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Birthday idea inpui When it comes to marking a special occasion there are many men out there who struggle to get in touch with their creative side. But if you’re running short of 50th birthday ideas to show your loved one how much she means to you, then don’t let a fear of a lack of imagination stand in your way, it’s easier than you think to make a milestone birthday a truly memorable one. Here are some simple tips to help kickstart your 50th birthday ideas:

Gather the family together
Birthdays are a time for sharing with loved ones and a 50th birthday especially is bound to prompt more than a pang of nostalgia. There will be plenty of people who your wife or partner has shared good times with throughout her life and she will be overjoyed to see as many of those people in a room together as possible.

Get the camera out
Birthday celebrations are all about memories and there’s no better way to capture them than with some gorgeous snaps of the occasion. Ask as many people as possible to bring their digital camera to the party and collect all the photos for one album afterwards, or provide disposables if you want to keep it simple. For gift ideas ahead of the party try getting prints done of her favourite family photos and frame them or get them printed on to canvas. You could even try gathering close family together for some special pictures or if you’re not much cop with the camera yourself you could get family portraits done by a professional photographer.

Spoil her with breakfast in bed
After years of running around after the family, a 50th birthday is surely an occasion when your other half should be able to put her feet up. Start as you mean to go on by beginning the day with a special breakfast. It doesn’t need to be anything too fancy, old classics such as croissants and fresh orange or scrambled eggs and a pot of steaming tea delivered on a tray with a card and a red rose are sure to hit the spot. It’s the gesture that counts, not the food.

Say it with flowers
An oldie but a goodie, your good lady will love to wake up to the smell of fresh flowers in the morning. Or is she’s stuck at work on her birthday then brighten up her day with a colourful  bouquet delivered to her workplace. Booked somewhere special for dinner or a party in the evening? Plan ahead and get some flowers left on her table or decorate the venue with some of her favourite flowers or favourite colours.

Leave it to the professionals
If your 50th birthday ideas stretch to knowing your other half deserves to be pampered, then that is easily arranged. There is a wealth of spas, health clubs and beauty treatment centres around the country with a range of packages to suit all budgets. Whisk your wife away for a spa break for the weekend or simply pick up vouchers for a nearby spa and let her choose when to go and what treatments she wants most. Professional pampering services are well within your grasp and a safer option than your own ham-fisted efforts.

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