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In general the minor car paint scratches and chips are easy and simple to repair. Basically this kind of scratch damages the paint layer leaving primer layer intact. Sometimes the minor damages are caused by road debris, branches, or little stones from the driveway.

These days the automotive paint touch-up is gaining lot of popularity all over for repairing minor paint damages on the car. It is actually a speedy and cost effective way of repairing those small paint damages. You can get this kind of auto detailing products on many online sotres.

In case of bigger car repair areas, you should use a touch-up paint that is available in a bottle or in a spray can. But long scratches mostly require more work and you also need to work very carefully on that. If you try to brush a long scratch with paint, the surface will end up looking uneven and ugly. So the best way is to carefully sand the area and then spray it with touch-up paint.

But always remember that if you have a lot of small dings in one area, spot painting might make it look like patch work. It is always a good idea to spray paint the entire area which is really easy to do and also looks more professional. Luckily, spray painting steps are the same weather you are trying to fix a deep scratch, a shallow long scratch or a lot of small chips.

Some people also remove minor scratches on their car by using a fine abrasive polishing compound which helps in repairing the marks without damaging the paint but you need to handle this work very carefully.

If you do not want to spend too much on expensive repairs and should get rid of those scratches as soon as possible. If not fixed at early stages it can lead to bigger problems like rust development as well as corrosion. Finally, waxing with the best car wax is very important to seal the job and protect the car from future damages.

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