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From the Sinlung Hills to the centre stage of Mizo Entertainment World, Lalengvari Sinate (Mami) has come a long way. (Profile) The young social worker and Bible student has captured the hearts of the Mizos from Mizoram and other states across India. Sources at the organising committee have admitted that Mami indeed has become a “a hot favourite” to win Mizo Idol 2011 after she was selected for the Top 10 slots.

Mami’s fans base has increased within and outside her home state of Mizoram. She is seen as someone who has the “capability to unite passion among the various Mizo tribes”. There are already a section of diehard fans from the her community, the Hmar tribe, asking people to rally around the “talented singer” by voting for her via mobile phones.

“Please vote for her,” messages have reached Inpui.com as well. However, we, at Inpui.com feel that it is only right for the best performer to win the biggest Mizo reality show. We wish each and every contestants the very best!

Here’s Mami’s latest video from her performance at the Mizo Idol 2011

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  1. A thiem in a va nal vong vong de sienkhawm Digital hmang hi chu bansan inla nuom chu a um ngei, Kut ngeia musician haiin emotion le an hung rem kha chu lungril a tawk biek anih....

  2. Dear Mami, Hlawtling ngei ding ka dit sak che. I va hang thiem lawm lawm. Ka lungril an tui zo.

    oliverintoate a hmel a tha ti raw maw. a thiem bawk si. Aizawl a um an bawka ei fe remchang ah kan va rim dawn ni a :)

  3. soundtrack round ani khi!


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