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One of the best way to prevent the swirl marks from the car is by using a good quality microfiber towel and practice good car wash techniques, which include prepping your car before you even start washing it.

It is also found that cleaning a car's exterior with the wrong or low quality products can also cause swirl marks. In fact many of us may be adding to the swirls marks every time we wash or dry our car or it can also happen at a carwash. Many of us think that we can avoid it by investing in a hand wash at the car wash but it happens here more times than not as well.

It can not only happen due to cheap car cleaning towels but also due other products not designed for your car which can cause these marks. So the best part of following the above tips is that it is really cost effective and simple to follow.

In order to get rid of swirl marks you need to wash your car carefully with a product which removes road grime and microfiber towels are best for this since they are less prone to scratch the car's surface.

To remove swirl marks, you can use the dual-action car polisher such as Portable Cable 7424XP and Meguiar’s G110v2. The first and most important is to make the surface clean. Secondly it is better to use fine-cut compound such as Meguiar’s Ultimate Compound on your dual-action car polisher and pass the area. The third step is to use finishing polish such as Klasse All-In-One on your-dual action car polisher and pass the area.

All these car detailing supplies are available in many online and hardware stores. Do some research before actually getting one. Using the best car wax to protect your car is also recommended to prvent your car from having swirl marks in the future.

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