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By Dave Tucker*, for Inpui.com


Whether you are looking to increase the value of your primary or secondary residence, the key to successful home investment is knowing what improvements are going to yield successful returns should you ever wish to sell. After numerous discussions with estate agents in Paddington, Chelsea and Fulham to name a few, we have compiled this short list of 5 recommended home investments and improvements that not only will make your house more pleasurable to reside in, but also increase interest from future buyers. 


1)    Kitchen improvements always yield the highest return of any room that is renovated or upgraded in your home. Focus on countertops, updating fixed appliances and plumbing areas. The kitchen is often a pride in the home and any investment made is statistically going to yield a plus return when selling.

2)    Focus on updating what you already have rather than extensions. Extensions to your home will almost always be at a loss when selling. The only time that an investment of an extension is worthwhile is when you live in a neighbourhood where houses around you are much larger than your residence and this impedes sales interest.

3)    Investment in landscape gardening can increase interest in your home and make a much more pleasurable environment. It does not need an ongoing specialist for return visits, just for you to get your fingers green and maintain the investment. With many people this may be an investment to make closer to sales time, unless your fingers are particularly green.

4)    Flooring condition and material is something that can radically change people’s opinions and therefore your sales price. Central London estate agents will tell you that having wooden flooring or attractive tiling are an investment which makes your homes not only easier to clean, but a desirable surface to those purchasing your home in future.

5)    Eco Friendly homes are becoming vogue and inexpensive to maintain. When upgrading or looking to make an investment, think green. Not only does it decrease your rates and upkeep in your home by saving money, these features will entice a buyer to spend more when you sell. Making use of Bamboo flooring and eco-friendly plumbing will yield high returns on your home investment.


When looking to the future it’s important that you think smarter when upgrading and investing in your homes. Make sure you keep it simple and timeless, as trends change all too often in the market and niche designs may cost you more in the long run. However, with these 5 home investment tips, you’ll be well on the way to spending smart and increasing your property value.


About the author: Dave Tucker is enthusiastic journalist on the subjects of property and investment. His experience and passion aims to share knowledge amongst home owners worldwide.

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