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Lalruong LungkapLalruong Lungkap: Lalruong Lungkap (Lalruong = A legendary cultural hero of the Hmars, Lung = stone, kap = shoot, shot) is a stone monument and is very popular among the Hmars especially when it comes to the legend related to the exploits of Lalruong.


It is located on the outskirt and towards north of Patpuihmun (Patpui = natural cotton, Hmun = place) village in the Vangai range of Tipaimukh.


The stone monument was about 5 feet in height and about 3-4 feet in diameter 3-4 decades back but as the rock is sandstone, it has been weathered and greatly minimized in size. The rock has holes bored into it by unknown hands. Legend holds that Lalruong shot the stone with his bow and hence bored the holes.


Text:- An extract from Dr. Immanuel Z. Varte’s Pre-Historical Heritage of Ruong-le-vaisuo.

Picture: – http://vangaitlang.blogspot.com

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  1. Keikhawm vawikhat hi lung hi ka zu hmu ve a, sienkhawm, an thang dan le mit a hmu chun awi chu a um thei chi naw... Asanchu, lunga ku(hole)  pathum ei hmu le a hnung tienga a mi kha a zawn nawh(unparalleled) taluo deuv a... Seeing is believing.............!!!!!

  2. I hmu kha iengtik kum am a ni a? Patpuihmun a lam nawr haiin an tracktor in an nawr siet hnung a ni chun i ti indik el thei. An nawr thlam kha an sie tha nawk a, anachu ngai a aw thei ta nawh. Tienlaia an hril Dr Chalton hai naupang lai chun hi lung chungah hin papui pasari-pariet vel in bufun an thet hlak a, a la lien awm khawpel. Nisienlakhom, hi lung veng himna le preserve tum le thawdan le hlutna an lo la hrietnaw chu ni ding a na, naupang ni leh puitling ex thakna hmun damin an lo hmang hlak. 

    Var inhnuk kha poisa lovin, kum iemani lai liem tah khan khawtlang thuoitu le HYA haiin inhuonin inte a lukhum nei an bawl khum a. Tuhin a la tha dim? Hmar Cultural Society dam an um naw maw ????? 

  3. Bulldozer a hrawt siet hnung ani ngei.... a umna a khawm um ta lo...lamsir lai an sie ringawt a... Hal thruoi thruoi tawl nuom an um vawng el anih.....


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