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These are the most common legal systems in the world, but you may not know much about some of them. They are all very different but yet for the people that follow them they all hold importance.

1. Civil Law: This is the most widespread type of legal system throughout the world. This has roots within the older European countries and regime and therefore we see aspects of it throughout the countries in this region still. This is also a big part of how Chinese law was formed and how it stands today. Though there are various forms of law, it is recognized that a central authoritative figure determines and passes codes and statues. The variations are as widespread as the number of countries that use this today.

2. Common Law: This is the type of law system that we see in the United States and it is spread amongst many other countries in the world. In this type of law, the court is who decides on the laws and creates new legislation that is to be followed. The relationship between statutes passed by a legislation and judicial decision in the courts can be complex. This is a constantly evolving type of legal system and there are many variations of it amongst the countries that use it for their own.

3. Religious Law: There is a very rich history to this type of law as it has some very old roots. In this type of legal system, the laws and the jurisdiction is made up of a religious system at the core. This isn’t as common but for those areas where it exists, this is taken very seriously. This type of legal system may seem antiquated to the rest of the world, but for the people that live in these regions and follow it, this is the only way that they know. This is the type of legal system where physical harm or death may be a consequence for not following the law properly.

4. Customary Law: This is very similar to a religious based legal system except that it is based on customs and traditions rather than religion per se. In this type of legal system we see consequences for those that don’t follow along with the customs set that are unimaginable. This is very based in ethics and following the way that you have been told to live. It doesn’t exist as often as the others, but it has a very deep rooted history to it.

5. Hybrid Law: This is very common as it’s a combination of any of the above. You see many countries evolving to this type of legal system as it incorporates the various types of customs, traditions, religious beliefs, ethics, laws, and mandated legislation into one big picture. This is a nice mix between those laws and traditions that existed in the past and those that are on the books today, and therefore it is a very common type of legal system used across the world.

Though we always assume that there is only one legal system in the world, there are several. Many of these systems are based in rich traditions and customs to form them into what they are today. M.M. Ward most often blogs extensively about available scholarships for students studying their law degrees online.

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