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Infolinks Marketplace (WinCE) The last time we talked about Infolinks was the latest payment we received from them. Continuing the feel good news we have been experiencing a fairly good return considering our modest venture blogs where we have implemented their service.


Now, what we are hearing is that Infolinks, which was started in 2007 has  become the world’s fastest growing In-Text advertising network. It is in news again for the recently launced “first and only self-service” In-Text Advertising Marketplace


In simple terms, the new feature will allow advertisers to quickly and easily create an In-Text Advertising campaign, with various targeting options, in a matter of minutes.


“Infolinks new self-service model now makes it easy for anyone familiar with Google Adwords to quickly launch an In-Text Advertising campaign,” said Tomer Treves, Chief Marketing Officer of Infolinks in a statement.


Now let’s look at the main features of Infolinks self-service In-Text Advertising Marketplace:-

* User Friendly:  It is now possible to create ad campaign in minutes

*Keyword Selection: Select and own your branded keywords across the Web

*Keyword Bidding: This will  enable you to segment your geographic and vertical market budgeting

*Advanced Optimization: You can customize your reach and maximize ROI

*Real-Time Reporting: We have seen many ad networks and most of them lack real time updates. The latest Infolinks feature will allow you to monitor and continuously improve your brand lift


For more information visit

http://www.infolinks.com or http://www.facebook.com/infolinks.

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