi a hai hi an ruot.
1. Pastor Hnamtinthang Tryte
2. Tv.solomon V. Hmar
3. Tv.Peter Tryte .
Chu hnung chun, Tarik 25th April, 2010 meeting ko nawk in Pastor Hnamtinthang in tawngtaina a hun hawng in hieng a hnuoi a hai hi an rel.
1. Pawl indina um hi Hmar Welfare Association ti in an lo in buk.
2. Election nei nghal tha ti in Election Presiding Officer ding in Pastor Hnamtinthang lungruol takin an ruot.

2010 - 2012 sunga thuoitu ding in hieng hai hi ruot an nih.

Chairman: Tv.Solomon V.Hmar.
Secretary: Tv.Peter Tryte.
Fin.Secy. Cum Treasurer : Nk. Gladys Khawbung
Fellowship Secretary : Pi Abigail Tryte
Senior Advisor :1. Pu.Lalsiem Hmar
2. Pastor Hnamtinthang Tryte
3. Pi Lal Remsiem
Amiruokchu, ring naw ang takin thil a hung um ta hlau el a. Thuoitu ding thlang a um hai thenkhat sin thawna lei damle mimal pawimaw lei dam in chandigarh an lo suoksan tawl a, Chulai chun Hmar Welfare Association chun hma la mumal thei talo ang a um lei in tlawmngai pawl thenkhat remruotna in 14th November, 2010 khan Pi LalRemsiem in #1155, Sector -7, Panhckula hmuna Member hai fe khawmin kum 2010 - 2011 sung a thuoituding Secret ballot system hmang a thlang an nih.
Chairman : Pu Lalsiem Hmar
Vice Chairman : Pu Henry Rothanglien Hrangate.
Secretary : Tv. Lalramsang
Asst Secy. : Tv.Joshia L.Thlawngate
Treasurer : Nk.Gladys Khawbung
Finance Tresurer : Nk.Vaninmawi
Information Secy. : Tv. Fred Khawbung

Committee Members : 1.Tv.Jim Blessing
Advisor : 1.Pi Lal Remsiem  2. Pastor Hnamtinthang.

Election Presiding Officer : 1.Pastor Hnamtinthang & 2. Pu Lalsiem Hmar.
Chu hnung date 8th August, 2011 zan khan, #5756, 38 west, Chandigarh hmunah meeting nei in hieng a hnuoi a hai rel anih.

1. Secretary chel lai mek Tv.Lalramsang a um ta naw lei in Mr.Lalsiemsan Buhril lungruol tak in interim Secreatry dinga ruot anih.
2. Freshers' Meet Cum Election nei ding in lunruol takin an rel.
Date 15th August, 2011 khan Kashmiri Bhaw an, Sector- 24/c, Chandigarh hmuna FRESHERS MEET cum ELECTION nei ania. Hi ni hin Chandigarh Hmar Welfare Association tia hming inbuok a lo um ta kha, Hieng Dharamsal(Hmichal), Machhiwara, Patiala, lLudhiana(Punjab) tieng in thawk a hun hmar mi hai in nasa nawk zuol a neitu chan an chang thei na ding ngaituonna lei in HMAR WELFARE ASSOCIATION CHANDIGARH REGION ti ina hming thleng a lo ni tah. Hi program a hin Freshers 7(seven) an thang. Pathien zaring Chandigarh a hmar member ei pung dep dep.

Kum 2011 - 2012 sun a thuoitu dinga thlang tling a um hai chu:-

Chairmam : Pu Benjamin Hrangchal
Vice Chairman : Pu Lalsiem Hmar
Secretary : Tv.Lalsiemsang Buhril
Asst. Secretary : Pu Henry Rothanglien
Finance Secy. : Nk.Gladys L.Khawbung
Treasurer : Nk.Emmanuel Nungate
Info. Secy. : Pu Joseph Lalrolawm

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